Monday, 29 April 2013

29 April 2013

Hello all of you!!!! This last week has been great! I have been able to learn so much! My Companion and I have seen so much together we feel. But it has been amazing to be here in the area at this time. I feel that I have learned more this last transfer than I have in my whole mission combined. I know I just can't explain all of them in an e-mail but I will at least tell you a bit about our week! We have been teaching so many people this last week! It has been great! I believe that this week was one of my highest for having member help! It was amazing and I felt so blessed. We are also teaching mostly couples. so they are working together to come unto Christ and to learn about what we have to share with them. I sang a special musical number in the Spanish branch yesterday! That was fun! I will have to tell you what I did later! But the sister who played the piano is also a missionary and between her and I we came up with an arrangement of an hymn and played that. It was fun! I was really nervous but I did not feel so bad as I used to in the past. I was really excited for that! Oh funny moment! We were eating dinner at a part member families house and the Dad when we were leaving (because of my hiccups) he called me flipper. He said see you later flipper. His wife at first was confused because she had not heard my hiccups and then afterwards thought her husband was rude. But she told me that he must like me because otherwise he would not have given me a name. Sister Worlton still cracks up about it! She says that she will remember that forever! I feel so blessed to be teaching some of the people we are. One of the couples we are teaching have gone thru a lot in their lives, and are searching to have peace from their pasts. They did not have the best upbringing, but despite that they are amazing people. they have such a strong love for Christ, and faith that he will heal them from what has happened to them. They love The Book of Mormon. one time they said how one of the reading assignments we had given them made them cry. I love this couple and I truly hope that they will continue on this journey to baptism that they are on. I know that It will not only help them but it will also give them a brighter hope for their future. I love being able to be out here and doing God's work! I love that I will be able to do this for the rest of my life. What a great gift has God given us in this restored Gospel. I plan on using it for the rest of my life! I am also looking forward to seeing the miracles that this week will bring with going about this great work! Con mucho amor, nos vemos en una semana! Love, Hermana Zielger

Monday, 22 April 2013

22 April 2013

So this week has been great! We had a slower week but we learned a lot together this week. We had a few of our investigators drop us via text this past week. That was a little hard but, they do have their agency too. So we are giving them a little break but not giving up on them quite yet! We also now finally have some Spanish investigators! So excited for that! We are working to find in both. Because both the ward and the branch need the growth. They had recently change the boundaries on the ward because its numbers were getting to be so small. Everyone kept moving away and no one was moving in. Oh I gave a talk on Sunday in the ward. Several people have told me that they liked it. Yeah!!! and I had prayed before hand because I was nervous and during the whole talk I did not mumble I was not shaking out of nerves it was a blessing! God was helping me with that Talk. My Companion and I then later co-taught the Spanish relief society. It was great. And I truly saw the blessing of planning together and sharing together the vision of where we see the lesson going. it was amazing! Okay so some experiences this last week. We had an old guy tell us that he was 'the David' the David from the bible. and then he did some weird hand thing to my companion. It was weird. We had 3 Mexicans hitting one us while we were tracting. that was really weird and uncomfortable. we had also had one of no former potentials invite us over to a fiesta with his family. yeah!!!! just weird. But something really cool. we were visiting with one of our members last week. she has been coming back into activity and she told me that she admired me. She said she admired my conviction for serving God, because she said that if she had my hiccup she would be hiding under a rock not out serving a mission. It was really cool and very sweet of her! because she has an amazing story herself. Well I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! I am looking forward to seeing the miracles this week will bring in doing God's work. Con Amor, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 15 April 2013

