Monday, 17 December 2012

17 December 2012

Okay so it is really weird to be thinking of my Brother coming home from his mission. especially when I know how much he has helped all those around him. He may not have talked about it much but if he is like anything I am. He will have worked his hardest despite what may be going on in his personal life, like being sick alot!!!!! Just plain tired, or feeling that you are so far away from God that you can not see the lives you are blessing. It is only as I have looked back that I have seen how much I have changed but also how much I was truly able to help some one that I taught. I know that He will also be a different person than I knew but I look forward to getting to know him again. This week has been crazy! At first I have to admit I had a hard time focusing because of all the e-mails geared towards Eric's coming home. But I mentioned it in my Interview with President Mullen and he gave me some wonderful advice that I am now using and it has been so much better! I have been able to focus more and because of that I have been able to support my Companion better. Because 'all' of our investigators speak Spanish. So it has been pushing my spanish to its limits every day! But with a better focus and desire to teach them and to support my companion I have been able to understand better what they are saying, and to get even closer to teaching in unity with my companion. She is so sweet. We have Spanish days and English days. I am learning Spanish she is learning English. so we take every other day and speak the others language through out the whole day between ourselves. She tells me that my Spanish is growing every day! I was so excited to hear that. I remember struggling so hard with it in the MTC almost to the point of tears daily. But I have seen how much the Lord has blessed me that I am now able to talk, teach in and understand a different language. It is amazing! This week we have seen so many miracles. We are teaching Families here! Every investigator we have are families. With a few we are mostly teaching the wife but that is only because the husband is either at work or sleeping because of work when we go by. but we are still able to teach the whole family. it is amazing. Most of our potentials are families too! God is blessing us and putting the truly prepared in our paths! Okay so for Christmas I will be skyping. Sister Sanchez will be calling her family in Mexico. we were thinking about 6 our time. and it will only be for 45 minutes! the boots work great! Thank you so much for them! I hope that everything goes great today! I love you all! Con amor, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 10 December 2012

10 December 2012

So this week has been great, crazy, and amazing! But to start off I am letting you know I am writing you first so you can get more than a quickly written paragraph. I still feel bad about that sorry! But I got my Boots! They are both great and fit! I was not expecting two pairs of boots! Thank you so much. I appreciate all that you do for me. I am also grateful for the letter from daddy in Spanish. My companion and I loved it! Well this week has been interesting for me because, off and on I have felt sick in some way. Getting that figured out. But It made it hard at times to focus on what the people we were teaching a little difficult. But The Lord was with me and I was able to teach with my companion and help those we are teaching to know even more about God, and their part in his plan. I just love teaching the Gospel. The work here is mostly Spanish. of all the lessons we teach every day about 80% of them are in Spanish. so my Spanish is growing rapidly and I am becoming more confident with the Spanish I do have. It is great to feel that I am able to teach, understand, and be understood, by those I am teaching in another language. It is great! Sister Sanchez keeps telling me that the reason I was sent back here is because some of the people we teach are people I had met in some way before and are now more open to hear our message. It is great to be here and see the miracle of the hand of God is so many peoples lives! Okay just so you know! I am not expecting much for Christmas. I only want pictures of everybody, and a general conference ensign that I can use to study with! That Is all I want and I am counting my Boots as part of my Christmas presents! I love you all And hope to write more next week! But it sufficient for me to say that I know that the promise that God gave in the D&C I don't remember the section or the verse but it talks about how we will have his angels upon our right and upon our left. It is true and it is amazing what God does for his missionaries and for those who are searching for the truth in their lives! Con mucho amor, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 3 December 2012

3 December 2012

Sorry I took much time with my letter to president and sending letters for the Mission Christmas Cd! Sorry! I am bad I promise to write more next week! I have not gotten the boots yet but I am sure that they will be great! I love you all and It is great to be back in Warden there are miracles happening here! Love you all, Hermana Zielger

Monday, 26 November 2012

26 November 2012

Okay so this week has been a little crazy! Both my Companion and I seemed to take turns feeling sick. First with me still getting over my huge reaction to only find out the day before thanksgiving that there is a high possibility of my being high hypoglycemic. So that means a little change in diet. But no more desserts. Unless I really want to feel sick afterwards. which is not very fun I must tell you. But I get to snack now instead of having meals! A little weird but I feel so much better now. okay so somehow my time always seem to run short when I come to writing the family e-mail. I shall have to work on that. Sorry. but this week with both of us feeling slightly under the weather we were able to update the area book and start going through that phone and calling all the numbers that we do not know. which was a great thing to do. because we are both being transferred out of the area. I am going back down to warden. and Sister Mierow is going over to the Spokane Valley. My first area. It is going to be an interesting transfer but it will be great. My new companion is going to be Hermana Sanchez from Mexico so my Spanish is going to be sorely tested. But I know that God has called me to serve there once more and I will follow his will and magnify my call! Well love you all and hope all is well. Love, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 19 November 2012

19 November 2012

This week has been great! So much learned and I have seen the power of God in my live. So on Saturday my Body decided to have a really extreme reaction to some sugar that I ate. so i am under orders from Sister Mullen to stay away for awhile. So that means no desserts on thanksgiving (Darn) Well Some of the brethren in the ward came over and gave me a blessing. What a testament of God's love for me. I just felt so full of love that I could barely hold it in. It was amazing. So you don't have to worry I am doing so much better now. But the week has been great. We have been trying to come up with different finding Ideas. so we will see if they work by the end of the week. We are trying to find some more people. and to get the members involved with the people we are teaching. because they are great! We are teaching a family that is amazing. their 6 yr-old asks the darnedest questions. He keeps asking us where God came from and how he became God. Every time we try and tell He'll have to wait and ask him. but every time he asks the same question and it get deeper every time. Sorry this e-mail is short but I don't have much time today Sorry I'll write more next week! Thank you so much for everything you do for me. Love you all, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 12 November 2012

12 November 2012

Sorry about the short e-mail last week. we were at the temple and only had a short time before we were supposed to be leaving. We though we would be back in time to e-mail to our families more and write to our mission president. But we got back to late and the library was closed. So sorry about how short it was. But I will write about last week and this week if that is alright. First last week was great and interesting. We had some great lessons, but not very many people who are actually progressing. We also got a call Monday morning telling us that a sister in the mission had to leave on medical leave from the mission and that Sister Probst would go take her place and that I would become senior and my new companion would be Sister Mierow. That was the beginning of a very interesting day. We went to knock on a farm house and they had a Dog that was barking its head off and acting like it was going to attack Sister Probst so I called it and started playing with it. well..... It decided that my arm and sweater would be a great toy. so it proceeded to drag me around the yard like a rag doll. My hat fell over my eyes so I was being pulled around, couldn't see, and my companion was trying to get the dog to let go of my sweater. It finally did but that arm of the sweater is now two inches longer than the other. We then knocked into a very high person and that was an interesting close to the night. This week, has been interesting. Being senior is a little different. it does not make you more than your companion ,but you get to drive and there is a bit more responsibility on your shoulders that just can not be explained. it is just felt. But I have felt that I need to be stronger and that during this time I will be able to grow stronger not only in my faith but also in my testimony. The area is growing but a lot slower than we would like. But it will get there and then it will boom!!!! With much love, Hermana Zielger Would write more but do have a time limit!

Monday, 29 October 2012

29 October 2012

So this week has been full of tracting and walking and rain! We have been finding potentials all week and it has been great! IT has been very wet and cold at times. but it has been raining a lot. And the shoes can only take so much before they get wet. and then go your feet. It is not all that much fun but we are finding so many more people that are inviting us back. It is Great! I feel that I am doing so much better. I am more confident in my talking. Not quite to where I would like to be yet but I am getting there so much faster now! It is great! I am learning so much about prayer. And just how joyful a thing it is. I can not imagine going a day now without saying a prayer multiple times. It is simply amazing the feelings of love and peace you feel. And when you have a question don't be afraid to study it out, think about what you have learned and then ask God in sincere prayer truly desiring to know. And he has promised that he will answer you! It is awe inspiring at times the feeling of love you feel after saying a prayer. I love it!!!! It is great to hear about all the missionaries from the ward, 15 that is great!!! I was actually wondering if I could get Nora's address so I could write her. Alyssa's would be great too! I love to write letters and just ...... I really just have fun writing people! Well I love you all and pray that all is well! Con Mucho Amor, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 22 October 2012

22 October 2012

This week has been a learning week. Seem to have those quite often. I learned that when cutting your own hair it is important to not only use another mirror so you can see the back, but when trimming slowly go up and not the chopping it all off at once. Luckily with that it turned out great and even. I have never gotten so many compliments about my hair. Sister Probst thinks it is funny. Because she remembers my reaction in the bathroom. Because i did mean to only trim my hair. She comes into the bathroom shocked at what I am doing and asks what Happened. I had a sad face on and said "It wasn't even!" So she laughs about it. But we have learned some much this week how to work together in unity and teach in unity. I am speaking more! Yeah, I am starting to get over this speaking thing. And I thank my heavenly Father for this help that he has given me in the form of a loving companion. I did get the package. Thank you so much! I love all the warm clothing, and it is just all so cute. The weather up here is changing so quickly. There is snow on the mountain tops. It is crazy. Just a matter of time for us to get it in the valley. Winter here we come! Brrr..... It is going to make tracting interesting. But hey, It is also going to be great. Okay so I did want to send more than the one photo but... the computer was not being very nice. So here you go. And it also has my hair cut in it too. How lucky you are huh! photo- Me and and the pretty leaves. Notice anything different with my hair? Love you much, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 15 October 2012

