Tuesday, 29 May 2012

29 May 2012

Okay so different computer than usual and of course it has to act up!
So here I am actually writing what I am wanting to talk to my family
about today!

So the week has been great! We have been doing a lot of tracting, and
Finding. Yesterday was memorial day and we mostly tracted, not very
many people actually home. Out celebrating and having fun with their
families. But some exciting news We are going to be teaching English
classes tonight and from what we are hearing we may have to start two
classes just to hold everyone who wants to learn! It is amazing the
positive response that we have gotten from the people here. They want
to learn, some not the gospel but in this way is a way for them to get
to know the missionaries and understand that we are actual people and
we love to serve the community.

Sunday was busy! We helped them setup for a baccalaureate ( not sure if
I spelt that right) Anyway helped with that and then stayed for a few
minutes in case they needed any translation. But they didn't so we left
and tried some potentials.

Saturday was an adventure. Our ward mission leader had asked us to
visit a less active family and well it was out in the country. Where
we don't have a map. he told us the basic directions but we still got
a little lost. But while we were driving out there I started drawing
all the roads that we were driving by so in the future when we need to
find a member or go out and visit someone we would not get lost
again. (Now I am transferring that to a bigger paper) I am going to be
doing the same for where ever we go so that we can have a map of our
area! yeah! but since we did a lot of driving to find this family we had used a lot
of miles so.... We rode our bikes into town and back to our trailer.
that is 3 miles into town. and from where we were in town another 4
miles. very sore when we got back. Oh and during the ride back my bike
was doing its cow impression again.

So this week we have been busy we had a lot of set appointments and all
but 3 fell through. But we have found some great potentials! and are
looking forward to getting to know them better and hope to teach them
more about the gospel.

Great to hear from you and love you all!

Love you all!
Con Amor,
Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 21 May 2012

21 May 2012

So this week has been great! I gave a talk on Sunday. In the English ward. It was a little short but I was told that it was good so I suppose I did an okay job!

But the rest of the week has been crazy busy! So this last week we had Zone conference! It was amazing. Sadly also the last Zone conference that I will see President Palmer. He is getting ready to hand everything off to the new Mission president in the next month or so. But It was a great conference.

We talked about the importance of the Holy Ghost and understanding his role, who he is. and how important he is not only in our own lives but in the lives of our investigators. So we really went into depth about that but also not being afraid or apologetic in teaching the commandments and not waiting to teach them when we see that there is a need.

Sister Palmer taught us about the attributes of Christ then lead a discussions about how the attributes are like the roots of a tree and how developing them is not important to us but to our companion as well and different ideas on how to develop them. It was a great conference.

One thing that really stuck out to me was that President Palmer admonished us before we leave the mission to write out our goals for after and make a plan. not only for our future but how are we planning on keeping the standards that we have lived as missionaries after the mission. He said writing down these goals and plans will helps us more after the mission than just reading our mission journals but to have a plan of how we are going to keep the commandments as returned missionaries. will help not only us but our future families as well. so I really want to do this when the time gets closer right now I'll just write down what my personal standards are and how I plan to keep them.

So we have been tracking even more this week! we have been slowly getting our way through town. just about every potential we have is a former investigator. They for some reason or other stopped visiting myth the missionaries and now want to meet with us again. But we are keeping busy teaching the people that are ready to hear. and some who are truly desiring to change.

So we rode our bikes for two days this week. Let me tell you after the end of the first day my bum was sore! And then the next day my handle bar decided it wanted to imitate a cow. They went upside down on me, and then for the rest of the day they kept moving. even when I wasn't touching them! Going to ask some one to help with that and get it either tightened or put some rubber on it so it won't move. because at first it was funny, and then it became frustrating, and then.... um this is a little dangerous here! But it was fun!

Oh good story real quick. So we had set up a church tour yesterday, and we had the member there and we went by to go round up the touree. Guess what! not there was doing laundry, according to the room mate. well anyway we went back to the church and told the member. they just told us must be someone else your meant to find right now. and then invited us over later for some dessert. Well we made sure that all the lights were off and all doors were locked then we walked to an apartment complex close to the church. We knocked on a few doors to try a few potentials. we we walking on to the next building when a woman walked out of her door said hi to us. we said high back then she invited us in to talk with her. so we went in and shared the message of the restoration with her. Gave her a book of Mormon and invited her to English classes. (She is Spanish and wanted to learn English) She said yes to everything set up an appointment for tomorrow and was really excited to hear our message. And she said a prayer! Asking about what we had shared with her. What a testimony builder, when something falls through there is someone your supposed to meet at that time that would not be available at any other time. The Lord knows all things. we just need to trust and follow. We later told the Member what had happened.

It was a great week. we taught, learned, and did a lot of walking. but we are finding those who truly wish to find the path to the Saviour. He is everything and knows us best. he is our goal.

Well I hope that everyone is having a great week, thanks for the updates, and the pictures (they are adorable)
with much love,
Hermana Ziegler

PS. By the way my hiccups/squeaks are a hit here!