15 April 2013

Hello all!!! This week has been great! My Companion and I have been working together and seeing so many miracles. We are teaching a couple at the moment that are referrals from the stake president. Our first lesson with them was with him and they are amazing people. They have gone thru a lot and are searching to have a deeper faith in Christ and God and to know where they can find the truth. They came to church yesterday!!!! We also had a ward social/potluck on Friday and some of the members invited friends of theirs to come and then asked us to afterwards take them on a church tour. We have a lesson with them later today! The work here is just moving so fast it is amazing! The other day we had a lesson. and one of our members was driving us. and when we got to the appointment we saw that our investigator was waiting for us. It was... wow! It was just great! the people here who truly want to hear are so prepared it is amazing me every day! So There is a family here that has volunteered to take my bike down to Utah. They are going down to Provo to pick their daughter up from BYU before she leaves on her own mission. So my companion and I are so excited for this coming week. We are already seeing how much God is blessing us and this area. and we look forward to seeing it even more. Well I love you all and hope you are having an amazing week/day! Loves you!!! Con muchisimo amor, Hermana Ziegler

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

8 April 2013

Hey Family! This week has been great! So first off this last week we were with out our phone for a few days. We had accidentially left it at a part member families home. and they left for the weekend and so we were without it for a few days! I did not realize just how much I relied on the phone until we did not have it. we were out of the loop of what was going on with the zone. we could barely call people to come out with us or to find rides for people. it was crazy! You need a phone to do all of these things. luckily we now have it back! Yeah! so much easier to do all of thosee things with a phone. we have been contacting people like crazy. and now we have a few really good investiagators. and we are hoping that we will have more by the end of this week. We also went on exchanges this week. It was crazy! Because we now have what we call cordinating sisters instead of a traveling sister. so there are cordinating sisters in every zone in the mission and they do exchanges with each of the sister companionships in their zone. any way so we had exchanges this last fri and sat. well we share the car and we share it with the other sisters. so I got to be on a bike for the majority of this last week. man It was great! We got to see so many people and teach people that we would not have otherwise. It was amazing! Hence the pictures of me on a bike and with the baby chick. (the other picture is of me and one of my former companions. we happened to had been serving in the same district;and after the last disctrict meeting last transfer she had wanted to take a picture with me.) So the area up here is beautifull! I am amazed every day! I look out at the mountains every time I am driving and I feel like I am looking at a painting. Wow!!!! and There isa still snow most days on the mountain tops. It is kind of weird, but I love it! So my Companion Sister Worlton is amazing! I love her. she is so great with teaching the people and she is not afraid to ask them those questions that help them open up and let us know more about them. She is also very good about letting me know about her goals that she hopes for as a companionship and how I can help her. I love it! It is helping me out so much being with her. I am learnign so much every day! General confrence was amazing!!!! I loved all of the talks I learned so much. It was amazing just how inspired they truly are. I learned so much about questions I had been struggling with for a while and some self doubts were taken away as well. I know that those men are truly called of God. I felt it when each of them were speaking. and I learned something for the better with each of them. I am so excited for when the ensign comes out! I am going to be studying those words as President Monson invited and seeking how I may better do what God asks of me. Well I have to go Love you all and hope you are all doing well! Con amor, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 1 April 2013

1 April 2013

Hey this week has been crazy! I don't think I had a signal day that I could call a "Normal day" but it has been amazing all the same! Our host family is amazing! They are great people and are always asking us if there is anything we need. She made an Easter basket of goodies and hygiene items for us. she also got us an Easter outfit a skirt and shirt. so sweet!!!! The area here is amazing! The people here are pretty excited about the missionary work going on here! There has been so many miracles here this last week! And a lot of funny moments as well. But First my Companion Sister Worlton is amazing! She is a sweetheart and is ready to get to work! I am excited to work with her! We have met so many people this week. Members, potentials, and investigators! The Elders left some really good notes so we did not have too much of waaaa...... what are we doing??? So that was great! So we only have the car part time. We share it with the other sisters in our district. so we got to ride bikes up quite a bit of hills this weekend. It was quite the experience because most of our area is up hill. and they are steep hills. wow was I a little sore after wards. But I am pretty sure that after a few days of biking that all will be well! Besides I keep praying that I will make it up the hills so we can make it to our appointments on time so we should be good right? So I met my first pagan this week. It was rather interesting she was really sweet though but no interest. Have also knocked into a few Russian women who could not speak English (I almost spelt that the Spanish way!), and so much more that I can not remember at the moment! But It all has been great! I look forward to seeing all the miracles that are going to happen this week! Oh, About my bike, one of the members has to go down there in a few weeks to pick up their daughter and a friend up from BYU so they offered to take my bike. I can see if they can take some boxes as well. but I will need to talk with them to make sure and have everything planned out with that! Also sad story. My watch decided it was going to stop working last night. The battery died I think. so I am going to try and see what I can find. because the band was on its last legs as well. Hopefully I will find something. Oh also I am getting rid of most of my clothes. they don't fit any more so..... Yeah! Hope that all is well with you! Love you all so much! Con mucho amor, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 25 March 2013

