Tuesday, 29 May 2012

29 May 2012

Okay so different computer than usual and of course it has to act up!
So here I am actually writing what I am wanting to talk to my family
about today!

So the week has been great! We have been doing a lot of tracting, and
Finding. Yesterday was memorial day and we mostly tracted, not very
many people actually home. Out celebrating and having fun with their
families. But some exciting news We are going to be teaching English
classes tonight and from what we are hearing we may have to start two
classes just to hold everyone who wants to learn! It is amazing the
positive response that we have gotten from the people here. They want
to learn, some not the gospel but in this way is a way for them to get
to know the missionaries and understand that we are actual people and
we love to serve the community.

Sunday was busy! We helped them setup for a baccalaureate ( not sure if
I spelt that right) Anyway helped with that and then stayed for a few
minutes in case they needed any translation. But they didn't so we left
and tried some potentials.

Saturday was an adventure. Our ward mission leader had asked us to
visit a less active family and well it was out in the country. Where
we don't have a map. he told us the basic directions but we still got
a little lost. But while we were driving out there I started drawing
all the roads that we were driving by so in the future when we need to
find a member or go out and visit someone we would not get lost
again. (Now I am transferring that to a bigger paper) I am going to be
doing the same for where ever we go so that we can have a map of our
area! yeah! but since we did a lot of driving to find this family we had used a lot
of miles so.... We rode our bikes into town and back to our trailer.
that is 3 miles into town. and from where we were in town another 4
miles. very sore when we got back. Oh and during the ride back my bike
was doing its cow impression again.

So this week we have been busy we had a lot of set appointments and all
but 3 fell through. But we have found some great potentials! and are
looking forward to getting to know them better and hope to teach them
more about the gospel.

Great to hear from you and love you all!

Love you all!
Con Amor,
Hermana Ziegler

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