Monday, 23 July 2012

23 July 2012

So transfer calls were last night and I got a shock. My area is being combined with another for this transfer! Both of us are feeling that it is allot of trust on our mission president and the Lord to trust us with this.

So do you want to hear who my Companion is............. (to be said in loud announcing voice!) Hermana Collins!!!! One of my MTC companions!!! It is going to be great! She is an amazing missionary.

Well I am sad that I was Hermana Haws last companion but it was great, She taught me so much about missionary work. To tell the people that you love them and just love the work and work hard. It was great being with her and I thank her for everything!

This past week has been great and amazing though! We have found people just waiting to find the gospel and started working with them. also had one of our English class students come up to us and ask about church and what we learn in Sunday school. they also asked for a book of Mormon. It was amazing!

We truly learned just how much the members have come to trust us. They have given us people to go see and visit our help out with things that they wouldn't have before. it has been amazing and great!

There just has been amazing growth in these last few weeks and it will continue and one day burst to the brimming. I truly feel blessed to be apart of the work that is going on here. I am learning so much too. just for example how much the saviour truly does love us and he wants us to know and feel just how important we are as individuals to him and what we have in his plan. What a great blessing it is to share that with every one we teach. oh it is great! Tambien es muy especial a sabe que usted ayudar un persona a venir a cristo y seguir el ejemplo de El. Sorry but sometimes it just feels better to say it in Spanish but here is what I said. "Also it is very special that you help a person to come unto Christ and follow the example of him."

Great to hear from you all and Mariah I realize that you are busy and thank you for thinking of me every now and then. I love you! Nichole you and your family looked great in the pageant pictures Daddy sent. Momma Love you and.... My Birthday is coming up!!!! I don't have a wish list but, some nylons/tight would be great! And some b-day cards! I like B- day Cards! Daddy thank you and I love you very much! Eric que paso? Porque yo no escucho de ti? I'm almost ready to send you a little package so if you could send me the address for that, that would be amazing! Love ya!

I love you all and it is great to hear how things are from home! Thank you and love you all!

Thank you so much I love you!
Con carino,
Hermana Ziegler

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