Monday, 25 February 2013

25 February 2013

So this week has been great! We have had so many more miracles it has been great! We are teaching a man right now that is just so hungry for the Gospel. He is so excited for when we are coming over and to learn more about the gospel. We have an appointment tomorrow with him and a couple in the ward is going to be coming with us. So excited for that. We are also meeting more and more people every day who are wanting to learn more about the gospel and to hear the message we share. So exciting! We are also having more and more of the members coming out with us. in fact one of the sisters in the ward has asked if she could come out with us once a week for an hour on the same day every week. She loves coming out with us. also one of our investigators invited a member to come and be part of the lessons we are having with her. So excited this area is growing so much. We are going to be having a baptism soon I know it! Well Sister Earl is such a sweet heart. She is so great! Sometimes I wonder who is training who. and I love it! But I love you all and hope that all is well. It is great to hear how you all are doing. and all the fun changes of life. this literally feels like my life right now and I am loving every moment and how I can learn and teach about my Savior and all that he has done for each and every one of us. Well I love you all and hope that all is well! Nichole- I would love to see a picture of Jessica's baptism! Well love you and hope that all is well, les quiero, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 18 February 2013

18 February 2013

So this week has been just as interesting as they all have been the Last few weeks. The week here has been amazing though. We weren't able to teach as many people as we had wanted but every lesson we did have was quality and they are progressing. It truly is amazing. We have a new investigator who we believe is of indigenous descent from Mexico. He kept putting some words in that I could tell were not Spanish. It was crazy. But he loves the book of Mormon. He can't read all that well but he is trying and says that he actually understands what he is reading. He is so excited to be learning more about what we share and how he can come closer to God. He was also truly a miracle find. So excited for him!!! We had a fireside last night that we did for the youth. Not many of them were there, but you could certainly feel the spirit. We had a member of the ward speak. he had recently just returned from his own mission, and one of the high council men. It was amazing! One of our investigators showed up about halfway through it too. And she Loved it! The whole thing was about the spirit and how important it is to let the spirit into our lives and how we recognize it! I loved it! I spoke at it as well. I was the first speaker I don't know why I put myself first when I know I still get a bit nervous when speaking in settings like that. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though. So that is good. Also I have no Idea how I keep changing the type style! A little weird but whatever! We had our transfer calls last night! Sister Earl and I will be staying together in Warden. It is going to be an amazing transfer! We are going to have miracles! and My health will be figured out! Well I love you all and hope that everything is going amazing and that all is well! Love you bunches! Con mucho amor, Hermana Zielger

Monday, 11 February 2013

11 February 2013

The work here has been great! We are going to be having a fireside this coming Sunday for the youth on teaching by the spirit. We are excited for that. because the youth here have a lot more power in the community than they realize. And they are just amazing youth. I love them. We had taught seminary this last week on repentance and forgiveness. It was great! They really are amazing youth! But man Our investigators.... No on dates at the moment. But all of the investigators we are working with are great and progressing so much it is amazing. we have been having daily miracles everyday. I was able to stay out the whole day yesterday for the first time in two weeks. I loved it! It truly is amazing what happens when you put your trust in the Lord and everything just turns out amazing! Well we got to go, Love you, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 4 February 2013

4 February 2013

My Heath has been good some days and not so great the other days. But I am able to do as much as I can and we are still teaching and helping people come to the knowledge of Christ. The Lord is blessings us with daily miracles. We had an investigator that is a young man (teenager) and we taught him the message of the restoration and he accepted a baptismal date. He was so excited to hear what we have to share. He is just hungering for it! We are also teaching a woman who is going thru a hard time with her family. She is earnestly seeking for the love of God in her life. I feel so privileged to be a part of this work. I feel God's love with me everyday. And that he is helping me to do this work despite how I may be feeling. I love being a missionary! My Companion is a sweet heart. She has been sweet in helping me understand all the medical terms the doctors have been using and I just go blank face and think "ummmmm....... what was that again? never heard that word before!' But She is also an amazing missionary. She teaches so simply it is amazing! By the way Eric my companion wants to know if she can write you. apparently I make you sound cool or something! well I gotta to write pres. Mullen hope you are doing well and that everything is amazing! Love you all! Con mucho amor, Les quiero, Hermana Ziegler

21 january 2013

Hey how are you all doing! I haven't really heard from anyone this week! What is up? Well this past week was pretty good. Well except I am still having problems with my health but besides that everything is great! Went to a leadership training this last week and learned so much! Wow it was amazing! We learned how to teach more simply how to use our area books effectively and how to plan more effective and work together as companionship. it was amazing. poor sister earl thought and to stay in Moses with two other new sisters and work in that area for the day. she was a trooper though and said that it was mostly her speaking through out the day. her Spanish was the best out of all three of them. It has been interesting being a trainer there is so much that you take for granted being a missionary that you forget what it was like being new to the field and just how new everything was. So I have been learning about patience this last week! and realizing just how much Spanish I know! Wow! it is quite different taking the lead in a lesson in your second language and being confident in what you are saying and completely understanding what they are saying. (If they don't use any weird words!) But it has been a great learning experience. and she has been so sweet and wanting to help me with my health. I will be have an ultra sound of my gall bladder sometime soon to hopefully get an answer. Yeah!!!! Not really! But it has been amazing to see all the miracles that have been happening here. we are teaching more and more families and they are wanting to learn more about Christ and God and also they are wanting to understand and accept that they will be baptized once they know that what we are sharing is true! It is so exciting. Well I love you all and hope that Everything is going well for all of you! les quiero, Hermana Zielger

28 January 2013

Hello my Family! So you have undoubtedly heard about my ER visit which was not fun by the way. I was loopy the entire time. I apparently get very loopy when I am in a lot of pain. I have not felt fell the last few days. I am a little better today but not quite there yet. My Poor companion is getting a little stir crazy and wants to get out and go to work which I understand but first I have to be feeling well enough to do it! I have been learning so much patience these last few days. because I want to be out teaching just as much as she does but, my body won't let me. grrr......... Anyway. we are seeing the daily miracles here. there are so many people who want to learn more about God and just how much he loves them and how they can follow him even more than they already are.! Sorry about the short e-mail but with trying to get my Apps in I don't have much time. I'll write more next week promise!!! Love you bunches, Con amor, Hermana Ziegler