15 Oct. 2015

This week is the beginning of another transfer. Sister Probst and I are together again. We are so excited for the work here. We have a woman that we are teaching that is just thirsting for the gospel. She said that she feels that some thing is missing in her heart and asked if we felt the same. We said 'No, we feel that we are over brimming and it keeps growing!" She is so excited and is reading the book of Mormon and loving it, also a member that is her neighbor told us how she had told her that she had quit drinking wine. we have not taught the word of wisdom yet! She is so prepared! We are also finding people that feel lost or are searching for meaning in their lives. I feel so blessed to be in this area and to see all the growth that is happening. Especially with our investigators and the less-actives we are working with. It is simply amazing! Also to see the growth that I have gone through is amazing! I feel more confident every week. And so much closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. It is Powerful to know that God loves me so much that, He gave his only begotten Son to die for me so that I could one day return and Live with him. What love, I can not just express all my feelings. We went up to plain yesterday. It is so gorgeous! The leaves are changing and wow! And then in the mornings we have low lying clouds that cover the tops of the mountains and half-way down. again..... WOW!!! I love you all and Know that You are all amazing! Con Mucho amor, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 8 October 2012

8 October 2012

So first off Eric I forgot to send your package last week and because of colombus day the post office is closed this week. Sorry but it is going to be a week late! So this week has been a learning experience. Had interviews and zone training this week and both were great. I am under orders from President mullen to give myself a break! And to recognise that God only asks what he knows I can give. So I need to trust that what I do with faith and all my might will be sufficient. For the Lord will help me be more than I think is possible. So the area is growing! We have a new investigator who accepted a baptism date. We are so excited for her, she is so prepared, and wanting to know the truth! It is great. I feel that I have grown so much these past few weeks. I am not the same sister missionary who came to leavenworth those few weeks ago. I am greatfull for that and am excited to help the work move even further along here in this area. So how is the family? Any updates? I love you all, HAve a great week I gotta go! Love, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 1 October 2012

1 October 2012

This week has been one of learning! I'll put that first. We have we learned that when we have a better focus in the work the Lord blesses you. and he will put the prepared in your path. I have also learned that these past few weeks with out really noticing it I have been selfish. I forgot what I had learned about being like Christ with the outward turn. I had stopped worrying about if I was thinking of others before myself. It is going to stop now! I am here to serve the people in this area that I have been called to serve. not for them to serve me! I should always be asking myself how can I help them, what do they need, what does God want me to do for them? Questions like that should always be going through my mind. I know how to communicate so why am I not asking people questions? Questions that will help them learn the importance of our message. Okay I may be being a little hard on my self but I feel that I could be doing so much more that I am not. I am here to serve God! So this week has been great! We were able to find not only new potentials but also new investigators. Tracted into a German Couple, very cute. they mentioned how our last name is very German. We are excited for them. Also we were very sad to see and recent convert family move. The Dad could not find work here so was in another state working and it was just to hard and the family being separated. So they moved. Also taught a referral with the member the referred her. It was basically a question answer period but it was great. so excited to go back! Taught another recent convert who is Spanish the signs for the ten commandments and a game that can be played with the signs. He is excited to teach his brother who is not a member. He considers himself Nephi and his brother and cousin are Laman and Lemuel. He is so cute. Our on-date dropped us! He was so prepared and excited for his baptism. we had talked to him earlier in the day about going to go see a baptism that night. he was unsure if he could go. so we asked him to call us and let us know. because we had a ride that we may or may not need to cancel. Well we called later that night because he hadn't called and he told us that he didn't want to meet with us anymore and he would just go to the local church a block away from him. We think some one got to him. Because he was so excited about....even that morning. it is really saddening! The relief society broadcast was amazing! I have already decided that I will have to get a conference issue ensign so I can mark it up! I am so excited for conference coming up and hope that I will Learn all the God desires of me to learn. Well out of time hope all is well with you all, Con mucho amor, te quiero, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 24 September 2012

Hey so first thing before I forget. Is it too late to get an absentee ballot? Okay now on to the rest of the e-mail. So this week has been amazing. Elder Foster of the Seventy came and spoke to the mission. He was doing a tour of the mission and spoke to us on how to better work with the members. It was amazing. Learned so much and so much I want to do to help the work progress in this area! So excited can't wait! The week has been amazing. We have been unable to tract much due to the smoke. And we are under heavier restrictions because of it as well. No going out before one. Be inside as much as possible. Etc..... So our miles are a little tight right now. But God has blessed us. We are finding people who truly want to learn more about the gospel and how they can have those closer relationships with God. I love being here and seeing how much of a blessing this gospel is. I want to share with all and continue on doing so for the rest of my life. We were teaching Chris one of our investigators. He gave us his most sincere yes to a baptism invite yet. It is so amazing to just see in the short time I have known him to see the change. And then David. He is so sincere. He wants to be baptized and knows so much about the gospel already. It truly is amazing. God puts people in our path for a reason. We have been working on being more focused in the work. Because the people here deserve our total time and focus. They are the Children of God that we have been sent to serve. So you may be getting a package or two that will go up in the attic. Some of the 'stuff' I have is a bit distracting. The work is so exciting here. The stake here has assigned a Spanish couple to come up here and help us with the Spanish less-actives. It will be amazing. Our Spanish is not so great. We both understand more than we speak. So with their help we will be able to understand and speak with those we teach. So excited! How are things at home? Any exciting news? Any pictures to send? Well know I love you and hope and pray all is well, Con mucho Amor, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 17 September 2012

17 September 2012

So Sorry but this is going to be a little short this week. Timed computers and all plus not always liking me equal shorter e-mails.
So glad to hear from the family as always. I love you all!

Well this week we moved from the house with all the mice. now we are in a huge 90 yr-old house by ourselves surrounded by orchards. We have so much fruit that we have been having smoothies just to use them all. A lot of fruit and we are given more and more every week. Help!

But this week has also been interesting with all the smoke from the fires surrounding us. we are not to go out before 1 during the week and to try to have all our appointments inside as much as possible. Which is not easy right now for us because we are in a "Finding" stage and that involves tracting. but........ yeah!

But we have been having some small miracles this week. We had a less-active that we have been trying promise us that they would come to church. we were not sure if it would happen but it did. Oh we of little faith. It was amazing though because so many people came up to him and welcomed him and asked where he has been and they were so excited to see him. It was amazing! Pray that it will continue to happen and that they will feel the difference and the Blessings from going.
Sorry got to go time is out!
Love you all,
Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 10 September 2012

1 Sept. 2012

Leavenworth is amazing, we hike mountains daily to contact people and invite them to learn more about Christ. It is so amazing here. There was a big lightning storm the other day and in Wenatchee there are a few canyons on fire from lightning strikes. Leavenworth was just passed by. the storm barley even came close. The ward here is great. I have been here only a week yet the people have made me feel so welcomed.

The work here is a little slow. in part because people are so far apart it is a mountain community. and we cover the little towns surrounding Leavenworth as well. But it is amazing. The people are great and I am learning so much with Hermana Probst already. She is an amazing missionary. and very patient. Because I tend to interrupt because I am never sure when someone is done speaking. I am learning though.

The trip up here was Long..... from Othello it was a good 3 hour drive or so. really I don't remember. just that I had wanted to get out of the car and get to work by the end of it.

We taught the young woman about missionary work. the preparation it takes, the how, and the why. It was so much fun, and they loved it! We have amazing recent converts here and teaching them the new members lesson has been a blast. They are amazing!

Did a Spanish Church tour. it was good but felt so out of it. with only understanding half of what was said and not knowing all the words to say what I want. was so ....hmmm.... interesting. I know what my language study for the week will be!

Then this week went on exchanges. that was fun! Got to learn more about what we should know as missionaries and how to better teach by the Spirit. It is so key to have that in our teaching that sometimes we forget about it, sadly. But it is how they truly feel for themselves that this is a message from God. And that we are there as guides for them to come unto Christ and repent and be filled with that spirit that they feel when we are there teaching. The sister I went on exchange with left me a surprise note in my journal. saying how much she admires me and just seeing how much I have grown in the mission. she was so sweet and went on to say more but it is my note so.......

Had a ward party. it was a potluck. felt like I was going to explode afterwards. ate too much sugar again. seriously it is way to easy to do that! On Sunday we had ward conference and it was amazing. the whole thing seemed to be focused on missionary work. and the stake president mentioned several times to the ward that they were lucky to have us because of the shortage of missionaries in the mission. But it was so exciting to feel the excitement for missionary work and just going out there and inviting people to learn more about what a blessing this is and can be for them. So excited to be here and find those ready to here the Gospel.

