Monday, 30 April 2012

30 April 2012

SO last night we got our transfer calls. The news of who would be staying and who is being transfered. So......I Am being transfered. I get to sweep into an Elders area with a new companion. Hna. Haws (I think that is how it is spelt) But I am so excited. The place is called Warden. and from what my companions and Zone leader have told me that it is a small town and that I will love it! It is on the west side of the mission. So Tomorrow I will be riding the transfer van. So many new experiences So Excited!!!!

Anyway, Today we helped "Fear Bust" the new Sisters. Some of them are visa waiters. They are waiting to go on to Argentina but their Visas need to go through. They look like an amazing group. Hna. Christoffersen will be training one of them along with staying with Hna. Ruiz in the Valley area. It is all so exciting, and a little daunting. I still have to finish packing! Yikes!

But it is all going great. This last week was crazy. So We had a temple sister (a temple square sister) go back and her companion needed someone for the day so off went Hna. Christoffersen. Then we had an exchange planned so off went Hna. Ruiz . Then it was me and another Temple square sister. So we had one thing after another cancel on us and I was driving. (Yes I was driving!) But we had a member cancel on us to go on a church tour with an investigator. So while we waited for the investigator to show up we called I think half the ward. It was crazy, because we needed a 3rd sister. The investigator was male. And the rules are teach a man we need 3 sisters present. It could be his wife, sister, cousin, a member, just need 3 woman there. So He finally showed up 30 minutes late with his cousin who is a member and she was the one that had introduced him to us. Well to continue on... the Church tour went great. He understood everything, we taught the restoration, and he excepted a baptism date for june 9th. He came to church yesterday and stayed for all 3 hours! He was invited over to dinner by some of the Members and they all loved him. One of them mentioned that is he had not known that He was an investigator he would of thought that he was a visiting member.

Such amazing miracles happen out here. Some are so prepared that it is simply amazing. Others take awhile to know that this is the true church. I am a little sad that I will be missing the batism this Saturday. Agustin is so amazing! He is so ready and wanted all of us to be there, but he is going to be so excited. Pres. Palmer is going to be attending his baptism. That is how special he is. He has been home courted at the Palmers many times and they just love him. We had gone by their house one day and they had asked after him. We had no Idea who they were talking about. But we thought since they asked that we should look for him. Well it wasn't till after zone confrence that we found him. At a branch party that his member roomate had invited him too. And since then we have been teaching him and he has been so receptive and ready to hear and change. I am so excited for his baptism, and he is really excited as well.

Oh so funny story- While I was with the temple square sister we meet with a less active family. And were lucky enough to catch the oldest son who is never there, actually there! Yes! Well we talked to him about why he did not come to church and he said that it was his only day off and it was right in-between his golf time "tee time". Are you kidding me really just because you want to golf! Seriously! Well we then invited him to attend sacrament meeting and then he said that he would have to start his game later. and it would be dark. then the temple sister asked in her russian accent "What are you girl? Are you afriad that you are going to be attacked or something?" I couldn't believe that she said that. But he just laughed! I was a little shocked but I couldn't help but laugh later!

So the week has been great and I look forward to meeting my new companion and sweeping the new area! That is going to be an adventure, I do love a good adventure!

So family-

Mariah, I love you. Madison is so cute! Daddy sent some pictures she is adorable. When she is going to be blessed are you going to write the Blessing? (Hey was that done for me? If so I would like a copy of that!) Reason I ask is that we did that for our baptism last week when she was confirmed. And she really enjoyed knowing what was promised her in the blessing.

Nichole- I also got a family picture from Daddy. They are getting so big! Wow! I won't recognize them when I get back. Love you as always!

Eric- Any tips on sweeping? Or excersise?

Mommy- Found out that I may be able to skype for mothers day. What is your address?

Daddy- I did get the pics and I love them! Also I love your Idea. It is great hearing from you. I love you!

Con amor,

te quiero y te carino

Hermana Ziegler

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