25 March 2013

Hey how are you all doing? This week was pretty interesting. First Hermana Earl had a cold that is liking to hang on so we weren't able to go out and work as much as we would have liked. She wasn't very happy about that. Also we had our on date go off date. He had asked for more time to feel ready, and to understand better what we are teaching. Sweet man loves coming to church and reading the book of Mormon. It was just so sad to hear that he did not feel ready. but it may be for the best for him. Also last night one of the part member families that we have been working with texted us at about 10:20 last night asking for help. They had just had some people leave there house who had tried to convince them that their souls needed to be saved and they tried to have them pray in "tongues" and they left a "blessing" on them. and the whole time they just felt sick to their stomachs. and after wards the husband felt physically sick and their baby would not go near him with out screaming. So we called some of the brethren in the ward to give them blessings. we heard this morning that all is well now. the sisters will be going over later this week with some of the members to bless the home as well. It was crazy and a little frightening for them as well. But I am so glad that everything is alright now! So big news! We got our transfer calls last night And I will be going to East Wenatchee and sweeping! My New companions name is Hermana Worlton. and she is a great Missionary I am excited to work with her. SO I just got all the info about the area. we will be sweeping into an English ward and then covering the Spanish that is in that ward and the Spanish in another ward. so we have a lot of work ahead of us. So excited! Well I got to go love you all! I will write more next week Promise! Love Hermana Ziegler

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

19 March 2013

How is everything for you? This week has been great! We just got back from the temple. Sorry I meant to tell you that we were going last week! My Bad! Anyways this week has been exciting! We have one of our investigators preparing for baptism next week. and he is getting excited for that! we are also seeing daily miracles with working with the members and teaching simply and by the spirit. My Health is improving daily. which I am thankful for and I thank all of you for your prayers on my behalf. right now though my Companion is getting over a cold so I think after that is over with we will be out of the woods with sickness. At least that is what I am hoping for! We have been teaching so many people lately. right now we have twelve investigators and each of them are progressing and learning what it truly means to be follow Christ. I love being able to help them out and share with them the simpleness and the joy in following Christ. Gabriel is our investigator who is preparing for baptism for the 30th of this month. He is a very nice man. he keeps telling us that his house is ours and that he is extremely grateful for us coming by and helping him learn more about Christ. He is so eager to learn and he loves coming to Church. It is so amazing to see the light that is growing in him. The member that we have come with us just goes over randomly during the week and goes and hangs out with him and takes him places in town. It is great! So for BYUI I am on the fall winter track. but I am not sure if that is were I will be going to school or not. I haven't really applied anywhere else and it takes a lot of prayer and fasting to know these things. So we will see, but I am excited that I was accepted! So transfers are next week! It is so weird! They go by so fast. especially when you are so busy going out and doing the work! I love being here and working with these amazing people. I only hope that I will be able to keep the Language afterwards. It is amazing just how much God really does bless you when you are about his work. I love it! Oh and we are expecting a huge amount of new missionaries in our mission next week. there are 60 new missionaries coming in. 60!!!!! There are going to be a lot of trainers, and new areas for all of these new missionaries. It is going to be crazy amazing! Well I love you all and hope all is well! Oh Quick question........ How do I get my Bike down there? I do not of any members going down right now but...... um how do I get it there????? Or do I leave it here for another missionary? Well I love you all lots and for eternity!!!! con mucho amor, Hermana Zielger