Great to hear from home. don't remember all your questions hope they were answered! Know I love you all and hope all is well,
Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 3 September 2012

3 Sept. 2012

So first off I am sending some pictures to you all! The first is my name! I was having fun with my camera. Then There was the cake the member we live with made for both of us. Sister teddy eating cake. Then pictures from the baptisms! And two animal we saw while tracting on the outskirts of Warden. A snake and an Emu. Then the country side from the car!

Okay on to my weekly letter home! So big news first......ready???? I am being transferred! I will be going to Leavenworth with Sister Probst my other MTC companion. Crazy huh? Well I am sad to be leaving the area. Even with it being combined with another. I have loved working with the members here and growing with the area. There is so much potential in theses areas I know that God is preparing his Elect to be found and to be taught the Gospel.
So The week has been great! We sang in young woman's yesterday and you could just feel the Love that God has for his Children especially the Youth. they are in such a hard time in their lives. It is the crucible of your life. where you decide what kind of person you are going to be and what dreams you have. But it was beautiful. Sister Collins also played piano for primary. they had allot of call in sicks so we played piano for them. Poor warden. To have so many people call in sick. at the last minute too. But we were glad that we could help.

Okay so I don´t have my old planner with me so I can´t remember everything about the week But I will share some small miracles with you. first- we were riding by on our bikes when we pulled over and said hello to a man. He started asking us questions similar to What Joseph Smith had. And we shared with him the book of Mormon. He was excited to know that there was a way he could feel the peace he desired in his life and receive the answers he was looking for. second- We were tracting and knocked into a door the man answered and said that he does not speak English then pulls over his wife to come talk with us. She does not speak English either. So we asked them if they knew of members in the area. well they had only been in the area for 15 days. Told us about friends that were members of the church. Then saw the Book of Mormon I had in my hands and started asking questions about it. We then went in side and taught them about it. And what it contains. it was amazing. Then went tracting just last night and invited a young Mom on a church tour and she accepted! The Lord blesses us when we do our part.

I have some thank you´s to send but I keep forgetting. Sorry!!!

Know I love you all and hope that your week is amazing!
Con Amor,
Hermana Zielger

Monday, 27 August 2012

27August 2012

So you are going to have to wait another week for pictures since I do not have very much time this morning to write as I would like. But I want you all to know I love you and thank you for all that you do for me.

These past few weeks I have found myself to be selfish and not thinking of others and what they need. I have been saying in the back of my mind "Well look at me, look how good I am, am i not important!" What tricks does the devil play on us. He knows when we are in our weak times and plays on our weaknesses. Our wanting attention and praise. Or our doubts and discouragements. What games does he play. I have learned this week that it is so much more important to focus on those around you than your self. that is what Christ did.

So why do we find it so hard? Because the society we live in is so focused on the individual that they forget the beauty there is in helping those around you be happy first. I seem to be re-learning this myself. It has been hard but worth it. I am not a selfish, nor a self centered being. No I am a disciple of Christ and I am here to bring others to Christ.

Through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the End. It is with these five simple teachings that we truly find who we are in Christ. That is our goal as missionaries. to go forth nobly and declare the word unrepentant of our beliefs. We are to help them progress towards the kingdom of God. And May the Lord help me do it.

Sorry that this is so short, Know I love you all and will write more next week,
Con Mucho amor,
Hermana Zielger

p.s. I got the package Thank you so much! I love you all and you all get big hugs!

Dear Elders and Sisters,

The mission is starting a web page we think your friends and family would like to know about. The address is:
This site will have general information about what the mission is doing weekly, pictures, some history, and the Spokane Word. Please email your family and friends and tell them about it. They can go there to read and look for your picture at zone conferences and other things we do together and feel inspired about the great things that are happening in the Washington Spokane Mission.

Love you, President and Sister Mullen

Monday, 20 August 2012

20 August 2012

So I got the news about uncle Jim. I am sad to hear that. He was a great man. Very patient with an inquisitive young niece. I loved spending time with him every time that we had a chance. I'll miss him. I hope Aunt Patrice is doing alright! I send my Love!
This week has been strange for us as a companionship. We are doing great together. but in one of our areas almost every lesson kept falling through. and since the areas are 15-30 minutes apart it is a little hard to just oh lets go here....... We don't have the time for that. when we make an appointment it is serious. because the areas are so far apart. We have been letting our investigators know that and so with them the canceled lesson are actually growing fewer and fewer in between. So we have been blessed that way. And we are gaining more and more potentials every week. some with a lot of promise. We are having a baptism this saturday! A sweet young girl I will try and send some pics next week!
Oh so there are little evil plants here called goat heads. They are a little sticker like thing with a sharp point well I got one in one of my bike tires. it went flat. Silly thing did it not know that I needed to use my Bike! I then borrowed a members till I could fix it on Monday. Well Then Hermana Collins got it in both of her tires. Well there goes the bikes! Well the bishop heard about it and well asked/told us to bring our tires to him. so we did and well guess what. he went and took them up to a bike shop and got them fixed for us. With heavy duty tubes and liners! Told us not to worry about the cost. It was the least he could do to help out the missionaries! That was so sweet! I plan on sending a thank you letter soon! So we are now on our bikes and I just have to watch out for my other tire and make sure that nothing happens to it!
So we have had quite a few good things happen this week. We found a new Investigator who is just thirsting for the gospel. she is wanting to know. and is desiring baptism. We have invited her to read and think about what it would mean for her. She is prepared. Or as some of the Elders like to put it "legit". I am so excited for these areas! They are growing. Slowly yes, but they are growing!
I am also learning just how much of a tool preach my Gospel is. It helps with everything! I am learning so much these past few weeks on how to be a better missionary! I love it!!!!! We are doing Church tours here. and they are just amazing! You can feel the spirit so strongly! I love being out here and just truly learning what the work that God has for each of us truly is!
Glad to hear how things are at home! That is so exciting for Alyssa! You"ll have to let me know where! No wait ask her to write and tell me when she knows! Cause I want to write her!!!! No I did not see Sister Miller, was way to busy and we went to Church in Warden this last week, so nope! I got your card today Daddy! Thank you so much I love it! Great to hear that pageant people asked after me! Is there anyway that I could write a few? Do you know or..... Sister Donaldson and I have shared stories of our pageant experiences. So much fun!!!! I will try to send some pictures next week. no guarantees though!
Love you all!
Wish you all well and I will pray for the Family,
Con Mucho amor y esperanza,
Hermana Zielger

p.s. Yes Daddy i did understand the article! Are you wanting a translation or something.....

p.p.s. Big hug and kiss to all!

Monday, 13 August 2012

13 August 2012

So this week has been good. Not as good as we think it could have been but at the same time it was great!!!

So on my B-day we had zone conference. That was amazing! We were focusing on how to work with members and how to better help the member be missionaries in their own right. It was so good I can't wait to help those living here to not only be able to share the joy that they have but be able to talk without fear with their friends and family and invite them to come and join with them into this wonderful gospel.

We had a baptism on Saturday. She is so sweet! I may have only been here for part of her teaching but it was amazing! The service was so filled with the spirit. Her sister is working on being baptized as well. We hope and pray that it will be soon.

But we are striving to find those truly prepared and to help those who have lost their way to come back and truly understand what the sacrifice Christ made for them means.

What a beautifull blessing it is to have that knowldege in our lives to grow in our understanding of the Gospel but to also help others along their way.

I got the Package you sent.Thank you!!!! Sister Teddy is now a hugging friend. Sadly I won't be needing the Cake mix for awhile, The Member we live with made us a cake. I say Us because today is Hermana Collins' Birthday! So much fun to have both of our birthdays so close together. even if she is a few years older than me.

I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send some music my way, Like a cd and some sheet music. The Sheet music because I want to be able to sing in the areas I serve but..... Kind of need music for that. That would be great. One thing I would love to have as well is to have both Mum's and Daddy's conversion stories. Please!!!!!!

But this week has been good. We are getting it down how to do the two areas. the Lord has blessed us so much it is amazing! I feel truly blessed and loved by our Saviour. I thank all who have helped me to be here. To be able to serve the Lord with all my heart and to share my testimony daily of this the Lords Gospel and his Teachings. Thank you all for being wonderful examples. Know I love you and Pray for our Family and Friends.

Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 6 August 2012

6 August 2012

So this week has been great! We are getting it together of how to work with both areas. We are teaching alot of people and finding out with some if we need to drop them or finding out their true concerns. Some of it was a bit sad but we are doing great! We are getting more and more experiences every day. Sadly there is no time to be writing in my Journal I hope to catch up a bit today. I have really found that writing in your journal not only lets others know what has happened but your memory is better and your mind is so much calmer when you are getting ready for bed. your not having to do so much shuffling things around in your mind. I'll work on at least getting a little snippet in every night this week. But It is amazing the experiences we are having. We just had an exchange and I went up to the other sisters area and that was a great experience. I truly learned that you follow the spirit during the lesson not just teach what you have planned but teach to their needs. It is so important to do that you may never know what may impact them or why you are doing it until later. but it helps them grow so much faster in the gospel. sadly the next day was not as great for their area appointments kept canceling. but we were able to contact some referrals and talk with people as we went. and learned from each other. Then we had an interesting day yesterday. one of the people we are teaching said that they weren't going to church. we were in the other area and church was about to start so we were unable to go over and ask why. but come to find out later that they were really sick. we still stressed the importance of going to church. Hope it will help! But english classes are going well. we are getting the word out and having more and more people asking about them. it is so exciting. we have great hopes for the Classes. We have a baptism this Saturday. a sweet young woman she is 17. so ready for the gospel in her life. it is going to be an exciting day for her!
Oh guess what!!!!! We have Zone conference on my Birthday! It is going to be a great day! Thank you for all the Birthday wishes I appreciate them. It is so weird this is going to be my first Birthday without family. Weird! But It is going to be an amazing day!!!! That is my prediction!
I am learning so much though. Lately I have been thinking what it means to be outward. to be turned outwards. what does that mean? Well do you put others before yourself? Do you serve with out thinking of the blessings you will receive for doing it? Do you do what the Lord asks with out question. Are you Christ like alsways? What does it mean? I still don't have a firm answer yet but these question have given me a starting point and maybe one day I will be outward with out thinking about it!
Well I love you all hope that all goes well.
Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 30 July 2012

30 July 2012

This past week has been crazy!

Hermana Collins and I have been trying to figure out how to work both areas. It was crazy the first few days. During planning we took an hour just to figure out what days or part days we would be in one area compared to the other! We finally have an Idea and have met most of the investigators from both of the areas. we are also finding potentials! Yeah!!! I have so worried this last week that we would miss somebody. And unfortanetly that affected my teaching. so I have learned a valuable lesson this last week. Always put your trust in the Lord for he Knows all. he does not ask us to do something with out preparing the way. Nor does he ask more above our abilities, and capabilities! Always remember God knows you better than you do. What you can handle, what you are not yet ready for and most importanatly what you are capable of! But we are meeting people and praying hard that our spanish will be enough to understand and communicate with those we teach.

Sadly because of how crazy our schedule is now my journal writing is suffering! But here there is so much to write and so many to plan for and talk with and teach. it is great and humbling to know that you are here for a reason and that is to teach these people and help find the Gospel in their lives. I only hope and Pray that I am able to hear the direction from God. helping us find the direction we need to find the truly prepared.

Well sadly I don't have much more to say I will try to have more to write to you next week.
Con Mucho amor,
Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 23 July 2012

23 July 2012

So transfer calls were last night and I got a shock. My area is being combined with another for this transfer! Both of us are feeling that it is allot of trust on our mission president and the Lord to trust us with this.

So do you want to hear who my Companion is............. (to be said in loud announcing voice!) Hermana Collins!!!! One of my MTC companions!!! It is going to be great! She is an amazing missionary.

Well I am sad that I was Hermana Haws last companion but it was great, She taught me so much about missionary work. To tell the people that you love them and just love the work and work hard. It was great being with her and I thank her for everything!

This past week has been great and amazing though! We have found people just waiting to find the gospel and started working with them. also had one of our English class students come up to us and ask about church and what we learn in Sunday school. they also asked for a book of Mormon. It was amazing!

We truly learned just how much the members have come to trust us. They have given us people to go see and visit our help out with things that they wouldn't have before. it has been amazing and great!

There just has been amazing growth in these last few weeks and it will continue and one day burst to the brimming. I truly feel blessed to be apart of the work that is going on here. I am learning so much too. just for example how much the saviour truly does love us and he wants us to know and feel just how important we are as individuals to him and what we have in his plan. What a great blessing it is to share that with every one we teach. oh it is great! Tambien es muy especial a sabe que usted ayudar un persona a venir a cristo y seguir el ejemplo de El. Sorry but sometimes it just feels better to say it in Spanish but here is what I said. "Also it is very special that you help a person to come unto Christ and follow the example of him."

Great to hear from you all and Mariah I realize that you are busy and thank you for thinking of me every now and then. I love you! Nichole you and your family looked great in the pageant pictures Daddy sent. Momma Love you and.... My Birthday is coming up!!!! I don't have a wish list but, some nylons/tight would be great! And some b-day cards! I like B- day Cards! Daddy thank you and I love you very much! Eric que paso? Porque yo no escucho de ti? I'm almost ready to send you a little package so if you could send me the address for that, that would be amazing! Love ya!

I love you all and it is great to hear how things are from home! Thank you and love you all!

Thank you so much I love you!
Con carino,
Hermana Ziegler

23 July 2012 a letter from the mission president.

Dear Parents of our Wonderful Missionaries,

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Don and Melonie Mullen the new mission presidents of the Washington Spokane Mission; the best mission in the world. We are from Orem, Utah. We have 5 children: Meghan is 23, she returned from the Bucharest Romania Mission in Dec and goes to BYU, Ryan is 22 and returned from the Budapest Hungary Mission Sept 1 and is going to BYU he just got married to a wonderful girl named Marrissa, Andrea is 19 and goes to UVU, Nathan and Jordan are 17and will be seniors in high school. Andrea, Jordan and Nathan all came with us to Spokane, but Andrea will go back to Utah to go to school in the fall and Na and Jo will be attending Central Valley High School here.

We have been in the mission field for 2 weeks now and it has been a wonderful whirlwind. We have been able to meet every missionary and have conducted interviews for over half of them. And we just wanted to let you know what a fantastic group of fine young men and women we have here in the Spokane Washington Mission. I guess it would make sense to have the best missionaries be in the best mission of the church.

We are very excited to serve with these fine young men and women. Their desire to serve the Lord is truly inspiring. They are hard working, obedient, faith filled missionaries, willing to follow and listen to the spirit. We couldn't ask for more and we feel very blessed to be serving with them. We love these missionaries and we are committed to serving them and the Lord the very best we can.

We appreciate you as their parents. We know missionary work is demanding and hard but also character and testimony building, faith promoting, satisfying and fulfilling. It is sacred work and a sacred time in their lives. We appreciate your hard work and support on their behalf. Thank you for all you are doing and will do to help them be their best and do their best in the work of the Lord. They couldn't do it without you. We know that they are a precious treasure that you have entrusted to us for this short period of time. We will love them and care for them as if they were our own. We know the Lord blesses each of us as we serve him. We hope you can feel and see the blessings of the Lord in your life and in the life of your missionary.

With much love,

President and Sister Mullen

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

16 July 2012

So this week I am a little sad but All will be well. Hermana Haws is leaving! She is such a great missionary! She has taught me alot. Like truly showing the people that you care for them, being honest when you don't understand what they are saying. and work hard. work and love what you are doing! I am also excited for her to go, to go on and finish school and be an amazing member missionary!
We were so excited yesterday! We had 4 less actives that we have been working with come to church! So excited about that! Now we just need to get the investigators to come along as well!

The week has been amazing though. We had our first Zone meeting. It is a new thing that they are doing where after the Zone leaders get back from Zone leader council. they come back and council with the Zone about what they have learned. It was amazing! I loved it! There is so much we can learn from one another that really helps out all of our areas! We have had some cancel on us but most if not all reschedule now. It is great! And we truly have come to understand just how watched we are by the town. They see us walking everywhere and when we knock on their door say "Yeah, I've seen you around town." and they will maybe listen for a few minutes. they may not have any interest but they are talking with us! Also had a guy from one of the local stores give us some stuff for free. Because we are missionaries and he admires that we pay to come out here ourselves. and leave our families. He wanted to give us something to remember the town by! So sweet of him.

The work here is just blooming. we may not have many people to work with but there are more that we just stop by and more and more they start letting us in and talking with real interest. and there are a few that say they want to meet with us but either their spouse is not there or they are putting the kids to sleep. So we are making progress with those who are looking and searching.

We also had interviews this week with President Mullen. He is funny, and truly loves being out here serving with us. During the interviews we were trained on Teaching in Chapels (Church Tours) And what a great tool they really are. and how it not only invites them to feel the spirit but to also learn more of Christ and how they can have that better relationship with him and understand so much better what the promises we make mean to us and to God.

We have an amazing investigator that last week was only a potential. But we went by and we had left with her to read 1 Nephi 1 well she read to chapter 11 and was showing us what she had highlighted and what verses she liked and what it meant to her. It was amazing! To see that progress that she has made in her life in only a few short weeks!

And I know that Tracting does work. You truly find those hidden people who have been searching but have had no Idea of where to look. we tracted on one of the streets here and found so many people. A few were formers, one a less-active. and then the few that had no Idea of where to look for what they were looking for. So we hope to be working with them and getting to know and understand how we may help them along that path to Christ.

So on Sunday my companion leaves me to go to the mission home. And I will be with some of the other sister missionaries in the area until I get my new companion. We shall see how that goes hope that all is well.

