Monday, 16 April 2012

16 April 2012

So this week has been really slow. We have been doing a lot of tracting. Which is funny, because both of my companions dislike tracting. But we get to meet a lot of interesting people. One for instance we were talking with an older gentleman and Hna. Chris mentioned that My Father was Catholic. Then the man kept telling me well you know how it is! He thought I was Catholic. I just kept nodding my head and humming. It was funny, but he was really nice!

The work continues onward though we keep receiving and giving referrals. People we meet and do not live in our area and express an interest. Or people that the members have referred. We are really excited though. We have a baptism this Saturday! She is so cute to. She is 9 and insisted that we invite everyone. She had invited her whole primary class weeks ago! We also have two other on dates that are very solid. and they really desire baptism. One of them fasted for three days to know if baptism was for him! Three days! He is very serious about it. And is now praying about a date that we gave him.

So we had zone interviews with President Palmer. He told us that we are the last zone that he will be doing these interviews with. His mission is ending in the end of June. The last thing we have with him is Zone conference next transfer. Which is really sad. I will miss him and Sister Palmer. Sister Palmer is wanting to plan a Sisters p-day with all the Sisters in the Valley. Not sure who is going to still be here. We have this week and next week till the end of the transfer. Oh which reminds me. We are going to the temple next week so you won't hear from me till Tuesday.

Well all is great here. Eric I got the Planner. I love the inside! especially capt.Moroni. I am making one for you now. I think you'll like it!

Nichole I love the Umbrella! It is huge! Thank you so much! And Thank you for the Journals. they will help so much! How are the Little ones?

Mariah how is everything? Well of course your excited for Madison to get here, So am I! well send pictures when you can.

Mom it is great to hear from you as always. Sounds like Nauvoo is pretty calm right now.

Daddy that is so exciting about finding those people. Just make sure and leave some work for me to do alright?

Well I love you all and hope that all is well,

Con amor,

Hna. Ziegler

p.s. Does anyone comment on the blog or my face book page?

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