Monday, 11 June 2012

11 June 2012

Hey Family of mine how are you all? Sounds like Mum and Dad are doing great. I get snippets from them about how the rest are doing. Would be great to hear something more though! Well I bet you want to hear how the week has been! Are you sure......! Well okay!
The week has been busy. we had a few of our appointments fall through. Every time we had a member there it was a no go. which is hard. Because it makes the members not want to come out with us and makes us reluctant to call the members. But the members here are really sweet about it. And ask us to call again because they love coming out with us when they can. They are great! Well we have taught a few people who could be so ready for baptism right now but are not coming to church right now for some reason or other. so working with them on that and truly understanding what is keeping them from baptism. because with those who are super prepared there is a reason they are holding back. and it is up to us the missionaries to find it out and help them overcome it. This past week I have been working on my Spanish. trying to understand when they are speaking fast. because I can understand most of what they are saying now but, for the words i don't know. On those days I feel a little slow but I know it will get better. So trying to contribute more in the lessons. i am wanting to talk more which is great. I am liking less and less just thinking to myself and and then wanting an answer. Hello it doesn't work that way! You have to speak to be heard, and then you get an answer. so getting much better with that. Because for them to truly understand and to look at both of you for answers you need to speak. and let them know that you care for them. you care for them enough to be out here and taking yourself out of your comfort zone to teach them the gospel and the great message and blessing that it is. I feel blessed to have these experiences now when it is easier to change these stupid habits than later in life when it would be a much harder struggle. thankfully my companion is very understanding. she had similar experiences at the beginning of her mission.
Well the English Classes are going great. we have only had two but we are learning each time what we can do better to help our students learn the language. And we teach people from don't know english at all to can hold a perfect conversation as long as they (the native english speaker) is talking slow. So we are learning how to teach to all of them and help them with what they need to learn this language. We are also working with some less actives that at times you just want to shake them and say "you know what you need to be doing, why are you not doing it?" But we love them and help overcome what may be keeping them back. At least that is our hope. To help bring them back and to help them understand why this Gospel is important to them!
Oh we helped out at a funeral this past week. One of the members of the Spanish branch had her Daughter die. Which is very hard for her. and we will be going by later this week to see how we can help. but we helped serve the luncheon afterwards and about 200 people were there. but we had some recognize us because we had knocked on their door or come up and thank us for our help. It was great to see a small part of the community come together and support a friend. And of course we did some more tracting. we do have some funny moments, some okay....., and some that create potentials. it is great to see how prepared that people are to hear the Message that we share. It is also a little scary to understand how watched we are in this town. We have had a few people comment on them seeing us tracting our talking with people when we come by. We have also been in the habit of whenever we are walking to wave at everyone that drives or walks by. And when we come to their door they are more friendly and more willing to listen to what we have to say or at least are more polite at saying no thank you.
I know that being here is a great blessing and I am thankfull every day for the chance that I have to be here and have the help of my wondeful companion Hermana Haws. She is great and is helping me out so much. With the langauge, talking, and teaching the people here. It has been great being with her. We are together for one more transfer here is Warden. Sadly at the end of the transfer she will be dieing (finishing her mission). So she told me that I am a killer. Because I will be her last companion. Which is very sad but I know that she is an amazing missionary!

So the family sounds like it is doing great! It is great to hear Momma about finding those people and that they are so close. that is cool! And Daddy great to hear that your working so hard in the temple. What a great blessing that is. Well I will talk you next week.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ziegler

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