Monday, 9 April 2012

9 April 2012

So Life has been busy. This week has not been as great (sadly)! But we are hanging in there. So we had a few people drop us. And almost all of them were not there in person to do so. One of them we got a weird/nice/interesting letter asking us to not come by anymore. Another had moved and we found out through his roommate that he was in another state. One nobody knows where they are. etc...... it has been weird and saddening. We truly only wish to help others on their way to Christ. But we are still going strong.

Right now we are working with four people who are truly desiring baptism two of them are on date one of them needs to pick out a date the other is praying about baptism. They all have grown so much since our first visit with them. One of them that we are teaching watches the BYU Channel and even ordered their program booklet. So funny! We are having our next appointment with them with the Bishop and truly hope that all goes well with that. Well we have a for sure baptism on the 21st and their whole family is planning on being there for support. It will be great. We are making invitations this week so that can invite all who want to come.

So it is great to hear that all is well. That the Family is being blessed. And mother I have already met the Sister. I met her at Sisters Training. A very sweet girl. I will have to remember to say Hi from Sister Miller next time.

Okay so my Companions get giggle fits every time I talk about growing up in a small town. They love that someone still has have had the experiences they only read about. They really got to Laughing when we were talking about growing up on a farm with one of our investigators. I mentioned having to milk the cow. He got a really sad face and said he was never allowed to milk the cow. They really started laughing about that because he was so disappointed and that we both had those similar experiences. (They are both city girls) But they love hearing about it and are amazed that someone could live on a farm in the middle of nowhere will no real modern commodities.

Oh so I got the "privilege of eating Saviche again" But this time with shrimp, crab, mussel and octopus. It was so gross. I felt queasy after wards. And I had a hard time getting it down. Way too much fish for my taste, thank you! I don't like fish but have a hard time eating it too. If it had been shrimp and salmon I would have been fine. But I ate because it was given to me and they took the time to make it. My companions thought that it was great, and really good. Yeah no not for me!

Oh went on an exchange last Tuesday. And it was a lot of fun. Mostly did allot of tracting in the other sisters area. But I talked allot. And it was so much fun just meeting people and talking about how their faith in Christ has helped through their life and how they can become even closer to him with the gospel. It was allot of fun and I got to learn so much. And I am still bad with time but I can now feel the passage of time. Which is a big plus so I know when I am taking longer than I should.

Oh awkward story-

So we are teaching allot of divorced, less-active men. Anyway anytime we talk to one of them he asks about the beautiful Ladies and how we are doing. And that is awkward enough. But then we had an appointment with one and luckily we brought our sole ward missionary. Well anyway. We walk into the door and look at the table where we usually meet and teach. Well there is a lit candle, red table cloth a dish of candies, cheese and crackers, four plates, and some sort of drink on the table. We were a little shocked and feeling a little awkward. Till we found out that it had been his mother who had set it all up. But it still felt awkward. Why oh why??????

We unfortunately get that allot. Especially with the older single men we teach. We do try and get them to go to the single activities though. Oh well. But it is time for me to write president.

Hope and pray all is well,

Con Amor,

Hna. Ziegler

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