By the way i love the signs on Ziggies! I loved the pictures! By the way Eric I don't have a recent one of you! Why not? But I am truly thankful to be out here and serving the Lord with all my heart, mind, and strength! Thank you for all of your support! Oh also I give all of you hugs! Love you!
Con amor,
Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 9 July 2012

9 July 2012

Hello all,

So the heat is great for meeting more people and getting into doors that we would not have otherwise. The week here has been great. we are getting more and more referrals from the members here. for right now they are all less actives but with time we will eventually get referrals for potentials, and those who are searching for the gospel in their lives.

So we met our new mission president on Tuesday. He is great. He told us what his expectations are for us as a mission. They are amazing he also told us what the apostles told him about our mission, hearing that was great. Sometimes just knowing that the work you do here does effect the area and that it is noticed helps you remember that it is all worth it.

So on the 4th we had a huge breakfast with the ward it was yummy!!! Still ate too much though.

But we truly do feel blessed for we are finding those potentials that truly desire, desire to know how they can have a better relationship with heavenly father and know for themselves how to follow him in this world today. One that we talked with was great. we had been trying to be able to share something with her for awhile. finally stopped by one day and was able to catch her for a few minutes. so we shared quick summary of the restoration and talked of The book of Mormon. I don't remember what I said about what The book of Mormon is but even before I was done she grabbed it out of my hands and said "I want that!" she then asked how much it was we told her it was free and invited her to read from the beginning.

Then another, he was a new potential that we had. So we stopped by and he was with his brother -in -law who was another potential of ours but anyway. We shared about church and The Book of Mormon. and gave it to him and he started reading it and explaining it to us. He understood perfectly what he was reading and why it was being written. It was amazing.

Another potential of ours had read what we left her to read the last time we saw her. and during our visit shared with us her favorite verses out of the chapter we left her. told us she wanted to re-read to make sure that she understood everything. It was amazing to just see the growth that is happening here. There truly are prepared people. and despite the town having been tracted so many times. we find new people everyday. someone who is searching who need that guidance and direction that we can give. It is great to be here at this time and in this place.

It is great to be here on the mission. There is so much to do and to learn that we put ourselves in the work and forget the worldly things we left behind and become new people. stronger in our faith and testimonies and more sure of who we are to God. What a great sight to see how not only does this work help those we teach but also the members and their testimonies. What a great work it is to be out here serving and knowing where I am going, and how I am going to get there. I love to teach this joy, and knowledge of the gospel to others everyday.

Oh So I also gave a talk yesterday. In Spanish! With just notes instead of having the whole thing written out as I have needed to do in the past. It truly is amazing how the language does come. slowly, frustratingly slowly sometimes. but it does come when we are ready and when we work for it. the key is that you have to work for it. I was so Happy that I was able to do it with just notes.

It is great to hear from home. The pageant will be great. And hope you all keep hydrated. But I need to Write president Mullen. Hope all is well and know I love you!

Hermana Ziegler.

Monday, 2 July 2012

2 July, 2012

Sounds very hot over there! But it is also hot here though as my companion put it the weather is very bipolar here. So of coarse with it changing from extreme heat to brr... where's my jacket cold I have a slight cold right now! Yeah!!!!!! Not! But any way this week has been good. We have had the chance to teach many great people. some we want to work with some more before we get to excited about them. others are doing great. progressing slowly but getting there. I can't believe that june is already over. it has gone by way to fast. How crazy! We get to meet our new mission president tomorrow. excited about that!
Well Sometimes I am really not sure what to write you about. yes the week was great but nothing really sticks out in my mind to write about. Well here goes then. Right now we are teaching a woman who has been taught by the missionaries since 1983. so she "Knows" all the rules. but not the "Why". So we have been trying to teach her the lessons in a different way to help her see the why of the gospel. and how much it truly is a blessing to have in our lives. She has gone through alot in her life. but understanding why we do things and the blessings that come truly help. so we have started using general conference talks to teach the why and the lessons. hoping to help her develop that faith that she needs in life. Asked Daisy (a young mom) if she understood why we leave her scriptures to read. she said; "To help me understand and know God. So that I can be closer to God." Yes! I felt like giving her a huge hug. That is one of the things we try to get them to understand when we leave them scriptures to read. we don't do it because we just want you to read. we want to help that relationship with God to grow stronger through scripture reading and prayer. Sadly that is also one of the hardest for them to understand at times. English classes are going great. truly noticing that it is hard to teach your native language. because you are so used to using words a certain way that you don't think of the why am I using this word this way and not another. or why use this word and not this one? What does ....... mean? It truly has made me appreciate learning Spanish so much more. because I now know how to use my native language better and why I am using it a certain way to a certain extent.
Went on exchanges this past week. that was fun! Hna. Driggs came out her to warden with me and we tried people for most of the time but we invited and invited. I truly learned the importance of inviting people to act, to invite. that is part of our purpose as missionaries is to invite people to come unto Christ. How great is it that we get to have the privilege of invite people to come to Christ.
I hope all is well with you, I hope that all will go well with pageant coming. Write me as you can! And I will try to write more.
Happy 4th of July! (Independence Day!!!)
Love you all,
Hermana Zielger

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

26 June 2012

So this week has been interesting! Great at the same time. We are expecting some changes next week with our new mission President coming in on Friday. We get to meet him on Tuesday. We will miss the Palmers they have done such great things. Also look forward to meeting the new Mission Pres. and getting to know him.

Eric I do know how hard it can be. sometimes when that happens you learn such amazing things and you find the most amazing people. The Lord has prepared them. Let us go find.

Anyway the week went pretty good. We had to move our p-day to today, because we went to the TEMPLE!!!!! It was great. My companion and I went up with the Othello sisters. It was a great session. the temple is a little small but it is so beautiful and just to have a temple in our mission I feel so blessed to be able to go.

But the week was interesting. We had 17 set appointments only two came through. some were rescheduled appointments but still. It was very much a finding week. And just about every time we had a lesson fall through we found a great potential. They all seem to want to learn more about Christ, create that relationship with him and just be able to have that peace in their lives and homes. We hope that we will be able to help them in that way. We have a few we are working with that we hope to have a baptismal date soon, but we shall see. And I think we found one of the only if not the only, Black family in warden. They are so sweet. have great potential just hard to get them to set a time and then keep it. They are gone a lot and if their friends invite them to something off they go. So we shall see.

I have also determined that my talking has gotten better, but I could be a lot better than I am in lessons. just about every other time I am great. but during I seem to have the hardest time with that. even in Spanish when I know I can understand just about everything they say if not the gist. But I just can't seem to get what I want to say out of my mouth. So I am working on that. My Spanish has grown a lot since I have been.

Okay so we had an interesting 30 minute storm here the other day. we had just finished tracting the area we had wanted to. Saw some dark clouds coming in so we walked back to the church. get our coats from the car. we decide to go in for some water and use the restrooms. well we get done and it is pouring. So we race to the car. and then it starts hailing! (Marble size hail too!) We then get a call from our district leader to warn us about the storm because it had just passed over them on its way towards us. well It was very hard to hear them for all the hail pounding on the car. He said it shouldn't last very long after the hail was gone. So we still weren't sure how long it would last so we went to go try a potential. Well.... we counted to 3 ran to the door and under their awning. She wasn't there. So we ran back to the car and we were soaked! I have pictures! But it was just flooding the streets how much rain we had. well we decided to go try another potential. by the time that we got there the storm was over. and there was steam coming off the road. from how hot they were before the storm came. It was Crazy!!!!!

Okay so my companion is finishing her mission in a few weeks and before she goes I want to make her the ooey gooey bars/cookies You know the ones that I was making every week last summer. well I need the recipe though. I remember everything that goes in it but not in what order or the amounts. Some help would be great thanks!

But I love from hearing from all of you. I will see what I can do about the fast. And If I don't get a letter out this week I will next. And Mum and Daddy thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I love you both!
And I love my Siblings too.... and their little families! They are so adorable! By the way would it be possible to send the pictures smaller so I can print a few of them?
Hope all is well with you,
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ziegler

