Tuesday, 24 April 2012

24 April 2012

So yesterday I got really sun burnt. Ouch! I am now going to get some
sunscreen, and aloe Vera. I hope that it will help!

So Much has happened this week. The Baptism went great. She was confirmed the next
day and is very happy to now be a member. She is also hoping to help her father come back to church. We shall see how it goes. I can see her doing it! She is feisty if not a little bit bossy.

We have taught a few people this week that are just so ready to hear the word and come to church. For example we are teaching one Spanish family and the mother said that they had all been ready to go to church, they were excited to go, and on the way out the door. When everything just fell apart. Tempers came out,the 2 yr-old threw a fit. It all just went wrong and they ended up not coming. She then asked us
that was Diablo (Satan) wasn't it? We told her yes. I was a little sad because I did not share as much as I had wanted in the lesson. The 2 yr-old girl decided that I was the perfect playmate. And my face ended up being stickered. My face was covered in stickers. Next time I am bringing a coloring book!

We also taught the daughter of a recent convert and her family. They
have been so well prepared.

Sadly we have also been dropped by a few people. Some because they
are going out of town for work. Or they feel that they are not ready
for the gospel in their lives. We get so sad when this happens. We
have come to love these people and are sad when they choose to not
have this wonderful message in their lives.

Love you all and hope all is well!
Con amor,
Hna. Ziegler

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