Monday, 14 May 2012

14 May 2012

So I know I talked to Mum and Dad yesterday! Loved that by the way! But I would like to talk about some of the things that Happened during the week.

So the week was great. We did a lot of tracting. and following up on potentials and formers. Seeing how they are doing and if they want to talk to missionaries again or begin talking to us! It is great we have found some amazing people here.

There was one man that we just invited him to church and he didn't show but he called us apologizing for not coming. we are going to try and meet with him. but he sounds amazing. but a spanish family that we are teaching right now came to church. they have been a few times before but something is holding them back from baptism. it might be marriage and it might be something totally different. not quite sure yet. but their kids are cute and have a lot of energy so it is hard to get much of a lesson in. we do try though.

We are also teaching a family that is amazing. they felt pushed before so we are taking things slow but they want so much to learn and follow Christ. But we have had some interesting experiences while tracting. some people are just how long do I have to talk to you before you will leave. others I am completely happy where I am, some I admire what you do but I have no desire to change. some see you on their porch and slam the door in your face (this one is rare) and then there are the few that are completely convinced they know what we believe and will try telling us that we worship Joseph Smith and that we Don't follow Christ. Had a man do this to us the other day. He said I am a deacon in my church and so I know what you believe, don't go around telling me you believe in God when you worship a man. Joseph Smith is a man so you worship man not God. My companion wasn't very happy with him but was being very civil and trying to explain that yes we do believe in God and we do believe Christ is our Saviour. He wouldn't listen. So I asked how his faith has helped him and his family. He loved talking about that. And then we offered our service for when ever he needs any help he is welcome to call us. He softened a little after that and we left on friendly terms as I would put it. I just felt so sad that someone is not willing to even to listen to those called to preach the word and actually know what we do believe. Nope he would rather do an ostrich.

We are starting to get to know the Members and the area really well. (I am drawing a smaller version of our map to take around with us) but it is coming. the people are seeing us out and about and rather friendly to us. they like to wave! I love waving!!!

So I went on an exchange to Quincy. That was fun! One of the sisters there is training a visa waiter. who is eventually going to argentina. But the visa waiter had the same MTC teachers that I did. How crazy is that? she had mentioned that one of them had said to look for me. And we swapped some stories about our teachers. But the whole exchange was fun and I learned just how much my spanish has grown. I helped translate back and forth for a lesson there. and Did some more tracting and getting to know people there. It was Great! Also recieved training on a pilot program that the mission president is doing. that was fun! I really hope that it works out great! And then I got to talk to Mum and Daddy. And about five minutes of Uncle Griff. But it was great, I am doing Great, and LOVING IT!

well Love you much,
Hermana Ziegler

P.s. some granola or nuts would not be remiss! yummy! (this one is just fun!)

Monday, 7 May 2012

7 May 2012

The week has gone by so fast that it is crazy. My new companion is Sister Haws and she is great! We are sweeping the area of Warden. Warden is so small it is crazy! Smaller than Nauvoo well it might be the same size not sure! But there is alot of spanish work here. about 60 percent or so of the population is hispanic. the other are all farmers or their family has lived here for years. So When I mentioned to a few of the warrd members that I am from Carthage, IL. They ask if I know Joanna Miller. I say yes. They are her cousins! And most of the english ward is related in some way or another. It is really crazy. But this past week has been great. The people here are great! The Members are amazing, and the work is going to be slow at first but we will be working our hardest to find those who have been prepared in this small town. So things about warden. Well..... Only a few of the streets are actually paved. They have only stop signs and a caution light. There is a potato factory! Alot of trailers, and one ice cream van that plays a jingle that just can not be described to give it justice. But it is hilarious! Oh and the only time that you can get lost is if you are trying to find the members who live out on the farms. I LOVE IT!

There is so much work to be done and alot of walking and bike riding to save miles involved. But this week has been great. We came here with just the area books and the ward list. But we are doing great finding potentials and those who truly want to hear more about the gospel and the peace it will bring into their lives. I am learning the importance of talking more. I lost my planner again. Not very happy about it. Kept saying how from now on I should tie it to my wrist. (or just put pockets into everything) But I am looking for it and hoping to find it. The place where we are living we inherited a pet. we are not supposed to have pets but apparently the cat had just had her kittens and they did not want to move her yet. so the owners just asked us to feed it every night. Only thing is that it likes to leave dead presents on the door step every now and then. Yeah not liking that. We call it "I kill mouse and leave it on your doorstep" or "Ikila de mouse" we are not very fond of it! It is quite interesting. Well there will be many tales to tell later about this area. Because It is going to be an amazing area! Oh hey I got some news this morning. Agustin got baptized!!! And after his confirmation he bore his testimony! I am so proud of him. He is amazing! Wish I could have been there but I am where I am supposed to be right now and I am enjoying every minute of it!

With love,
Hermana Ziegler