Tuesday, 26 June 2012

26 June 2012

So this week has been interesting! Great at the same time. We are expecting some changes next week with our new mission President coming in on Friday. We get to meet him on Tuesday. We will miss the Palmers they have done such great things. Also look forward to meeting the new Mission Pres. and getting to know him.

Eric I do know how hard it can be. sometimes when that happens you learn such amazing things and you find the most amazing people. The Lord has prepared them. Let us go find.

Anyway the week went pretty good. We had to move our p-day to today, because we went to the TEMPLE!!!!! It was great. My companion and I went up with the Othello sisters. It was a great session. the temple is a little small but it is so beautiful and just to have a temple in our mission I feel so blessed to be able to go.

But the week was interesting. We had 17 set appointments only two came through. some were rescheduled appointments but still. It was very much a finding week. And just about every time we had a lesson fall through we found a great potential. They all seem to want to learn more about Christ, create that relationship with him and just be able to have that peace in their lives and homes. We hope that we will be able to help them in that way. We have a few we are working with that we hope to have a baptismal date soon, but we shall see. And I think we found one of the only if not the only, Black family in warden. They are so sweet. have great potential just hard to get them to set a time and then keep it. They are gone a lot and if their friends invite them to something off they go. So we shall see.

I have also determined that my talking has gotten better, but I could be a lot better than I am in lessons. just about every other time I am great. but during I seem to have the hardest time with that. even in Spanish when I know I can understand just about everything they say if not the gist. But I just can't seem to get what I want to say out of my mouth. So I am working on that. My Spanish has grown a lot since I have been.

Okay so we had an interesting 30 minute storm here the other day. we had just finished tracting the area we had wanted to. Saw some dark clouds coming in so we walked back to the church. get our coats from the car. we decide to go in for some water and use the restrooms. well we get done and it is pouring. So we race to the car. and then it starts hailing! (Marble size hail too!) We then get a call from our district leader to warn us about the storm because it had just passed over them on its way towards us. well It was very hard to hear them for all the hail pounding on the car. He said it shouldn't last very long after the hail was gone. So we still weren't sure how long it would last so we went to go try a potential. Well.... we counted to 3 ran to the door and under their awning. She wasn't there. So we ran back to the car and we were soaked! I have pictures! But it was just flooding the streets how much rain we had. well we decided to go try another potential. by the time that we got there the storm was over. and there was steam coming off the road. from how hot they were before the storm came. It was Crazy!!!!!

Okay so my companion is finishing her mission in a few weeks and before she goes I want to make her the ooey gooey bars/cookies You know the ones that I was making every week last summer. well I need the recipe though. I remember everything that goes in it but not in what order or the amounts. Some help would be great thanks!

But I love from hearing from all of you. I will see what I can do about the fast. And If I don't get a letter out this week I will next. And Mum and Daddy thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I love you both!
And I love my Siblings too.... and their little families! They are so adorable! By the way would it be possible to send the pictures smaller so I can print a few of them?
Hope all is well with you,
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ziegler

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

19 June 2012

How are things back in the home front? The week has been good. We have found taught and learned so much more.
First daily dose. So we now have 12 students. All varying from complete beginner to just need help with pronunciation and sentence structure. It was crazy. We now meet twice a week and teach them English. We as the teachers are not supposed to speak in Spanish and that is very hard when you have come to enjoy the language and want to learn and show that yes you do understand what they say! ah... but it is going great we have been told that they enjoy our classes and like us as their teachers. I just hope they enjoy the other teachers for when we pass them on. Because we only teach the first twelve lessons and then they get passed on to the daily dose couple. Hoping and praying!
So we now are teaching several people...... great news on one of them...... She came to Church!!!! With her 7-month old boy too! We had one of the women we teach come to church. She sadly had to leave right after sacrament meeting. But before she left one of the members had asked her if she enjoyed it. She said yes. They then asked if she was coming next week. She said yes!!!!! It was so exciting. We are hoping to have her on-date soon. Praying that all that we teach will come to know for themselves and desire baptism. Because we are not here to learn more about ourselves. We are here to help others come unto Christ and it is while doing so that we come to realize that we have changed we are no longer the people that we were when we came into the field. That we have made lifelong friends along the way. And we not give up the experiences that we have here for nothing. The people we taught, members we came to love, those that we helped bring to baptism. We would not change a thing. It may be hard at times, there may be times where you think Why am I here and then you come from a lesson and you say "They are why I am here" It is for their benefit that you are here not yours. And it is when we are truly in the service of our God helping our brothers and sisters that you find yourself. The hard part along the way is to remember it is not what can I get out of the day, it is who can I help get through this day.
Thinking of that has helped me not be so selfish. Still have a ways to go but when you think of who you can help that day instead of just getting through the day. You are so much happier and truly are able to find those ready. Ready to hear and listen.
So we have two families that we are now teaching. One is a family that we had taught the wife before and she had expressed interest in learning more. So we came by to invite her to church and we got in to teach another lesson and her husband was there. And he told us he wants to learn more and wants to come to church but it is a commitment. And right now he has to work on Sundays so he feels that he cannot make that commitment to go because he has to work. But he said that if he was ever able that he would which would be great because I don't think she would go without him. But with what he was saying that going to church may be the only thing holding him back from being baptized. We will have to teach more and find out for sure but we are excited for this family. The other family we we're walking by saw them outside their home and stopped to talk with them and they invited us in to "Share a Message". They weren't sure what church we were from but we shared a bit with them and we are excited to be going back. I think they may also be the only 'Black' family here. Most of them are Hispanic. But the work is going strong here. We are able to find new people every day. And to teach those who want to learn more, and to understand. We have truly come to love the people here and hope and pray that we can find those that the Lord has prepared and help along the way to come unto Christ and follow the example that he has set.

