Monday, 12 November 2012

12 November 2012

Sorry about the short e-mail last week. we were at the temple and only had a short time before we were supposed to be leaving. We though we would be back in time to e-mail to our families more and write to our mission president. But we got back to late and the library was closed. So sorry about how short it was. But I will write about last week and this week if that is alright. First last week was great and interesting. We had some great lessons, but not very many people who are actually progressing. We also got a call Monday morning telling us that a sister in the mission had to leave on medical leave from the mission and that Sister Probst would go take her place and that I would become senior and my new companion would be Sister Mierow. That was the beginning of a very interesting day. We went to knock on a farm house and they had a Dog that was barking its head off and acting like it was going to attack Sister Probst so I called it and started playing with it. well..... It decided that my arm and sweater would be a great toy. so it proceeded to drag me around the yard like a rag doll. My hat fell over my eyes so I was being pulled around, couldn't see, and my companion was trying to get the dog to let go of my sweater. It finally did but that arm of the sweater is now two inches longer than the other. We then knocked into a very high person and that was an interesting close to the night. This week, has been interesting. Being senior is a little different. it does not make you more than your companion ,but you get to drive and there is a bit more responsibility on your shoulders that just can not be explained. it is just felt. But I have felt that I need to be stronger and that during this time I will be able to grow stronger not only in my faith but also in my testimony. The area is growing but a lot slower than we would like. But it will get there and then it will boom!!!! With much love, Hermana Zielger Would write more but do have a time limit!

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