Monday, 10 September 2012

1 Sept. 2012

Leavenworth is amazing, we hike mountains daily to contact people and invite them to learn more about Christ. It is so amazing here. There was a big lightning storm the other day and in Wenatchee there are a few canyons on fire from lightning strikes. Leavenworth was just passed by. the storm barley even came close. The ward here is great. I have been here only a week yet the people have made me feel so welcomed.

The work here is a little slow. in part because people are so far apart it is a mountain community. and we cover the little towns surrounding Leavenworth as well. But it is amazing. The people are great and I am learning so much with Hermana Probst already. She is an amazing missionary. and very patient. Because I tend to interrupt because I am never sure when someone is done speaking. I am learning though.

The trip up here was Long..... from Othello it was a good 3 hour drive or so. really I don't remember. just that I had wanted to get out of the car and get to work by the end of it.

We taught the young woman about missionary work. the preparation it takes, the how, and the why. It was so much fun, and they loved it! We have amazing recent converts here and teaching them the new members lesson has been a blast. They are amazing!

Did a Spanish Church tour. it was good but felt so out of it. with only understanding half of what was said and not knowing all the words to say what I want. was so ....hmmm.... interesting. I know what my language study for the week will be!

Then this week went on exchanges. that was fun! Got to learn more about what we should know as missionaries and how to better teach by the Spirit. It is so key to have that in our teaching that sometimes we forget about it, sadly. But it is how they truly feel for themselves that this is a message from God. And that we are there as guides for them to come unto Christ and repent and be filled with that spirit that they feel when we are there teaching. The sister I went on exchange with left me a surprise note in my journal. saying how much she admires me and just seeing how much I have grown in the mission. she was so sweet and went on to say more but it is my note so.......

Had a ward party. it was a potluck. felt like I was going to explode afterwards. ate too much sugar again. seriously it is way to easy to do that! On Sunday we had ward conference and it was amazing. the whole thing seemed to be focused on missionary work. and the stake president mentioned several times to the ward that they were lucky to have us because of the shortage of missionaries in the mission. But it was so exciting to feel the excitement for missionary work and just going out there and inviting people to learn more about what a blessing this is and can be for them. So excited to be here and find those ready to here the Gospel.

Great to hear from home. don't remember all your questions hope they were answered! Know I love you all and hope all is well,
Hermana Ziegler

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