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

19 June 2012

How are things back in the home front? The week has been good. We have found taught and learned so much more.
First daily dose. So we now have 12 students. All varying from complete beginner to just need help with pronunciation and sentence structure. It was crazy. We now meet twice a week and teach them English. We as the teachers are not supposed to speak in Spanish and that is very hard when you have come to enjoy the language and want to learn and show that yes you do understand what they say! ah... but it is going great we have been told that they enjoy our classes and like us as their teachers. I just hope they enjoy the other teachers for when we pass them on. Because we only teach the first twelve lessons and then they get passed on to the daily dose couple. Hoping and praying!
So we now are teaching several people...... great news on one of them...... She came to Church!!!! With her 7-month old boy too! We had one of the women we teach come to church. She sadly had to leave right after sacrament meeting. But before she left one of the members had asked her if she enjoyed it. She said yes. They then asked if she was coming next week. She said yes!!!!! It was so exciting. We are hoping to have her on-date soon. Praying that all that we teach will come to know for themselves and desire baptism. Because we are not here to learn more about ourselves. We are here to help others come unto Christ and it is while doing so that we come to realize that we have changed we are no longer the people that we were when we came into the field. That we have made lifelong friends along the way. And we not give up the experiences that we have here for nothing. The people we taught, members we came to love, those that we helped bring to baptism. We would not change a thing. It may be hard at times, there may be times where you think Why am I here and then you come from a lesson and you say "They are why I am here" It is for their benefit that you are here not yours. And it is when we are truly in the service of our God helping our brothers and sisters that you find yourself. The hard part along the way is to remember it is not what can I get out of the day, it is who can I help get through this day.
Thinking of that has helped me not be so selfish. Still have a ways to go but when you think of who you can help that day instead of just getting through the day. You are so much happier and truly are able to find those ready. Ready to hear and listen.
So we have two families that we are now teaching. One is a family that we had taught the wife before and she had expressed interest in learning more. So we came by to invite her to church and we got in to teach another lesson and her husband was there. And he told us he wants to learn more and wants to come to church but it is a commitment. And right now he has to work on Sundays so he feels that he cannot make that commitment to go because he has to work. But he said that if he was ever able that he would which would be great because I don't think she would go without him. But with what he was saying that going to church may be the only thing holding him back from being baptized. We will have to teach more and find out for sure but we are excited for this family. The other family we we're walking by saw them outside their home and stopped to talk with them and they invited us in to "Share a Message". They weren't sure what church we were from but we shared a bit with them and we are excited to be going back. I think they may also be the only 'Black' family here. Most of them are Hispanic. But the work is going strong here. We are able to find new people every day. And to teach those who want to learn more, and to understand. We have truly come to love the people here and hope and pray that we can find those that the Lord has prepared and help along the way to come unto Christ and follow the example that he has set.

I hope that you all are doing well.

Con amor,
Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 11 June 2012

11 June 2012

Hey Family of mine how are you all? Sounds like Mum and Dad are doing great. I get snippets from them about how the rest are doing. Would be great to hear something more though! Well I bet you want to hear how the week has been! Are you sure......! Well okay!
The week has been busy. we had a few of our appointments fall through. Every time we had a member there it was a no go. which is hard. Because it makes the members not want to come out with us and makes us reluctant to call the members. But the members here are really sweet about it. And ask us to call again because they love coming out with us when they can. They are great! Well we have taught a few people who could be so ready for baptism right now but are not coming to church right now for some reason or other. so working with them on that and truly understanding what is keeping them from baptism. because with those who are super prepared there is a reason they are holding back. and it is up to us the missionaries to find it out and help them overcome it. This past week I have been working on my Spanish. trying to understand when they are speaking fast. because I can understand most of what they are saying now but, for the words i don't know. On those days I feel a little slow but I know it will get better. So trying to contribute more in the lessons. i am wanting to talk more which is great. I am liking less and less just thinking to myself and and then wanting an answer. Hello it doesn't work that way! You have to speak to be heard, and then you get an answer. so getting much better with that. Because for them to truly understand and to look at both of you for answers you need to speak. and let them know that you care for them. you care for them enough to be out here and taking yourself out of your comfort zone to teach them the gospel and the great message and blessing that it is. I feel blessed to have these experiences now when it is easier to change these stupid habits than later in life when it would be a much harder struggle. thankfully my companion is very understanding. she had similar experiences at the beginning of her mission.
Well the English Classes are going great. we have only had two but we are learning each time what we can do better to help our students learn the language. And we teach people from don't know english at all to can hold a perfect conversation as long as they (the native english speaker) is talking slow. So we are learning how to teach to all of them and help them with what they need to learn this language. We are also working with some less actives that at times you just want to shake them and say "you know what you need to be doing, why are you not doing it?" But we love them and help overcome what may be keeping them back. At least that is our hope. To help bring them back and to help them understand why this Gospel is important to them!
Oh we helped out at a funeral this past week. One of the members of the Spanish branch had her Daughter die. Which is very hard for her. and we will be going by later this week to see how we can help. but we helped serve the luncheon afterwards and about 200 people were there. but we had some recognize us because we had knocked on their door or come up and thank us for our help. It was great to see a small part of the community come together and support a friend. And of course we did some more tracting. we do have some funny moments, some okay....., and some that create potentials. it is great to see how prepared that people are to hear the Message that we share. It is also a little scary to understand how watched we are in this town. We have had a few people comment on them seeing us tracting our talking with people when we come by. We have also been in the habit of whenever we are walking to wave at everyone that drives or walks by. And when we come to their door they are more friendly and more willing to listen to what we have to say or at least are more polite at saying no thank you.
I know that being here is a great blessing and I am thankfull every day for the chance that I have to be here and have the help of my wondeful companion Hermana Haws. She is great and is helping me out so much. With the langauge, talking, and teaching the people here. It has been great being with her. We are together for one more transfer here is Warden. Sadly at the end of the transfer she will be dieing (finishing her mission). So she told me that I am a killer. Because I will be her last companion. Which is very sad but I know that she is an amazing missionary!

So the family sounds like it is doing great! It is great to hear Momma about finding those people and that they are so close. that is cool! And Daddy great to hear that your working so hard in the temple. What a great blessing that is. Well I will talk you next week.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ziegler

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

4 June 2012

So much has happened this week. It has been great! The work is slowly moving forward here in warden. So last Tuesday we taught our first English class. Only one person showed up. Only to find out later that there were two more in the parking lot but they didn't know which door to come in. And we have had people asking us about it all week. So we are hoping for a bigger class tomorrow. It has been the perfect way for the locals to meet/talk with us (the missionaries) because they can see we are normal people who just happen to have name tags and walk door to door sharing a message of Christ. I love being able to do that!

Oh before I forget about it we had a very funny moment earlier this week. So we were talking to a part member family and their dog doesn't like the sound of my hiccups. Usually he is fine because they are pretty quite. Well I had just had a really loud one and then for some reason I had started laughing. Well that just makes my hiccups worse! Well all of a sudden a feel a pull on my shirt. The Dog had tried to bite me! And then every one was laughing. I got bit by a dog because of my hiccups, it was hilarious!

Now on to the serious stuff of the week! So we have been teaching a young mother. maybe a few years older than me. But she is amazing. She wants to have her family together forever. and she wants to know the truth of the gospel of Christ. and she is so smart she gets it! She is reading the book of Mormon because she knows she needed to read in order to know if it is true. I love her! But we have also come across some great potentials.We are working with some that know they need to read and want to learn more just either, they can't read or their living situation is not the best. So we work with them as we can and strive to bring them closer every time to Christ and help them when we can.

We are also working with a lees active family that is so cute. well at least mom and the kids. we haven't met dad yet. work schedule has not made it so we can meet. but they are great. wanting to come back to church when work allows and truly desiring to know and understand the gospel.

Okay so I was bad in writing in my journal so I can't remember much more to write. (Sorry!) But Know I love you all and hope all is well.

I love seeing the pictures the kids are growing so much! not fair you know! Well also good to hear how everybody is doing even if your name is only mentioned in passing but good to hear from the family. Love you!

Hermana Ziegler

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

29 May 2012

Okay so different computer than usual and of course it has to act up!
So here I am actually writing what I am wanting to talk to my family
about today!

So the week has been great! We have been doing a lot of tracting, and
Finding. Yesterday was memorial day and we mostly tracted, not very
many people actually home. Out celebrating and having fun with their
families. But some exciting news We are going to be teaching English
classes tonight and from what we are hearing we may have to start two
classes just to hold everyone who wants to learn! It is amazing the
positive response that we have gotten from the people here. They want
to learn, some not the gospel but in this way is a way for them to get
to know the missionaries and understand that we are actual people and
we love to serve the community.

Sunday was busy! We helped them setup for a baccalaureate ( not sure if
I spelt that right) Anyway helped with that and then stayed for a few
minutes in case they needed any translation. But they didn't so we left
and tried some potentials.

Saturday was an adventure. Our ward mission leader had asked us to
visit a less active family and well it was out in the country. Where
we don't have a map. he told us the basic directions but we still got
a little lost. But while we were driving out there I started drawing
all the roads that we were driving by so in the future when we need to
find a member or go out and visit someone we would not get lost
again. (Now I am transferring that to a bigger paper) I am going to be
doing the same for where ever we go so that we can have a map of our
area! yeah! but since we did a lot of driving to find this family we had used a lot
of miles so.... We rode our bikes into town and back to our trailer.
that is 3 miles into town. and from where we were in town another 4
miles. very sore when we got back. Oh and during the ride back my bike
was doing its cow impression again.

So this week we have been busy we had a lot of set appointments and all
but 3 fell through. But we have found some great potentials! and are
looking forward to getting to know them better and hope to teach them
more about the gospel.

Great to hear from you and love you all!

Love you all!
Con Amor,
Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 21 May 2012

21 May 2012

So this week has been great! I gave a talk on Sunday. In the English ward. It was a little short but I was told that it was good so I suppose I did an okay job!

But the rest of the week has been crazy busy! So this last week we had Zone conference! It was amazing. Sadly also the last Zone conference that I will see President Palmer. He is getting ready to hand everything off to the new Mission president in the next month or so. But It was a great conference.

