Monday, 25 March 2013

25 March 2013

Hey how are you all doing? This week was pretty interesting. First Hermana Earl had a cold that is liking to hang on so we weren't able to go out and work as much as we would have liked. She wasn't very happy about that. Also we had our on date go off date. He had asked for more time to feel ready, and to understand better what we are teaching. Sweet man loves coming to church and reading the book of Mormon. It was just so sad to hear that he did not feel ready. but it may be for the best for him. Also last night one of the part member families that we have been working with texted us at about 10:20 last night asking for help. They had just had some people leave there house who had tried to convince them that their souls needed to be saved and they tried to have them pray in "tongues" and they left a "blessing" on them. and the whole time they just felt sick to their stomachs. and after wards the husband felt physically sick and their baby would not go near him with out screaming. So we called some of the brethren in the ward to give them blessings. we heard this morning that all is well now. the sisters will be going over later this week with some of the members to bless the home as well. It was crazy and a little frightening for them as well. But I am so glad that everything is alright now! So big news! We got our transfer calls last night And I will be going to East Wenatchee and sweeping! My New companions name is Hermana Worlton. and she is a great Missionary I am excited to work with her. SO I just got all the info about the area. we will be sweeping into an English ward and then covering the Spanish that is in that ward and the Spanish in another ward. so we have a lot of work ahead of us. So excited! Well I got to go love you all! I will write more next week Promise! Love Hermana Ziegler

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

19 March 2013

How is everything for you? This week has been great! We just got back from the temple. Sorry I meant to tell you that we were going last week! My Bad! Anyways this week has been exciting! We have one of our investigators preparing for baptism next week. and he is getting excited for that! we are also seeing daily miracles with working with the members and teaching simply and by the spirit. My Health is improving daily. which I am thankful for and I thank all of you for your prayers on my behalf. right now though my Companion is getting over a cold so I think after that is over with we will be out of the woods with sickness. At least that is what I am hoping for! We have been teaching so many people lately. right now we have twelve investigators and each of them are progressing and learning what it truly means to be follow Christ. I love being able to help them out and share with them the simpleness and the joy in following Christ. Gabriel is our investigator who is preparing for baptism for the 30th of this month. He is a very nice man. he keeps telling us that his house is ours and that he is extremely grateful for us coming by and helping him learn more about Christ. He is so eager to learn and he loves coming to Church. It is so amazing to see the light that is growing in him. The member that we have come with us just goes over randomly during the week and goes and hangs out with him and takes him places in town. It is great! So for BYUI I am on the fall winter track. but I am not sure if that is were I will be going to school or not. I haven't really applied anywhere else and it takes a lot of prayer and fasting to know these things. So we will see, but I am excited that I was accepted! So transfers are next week! It is so weird! They go by so fast. especially when you are so busy going out and doing the work! I love being here and working with these amazing people. I only hope that I will be able to keep the Language afterwards. It is amazing just how much God really does bless you when you are about his work. I love it! Oh and we are expecting a huge amount of new missionaries in our mission next week. there are 60 new missionaries coming in. 60!!!!! There are going to be a lot of trainers, and new areas for all of these new missionaries. It is going to be crazy amazing! Well I love you all and hope all is well! Oh Quick question........ How do I get my Bike down there? I do not of any members going down right now but...... um how do I get it there????? Or do I leave it here for another missionary? Well I love you all lots and for eternity!!!! con mucho amor, Hermana Zielger

Monday, 11 March 2013

11 March 2013

So this week has been great! I found out that I had had a viral infection. Not fun by the way but I am now all better! Yeah!!!!!! I can go out and do the work again. Being stuck in the apartment because of high fevers and sickness is not all that fun. you learn a lot though. I really did learn more of what it means to rely on the Lord. When you are praying all day everyday just to get a fever down it really does change you. I feel now that my vision is more clear and that I am more able to understand all that God wants of me. It was quite the learning experience. We then had interviews with President Mullen this last week. He is a great man. I felt so great about what I have been doing despite all the pain and health problems that I have had as of late. I know that I have been having them for a reason but I will only truly know why later on in my life. But The work here is going great. Like all missionaries we have our good days and our bad but each lesson we have is getting better and better. and we are teaching more and more in unity. our concern for the people we teach and the Love that both Sister Earl and I have for them is growing together. It is truly amazing. We are teaching so many people that they are growing so much in the gospel it is amazing to see their growth. one of our investigators was at church yesterday and he was loving it. It was so great to see the joy that was on his face while we were learning about the scriptures and how important that they are. I love doing this work. Well I love you all and hope all is well with you and your families! Oh also before I forget. They have a new e-mailing policy for missionaries. we are now allowed to e-mail family and friends. So if you know of anyone who wants to e-mail me just give them my e-mail and I can answer back! Well Love you all! Hermana Ziegler PS did you get the e-mail about the book of Mormon quest? By the way I was accepted to BYUI

Monday, 4 March 2013

4 March 2013

So for the last few days I have been having quite the fight with a high fever. it got up to a 102 which is no fun but need to get it out of the system somehow right. So this week has been pretty crazy. every week my companion and I get closer and closer to understanding one another. which is great! we had an amazing Zone Conference. I got to bare my testimony at the end. it was so crazy I kept thinking that it was still forever away. But I am still shocked everyday by just how quickly time passes by. I have so much to do and so many people to teach. now if only my Body would get back to full health I would be set to go! I know I have my down days but I am going to seriously take to heart what Eric sent me and search for the reason I am still here. Because I know there is a reason. and I do promise that I will write more next week. I still have a slight fever so not able to write as fast as I usually do! I Love you and hope that all is well! Love, Hermana Ziegler p.s. 2 nephi 33:6 is a simple scripture of why we share the gospel. because it only thru Christ that we may have salvation.