Monday, 2 July 2012

2 July, 2012

Sounds very hot over there! But it is also hot here though as my companion put it the weather is very bipolar here. So of coarse with it changing from extreme heat to brr... where's my jacket cold I have a slight cold right now! Yeah!!!!!! Not! But any way this week has been good. We have had the chance to teach many great people. some we want to work with some more before we get to excited about them. others are doing great. progressing slowly but getting there. I can't believe that june is already over. it has gone by way to fast. How crazy! We get to meet our new mission president tomorrow. excited about that!
Well Sometimes I am really not sure what to write you about. yes the week was great but nothing really sticks out in my mind to write about. Well here goes then. Right now we are teaching a woman who has been taught by the missionaries since 1983. so she "Knows" all the rules. but not the "Why". So we have been trying to teach her the lessons in a different way to help her see the why of the gospel. and how much it truly is a blessing to have in our lives. She has gone through alot in her life. but understanding why we do things and the blessings that come truly help. so we have started using general conference talks to teach the why and the lessons. hoping to help her develop that faith that she needs in life. Asked Daisy (a young mom) if she understood why we leave her scriptures to read. she said; "To help me understand and know God. So that I can be closer to God." Yes! I felt like giving her a huge hug. That is one of the things we try to get them to understand when we leave them scriptures to read. we don't do it because we just want you to read. we want to help that relationship with God to grow stronger through scripture reading and prayer. Sadly that is also one of the hardest for them to understand at times. English classes are going great. truly noticing that it is hard to teach your native language. because you are so used to using words a certain way that you don't think of the why am I using this word this way and not another. or why use this word and not this one? What does ....... mean? It truly has made me appreciate learning Spanish so much more. because I now know how to use my native language better and why I am using it a certain way to a certain extent.
Went on exchanges this past week. that was fun! Hna. Driggs came out her to warden with me and we tried people for most of the time but we invited and invited. I truly learned the importance of inviting people to act, to invite. that is part of our purpose as missionaries is to invite people to come unto Christ. How great is it that we get to have the privilege of invite people to come to Christ.
I hope all is well with you, I hope that all will go well with pageant coming. Write me as you can! And I will try to write more.
Happy 4th of July! (Independence Day!!!)
Love you all,
Hermana Zielger

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