We talked about the importance of the Holy Ghost and understanding his role, who he is. and how important he is not only in our own lives but in the lives of our investigators. So we really went into depth about that but also not being afraid or apologetic in teaching the commandments and not waiting to teach them when we see that there is a need.

Sister Palmer taught us about the attributes of Christ then lead a discussions about how the attributes are like the roots of a tree and how developing them is not important to us but to our companion as well and different ideas on how to develop them. It was a great conference.

One thing that really stuck out to me was that President Palmer admonished us before we leave the mission to write out our goals for after and make a plan. not only for our future but how are we planning on keeping the standards that we have lived as missionaries after the mission. He said writing down these goals and plans will helps us more after the mission than just reading our mission journals but to have a plan of how we are going to keep the commandments as returned missionaries. will help not only us but our future families as well. so I really want to do this when the time gets closer right now I'll just write down what my personal standards are and how I plan to keep them.

So we have been tracking even more this week! we have been slowly getting our way through town. just about every potential we have is a former investigator. They for some reason or other stopped visiting myth the missionaries and now want to meet with us again. But we are keeping busy teaching the people that are ready to hear. and some who are truly desiring to change.

So we rode our bikes for two days this week. Let me tell you after the end of the first day my bum was sore! And then the next day my handle bar decided it wanted to imitate a cow. They went upside down on me, and then for the rest of the day they kept moving. even when I wasn't touching them! Going to ask some one to help with that and get it either tightened or put some rubber on it so it won't move. because at first it was funny, and then it became frustrating, and then.... um this is a little dangerous here! But it was fun!

Oh good story real quick. So we had set up a church tour yesterday, and we had the member there and we went by to go round up the touree. Guess what! not there was doing laundry, according to the room mate. well anyway we went back to the church and told the member. they just told us must be someone else your meant to find right now. and then invited us over later for some dessert. Well we made sure that all the lights were off and all doors were locked then we walked to an apartment complex close to the church. We knocked on a few doors to try a few potentials. we we walking on to the next building when a woman walked out of her door said hi to us. we said high back then she invited us in to talk with her. so we went in and shared the message of the restoration with her. Gave her a book of Mormon and invited her to English classes. (She is Spanish and wanted to learn English) She said yes to everything set up an appointment for tomorrow and was really excited to hear our message. And she said a prayer! Asking about what we had shared with her. What a testimony builder, when something falls through there is someone your supposed to meet at that time that would not be available at any other time. The Lord knows all things. we just need to trust and follow. We later told the Member what had happened.

It was a great week. we taught, learned, and did a lot of walking. but we are finding those who truly wish to find the path to the Saviour. He is everything and knows us best. he is our goal.

Well I hope that everyone is having a great week, thanks for the updates, and the pictures (they are adorable)
with much love,
Hermana Ziegler

PS. By the way my hiccups/squeaks are a hit here!

Monday, 14 May 2012

14 May 2012

So I know I talked to Mum and Dad yesterday! Loved that by the way! But I would like to talk about some of the things that Happened during the week.

So the week was great. We did a lot of tracting. and following up on potentials and formers. Seeing how they are doing and if they want to talk to missionaries again or begin talking to us! It is great we have found some amazing people here.

There was one man that we just invited him to church and he didn't show but he called us apologizing for not coming. we are going to try and meet with him. but he sounds amazing. but a spanish family that we are teaching right now came to church. they have been a few times before but something is holding them back from baptism. it might be marriage and it might be something totally different. not quite sure yet. but their kids are cute and have a lot of energy so it is hard to get much of a lesson in. we do try though.

We are also teaching a family that is amazing. they felt pushed before so we are taking things slow but they want so much to learn and follow Christ. But we have had some interesting experiences while tracting. some people are just how long do I have to talk to you before you will leave. others I am completely happy where I am, some I admire what you do but I have no desire to change. some see you on their porch and slam the door in your face (this one is rare) and then there are the few that are completely convinced they know what we believe and will try telling us that we worship Joseph Smith and that we Don't follow Christ. Had a man do this to us the other day. He said I am a deacon in my church and so I know what you believe, don't go around telling me you believe in God when you worship a man. Joseph Smith is a man so you worship man not God. My companion wasn't very happy with him but was being very civil and trying to explain that yes we do believe in God and we do believe Christ is our Saviour. He wouldn't listen. So I asked how his faith has helped him and his family. He loved talking about that. And then we offered our service for when ever he needs any help he is welcome to call us. He softened a little after that and we left on friendly terms as I would put it. I just felt so sad that someone is not willing to even to listen to those called to preach the word and actually know what we do believe. Nope he would rather do an ostrich.

We are starting to get to know the Members and the area really well. (I am drawing a smaller version of our map to take around with us) but it is coming. the people are seeing us out and about and rather friendly to us. they like to wave! I love waving!!!

So I went on an exchange to Quincy. That was fun! One of the sisters there is training a visa waiter. who is eventually going to argentina. But the visa waiter had the same MTC teachers that I did. How crazy is that? she had mentioned that one of them had said to look for me. And we swapped some stories about our teachers. But the whole exchange was fun and I learned just how much my spanish has grown. I helped translate back and forth for a lesson there. and Did some more tracting and getting to know people there. It was Great! Also recieved training on a pilot program that the mission president is doing. that was fun! I really hope that it works out great! And then I got to talk to Mum and Daddy. And about five minutes of Uncle Griff. But it was great, I am doing Great, and LOVING IT!

well Love you much,
Hermana Ziegler

P.s. some granola or nuts would not be remiss! yummy! (this one is just fun!)

Monday, 7 May 2012

7 May 2012

The week has gone by so fast that it is crazy. My new companion is Sister Haws and she is great! We are sweeping the area of Warden. Warden is so small it is crazy! Smaller than Nauvoo well it might be the same size not sure! But there is alot of spanish work here. about 60 percent or so of the population is hispanic. the other are all farmers or their family has lived here for years. So When I mentioned to a few of the warrd members that I am from Carthage, IL. They ask if I know Joanna Miller. I say yes. They are her cousins! And most of the english ward is related in some way or another. It is really crazy. But this past week has been great. The people here are great! The Members are amazing, and the work is going to be slow at first but we will be working our hardest to find those who have been prepared in this small town. So things about warden. Well..... Only a few of the streets are actually paved. They have only stop signs and a caution light. There is a potato factory! Alot of trailers, and one ice cream van that plays a jingle that just can not be described to give it justice. But it is hilarious! Oh and the only time that you can get lost is if you are trying to find the members who live out on the farms. I LOVE IT!

There is so much work to be done and alot of walking and bike riding to save miles involved. But this week has been great. We came here with just the area books and the ward list. But we are doing great finding potentials and those who truly want to hear more about the gospel and the peace it will bring into their lives. I am learning the importance of talking more. I lost my planner again. Not very happy about it. Kept saying how from now on I should tie it to my wrist. (or just put pockets into everything) But I am looking for it and hoping to find it. The place where we are living we inherited a pet. we are not supposed to have pets but apparently the cat had just had her kittens and they did not want to move her yet. so the owners just asked us to feed it every night. Only thing is that it likes to leave dead presents on the door step every now and then. Yeah not liking that. We call it "I kill mouse and leave it on your doorstep" or "Ikila de mouse" we are not very fond of it! It is quite interesting. Well there will be many tales to tell later about this area. Because It is going to be an amazing area! Oh hey I got some news this morning. Agustin got baptized!!! And after his confirmation he bore his testimony! I am so proud of him. He is amazing! Wish I could have been there but I am where I am supposed to be right now and I am enjoying every minute of it!

With love,
Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 30 April 2012

30 April 2012

SO last night we got our transfer calls. The news of who would be staying and who is being transfered. So......I Am being transfered. I get to sweep into an Elders area with a new companion. Hna. Haws (I think that is how it is spelt) But I am so excited. The place is called Warden. and from what my companions and Zone leader have told me that it is a small town and that I will love it! It is on the west side of the mission. So Tomorrow I will be riding the transfer van. So many new experiences So Excited!!!!

Anyway, Today we helped "Fear Bust" the new Sisters. Some of them are visa waiters. They are waiting to go on to Argentina but their Visas need to go through. They look like an amazing group. Hna. Christoffersen will be training one of them along with staying with Hna. Ruiz in the Valley area. It is all so exciting, and a little daunting. I still have to finish packing! Yikes!

But it is all going great. This last week was crazy. So We had a temple sister (a temple square sister) go back and her companion needed someone for the day so off went Hna. Christoffersen. Then we had an exchange planned so off went Hna. Ruiz . Then it was me and another Temple square sister. So we had one thing after another cancel on us and I was driving. (Yes I was driving!) But we had a member cancel on us to go on a church tour with an investigator. So while we waited for the investigator to show up we called I think half the ward. It was crazy, because we needed a 3rd sister. The investigator was male. And the rules are teach a man we need 3 sisters present. It could be his wife, sister, cousin, a member, just need 3 woman there. So He finally showed up 30 minutes late with his cousin who is a member and she was the one that had introduced him to us. Well to continue on... the Church tour went great. He understood everything, we taught the restoration, and he excepted a baptism date for june 9th. He came to church yesterday and stayed for all 3 hours! He was invited over to dinner by some of the Members and they all loved him. One of them mentioned that is he had not known that He was an investigator he would of thought that he was a visiting member.