I hope that you all are doing well.

Con amor,
Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 11 June 2012

11 June 2012

Hey Family of mine how are you all? Sounds like Mum and Dad are doing great. I get snippets from them about how the rest are doing. Would be great to hear something more though! Well I bet you want to hear how the week has been! Are you sure......! Well okay!
The week has been busy. we had a few of our appointments fall through. Every time we had a member there it was a no go. which is hard. Because it makes the members not want to come out with us and makes us reluctant to call the members. But the members here are really sweet about it. And ask us to call again because they love coming out with us when they can. They are great! Well we have taught a few people who could be so ready for baptism right now but are not coming to church right now for some reason or other. so working with them on that and truly understanding what is keeping them from baptism. because with those who are super prepared there is a reason they are holding back. and it is up to us the missionaries to find it out and help them overcome it. This past week I have been working on my Spanish. trying to understand when they are speaking fast. because I can understand most of what they are saying now but, for the words i don't know. On those days I feel a little slow but I know it will get better. So trying to contribute more in the lessons. i am wanting to talk more which is great. I am liking less and less just thinking to myself and and then wanting an answer. Hello it doesn't work that way! You have to speak to be heard, and then you get an answer. so getting much better with that. Because for them to truly understand and to look at both of you for answers you need to speak. and let them know that you care for them. you care for them enough to be out here and taking yourself out of your comfort zone to teach them the gospel and the great message and blessing that it is. I feel blessed to have these experiences now when it is easier to change these stupid habits than later in life when it would be a much harder struggle. thankfully my companion is very understanding. she had similar experiences at the beginning of her mission.
Well the English Classes are going great. we have only had two but we are learning each time what we can do better to help our students learn the language. And we teach people from don't know english at all to can hold a perfect conversation as long as they (the native english speaker) is talking slow. So we are learning how to teach to all of them and help them with what they need to learn this language. We are also working with some less actives that at times you just want to shake them and say "you know what you need to be doing, why are you not doing it?" But we love them and help overcome what may be keeping them back. At least that is our hope. To help bring them back and to help them understand why this Gospel is important to them!
Oh we helped out at a funeral this past week. One of the members of the Spanish branch had her Daughter die. Which is very hard for her. and we will be going by later this week to see how we can help. but we helped serve the luncheon afterwards and about 200 people were there. but we had some recognize us because we had knocked on their door or come up and thank us for our help. It was great to see a small part of the community come together and support a friend. And of course we did some more tracting. we do have some funny moments, some okay....., and some that create potentials. it is great to see how prepared that people are to hear the Message that we share. It is also a little scary to understand how watched we are in this town. We have had a few people comment on them seeing us tracting our talking with people when we come by. We have also been in the habit of whenever we are walking to wave at everyone that drives or walks by. And when we come to their door they are more friendly and more willing to listen to what we have to say or at least are more polite at saying no thank you.
I know that being here is a great blessing and I am thankfull every day for the chance that I have to be here and have the help of my wondeful companion Hermana Haws. She is great and is helping me out so much. With the langauge, talking, and teaching the people here. It has been great being with her. We are together for one more transfer here is Warden. Sadly at the end of the transfer she will be dieing (finishing her mission). So she told me that I am a killer. Because I will be her last companion. Which is very sad but I know that she is an amazing missionary!

So the family sounds like it is doing great! It is great to hear Momma about finding those people and that they are so close. that is cool! And Daddy great to hear that your working so hard in the temple. What a great blessing that is. Well I will talk you next week.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ziegler

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

4 June 2012

So much has happened this week. It has been great! The work is slowly moving forward here in warden. So last Tuesday we taught our first English class. Only one person showed up. Only to find out later that there were two more in the parking lot but they didn't know which door to come in. And we have had people asking us about it all week. So we are hoping for a bigger class tomorrow. It has been the perfect way for the locals to meet/talk with us (the missionaries) because they can see we are normal people who just happen to have name tags and walk door to door sharing a message of Christ. I love being able to do that!

Oh before I forget about it we had a very funny moment earlier this week. So we were talking to a part member family and their dog doesn't like the sound of my hiccups. Usually he is fine because they are pretty quite. Well I had just had a really loud one and then for some reason I had started laughing. Well that just makes my hiccups worse! Well all of a sudden a feel a pull on my shirt. The Dog had tried to bite me! And then every one was laughing. I got bit by a dog because of my hiccups, it was hilarious!

Now on to the serious stuff of the week! So we have been teaching a young mother. maybe a few years older than me. But she is amazing. She wants to have her family together forever. and she wants to know the truth of the gospel of Christ. and she is so smart she gets it! She is reading the book of Mormon because she knows she needed to read in order to know if it is true. I love her! But we have also come across some great potentials.We are working with some that know they need to read and want to learn more just either, they can't read or their living situation is not the best. So we work with them as we can and strive to bring them closer every time to Christ and help them when we can.

We are also working with a lees active family that is so cute. well at least mom and the kids. we haven't met dad yet. work schedule has not made it so we can meet. but they are great. wanting to come back to church when work allows and truly desiring to know and understand the gospel.

Okay so I was bad in writing in my journal so I can't remember much more to write. (Sorry!) But Know I love you all and hope all is well.

I love seeing the pictures the kids are growing so much! not fair you know! Well also good to hear how everybody is doing even if your name is only mentioned in passing but good to hear from the family. Love you!

Hermana Ziegler