Such amazing miracles happen out here. Some are so prepared that it is simply amazing. Others take awhile to know that this is the true church. I am a little sad that I will be missing the batism this Saturday. Agustin is so amazing! He is so ready and wanted all of us to be there, but he is going to be so excited. Pres. Palmer is going to be attending his baptism. That is how special he is. He has been home courted at the Palmers many times and they just love him. We had gone by their house one day and they had asked after him. We had no Idea who they were talking about. But we thought since they asked that we should look for him. Well it wasn't till after zone confrence that we found him. At a branch party that his member roomate had invited him too. And since then we have been teaching him and he has been so receptive and ready to hear and change. I am so excited for his baptism, and he is really excited as well.

Oh so funny story- While I was with the temple square sister we meet with a less active family. And were lucky enough to catch the oldest son who is never there, actually there! Yes! Well we talked to him about why he did not come to church and he said that it was his only day off and it was right in-between his golf time "tee time". Are you kidding me really just because you want to golf! Seriously! Well we then invited him to attend sacrament meeting and then he said that he would have to start his game later. and it would be dark. then the temple sister asked in her russian accent "What are you girl? Are you afriad that you are going to be attacked or something?" I couldn't believe that she said that. But he just laughed! I was a little shocked but I couldn't help but laugh later!

So the week has been great and I look forward to meeting my new companion and sweeping the new area! That is going to be an adventure, I do love a good adventure!

So family-

Mariah, I love you. Madison is so cute! Daddy sent some pictures she is adorable. When she is going to be blessed are you going to write the Blessing? (Hey was that done for me? If so I would like a copy of that!) Reason I ask is that we did that for our baptism last week when she was confirmed. And she really enjoyed knowing what was promised her in the blessing.

Nichole- I also got a family picture from Daddy. They are getting so big! Wow! I won't recognize them when I get back. Love you as always!

Eric- Any tips on sweeping? Or excersise?

Mommy- Found out that I may be able to skype for mothers day. What is your address?

Daddy- I did get the pics and I love them! Also I love your Idea. It is great hearing from you. I love you!

Con amor,

te quiero y te carino

Hermana Ziegler

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

24 April 2012

So yesterday I got really sun burnt. Ouch! I am now going to get some
sunscreen, and aloe Vera. I hope that it will help!

So Much has happened this week. The Baptism went great. She was confirmed the next
day and is very happy to now be a member. She is also hoping to help her father come back to church. We shall see how it goes. I can see her doing it! She is feisty if not a little bit bossy.

We have taught a few people this week that are just so ready to hear the word and come to church. For example we are teaching one Spanish family and the mother said that they had all been ready to go to church, they were excited to go, and on the way out the door. When everything just fell apart. Tempers came out,the 2 yr-old threw a fit. It all just went wrong and they ended up not coming. She then asked us
that was Diablo (Satan) wasn't it? We told her yes. I was a little sad because I did not share as much as I had wanted in the lesson. The 2 yr-old girl decided that I was the perfect playmate. And my face ended up being stickered. My face was covered in stickers. Next time I am bringing a coloring book!

We also taught the daughter of a recent convert and her family. They
have been so well prepared.

Sadly we have also been dropped by a few people. Some because they
are going out of town for work. Or they feel that they are not ready
for the gospel in their lives. We get so sad when this happens. We
have come to love these people and are sad when they choose to not
have this wonderful message in their lives.

Love you all and hope all is well!
Con amor,
Hna. Ziegler

Monday, 23 April 2012

23 April 2012

Sorry all you readers. Diana's update will be later this week. this is transfer week in her mission. So that makes her preperation day a different day this week. I do not know if she will be transfered or not. Keep checking back for your update this week probably Wednesday. Thank you

Monday, 16 April 2012

16 April 2012

So this week has been really slow. We have been doing a lot of tracting. Which is funny, because both of my companions dislike tracting. But we get to meet a lot of interesting people. One for instance we were talking with an older gentleman and Hna. Chris mentioned that My Father was Catholic. Then the man kept telling me well you know how it is! He thought I was Catholic. I just kept nodding my head and humming. It was funny, but he was really nice!

The work continues onward though we keep receiving and giving referrals. People we meet and do not live in our area and express an interest. Or people that the members have referred. We are really excited though. We have a baptism this Saturday! She is so cute to. She is 9 and insisted that we invite everyone. She had invited her whole primary class weeks ago! We also have two other on dates that are very solid. and they really desire baptism. One of them fasted for three days to know if baptism was for him! Three days! He is very serious about it. And is now praying about a date that we gave him.

So we had zone interviews with President Palmer. He told us that we are the last zone that he will be doing these interviews with. His mission is ending in the end of June. The last thing we have with him is Zone conference next transfer. Which is really sad. I will miss him and Sister Palmer. Sister Palmer is wanting to plan a Sisters p-day with all the Sisters in the Valley. Not sure who is going to still be here. We have this week and next week till the end of the transfer. Oh which reminds me. We are going to the temple next week so you won't hear from me till Tuesday.

Well all is great here. Eric I got the Planner. I love the inside! especially capt.Moroni. I am making one for you now. I think you'll like it!

Nichole I love the Umbrella! It is huge! Thank you so much! And Thank you for the Journals. they will help so much! How are the Little ones?

Mariah how is everything? Well of course your excited for Madison to get here, So am I! well send pictures when you can.

Mom it is great to hear from you as always. Sounds like Nauvoo is pretty calm right now.

Daddy that is so exciting about finding those people. Just make sure and leave some work for me to do alright?

Well I love you all and hope that all is well,

Con amor,

Hna. Ziegler

p.s. Does anyone comment on the blog or my face book page?

Monday, 9 April 2012

9 April 2012

So Life has been busy. This week has not been as great (sadly)! But we are hanging in there. So we had a few people drop us. And almost all of them were not there in person to do so. One of them we got a weird/nice/interesting letter asking us to not come by anymore. Another had moved and we found out through his roommate that he was in another state. One nobody knows where they are. etc...... it has been weird and saddening. We truly only wish to help others on their way to Christ. But we are still going strong.

Right now we are working with four people who are truly desiring baptism two of them are on date one of them needs to pick out a date the other is praying about baptism. They all have grown so much since our first visit with them. One of them that we are teaching watches the BYU Channel and even ordered their program booklet. So funny! We are having our next appointment with them with the Bishop and truly hope that all goes well with that. Well we have a for sure baptism on the 21st and their whole family is planning on being there for support. It will be great. We are making invitations this week so that can invite all who want to come.

So it is great to hear that all is well. That the Family is being blessed. And mother I have already met the Sister. I met her at Sisters Training. A very sweet girl. I will have to remember to say Hi from Sister Miller next time.

Okay so my Companions get giggle fits every time I talk about growing up in a small town. They love that someone still has have had the experiences they only read about. They really got to Laughing when we were talking about growing up on a farm with one of our investigators. I mentioned having to milk the cow. He got a really sad face and said he was never allowed to milk the cow. They really started laughing about that because he was so disappointed and that we both had those similar experiences. (They are both city girls) But they love hearing about it and are amazed that someone could live on a farm in the middle of nowhere will no real modern commodities.

Oh so I got the "privilege of eating Saviche again" But this time with shrimp, crab, mussel and octopus. It was so gross. I felt queasy after wards. And I had a hard time getting it down. Way too much fish for my taste, thank you! I don't like fish but have a hard time eating it too. If it had been shrimp and salmon I would have been fine. But I ate because it was given to me and they took the time to make it. My companions thought that it was great, and really good. Yeah no not for me!

Oh went on an exchange last Tuesday. And it was a lot of fun. Mostly did allot of tracting in the other sisters area. But I talked allot. And it was so much fun just meeting people and talking about how their faith in Christ has helped through their life and how they can become even closer to him with the gospel. It was allot of fun and I got to learn so much. And I am still bad with time but I can now feel the passage of time. Which is a big plus so I know when I am taking longer than I should.

Oh awkward story-

So we are teaching allot of divorced, less-active men. Anyway anytime we talk to one of them he asks about the beautiful Ladies and how we are doing. And that is awkward enough. But then we had an appointment with one and luckily we brought our sole ward missionary. Well anyway. We walk into the door and look at the table where we usually meet and teach. Well there is a lit candle, red table cloth a dish of candies, cheese and crackers, four plates, and some sort of drink on the table. We were a little shocked and feeling a little awkward. Till we found out that it had been his mother who had set it all up. But it still felt awkward. Why oh why??????

We unfortunately get that allot. Especially with the older single men we teach. We do try and get them to go to the single activities though. Oh well. But it is time for me to write president.

Hope and pray all is well,

Con Amor,

Hna. Ziegler