Wednesday, 28 December 2011

28 December 2011

How was your Christmas? Mine was amazing as you have read in my previous e-mail. I am again using the sticking keyboard sorry for that.

First off today I have a new district I am in the same zone but I am the only one left in my district so I went with a new one. I am sad that The Elders have gone they have become some of my closest friends. It is strange how being with someone everyday all day for 9 weeks does to you.

Okay so my new mailbox number is 213... Send any more mail that way. If you have already sent it don't worry I will still get it!

So the New sisters in the district are sweethearts. Hermana Buchanan is funny and loves to joke around and do 'impressions' she is allot of laughs. Hermana Eyestone is an absolute sweety. Shorter than me but full of spunk. Hermana Petersen is amazing and is just all around sweet.

I know I am not talking about much. But the days here seem to bleed into the next. A strange sensation but true none the less.

So what does Thomas look like I am yet to receive a picture. I got your card the yesterday Mum and Daddy. I loved it! And Nichole thank you again for the package.

How is work going for you Mamma? And How is Ziggie's?

Nauvoo seems like a distant memories now. I know that I am not the same person I was when I left. I am not shy anymore. and love teaching others about the gospel. there are few times that I am not wanting to talk. Surprisingly I have actually lost weight while here. I love the exerciser program they have here. I plan on continuing it through my mission and life. I feel so much healthier now.

I have gained so many friendships here, some are harder to see leave than others but it is so much fun.

Okay I am not talking about much. Oh by the way my hiccups are still an issue big surprise there. But I am going to make notice of when I have issues because of my medication and do as much as I can on my own. I HATE MEDICATION!!! Okay hate is a strong word but I greatly dislike it.

Well I am going to go love you much and wish you well!
Hna. Ziegler

Sunday, 25 December 2011

25 December 2011

So today has been amazing. We have had an amazing morning. We got to watch the Mormon tabernacle choir on their Christmas morning music and the spoken word. It was so pretty. Then we had an MTC wide sacrament meeting. Wow! I will just say Wow! The spirit was so strong during that meeting. I am sorry to admit but due to my medication I slept through the first talk. What I did hear of it It sounded amazing. Guess who the main speaker was? David A. Bednar came and spoke to us. What an amazing talk. He talked to us of being converted to God and Jesus Christ ans the importance of doing so; not just having a testimony of it. He expounded on that by telling us we needed to strive to have the character of Christ. Of putting off the natural man and looking outward always and not inward as the cookie monster and Say constantly I want cookie and I want cookie now! THAT IS NOT THE POINT! We are to strive to serve our fellow man and by doing so we find ourselves quite by accident.
It was an amazing talk I don't have my 'small plates' with me otherwise I would share more.

I loved last night,the Christmas eve program went like this-
We had a nativity play with the scriptures in Luke being read by elders and it being acted out. Was funny to see how some of the Elders were dressed up for it!

After we got to watch a Christmas Carol. Okay so My hiccups were perfectly timed during that. Right before Jacob Marley shows up in Ebenezer bed-room it was very intense feeling right. Well I hiccuped very loudly and several of the people sitting next to me including Elder Pimentel! He jumped so high it was funny! Told not to do that I scared him. Then it happened a few more times in the intense parts of the movie. And No I can not do these on purpose! But it was funny.

After wards in the residence hall. I went around and gave almost all of the sisters a hug ! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Nichole I loved receiving your package! did the girls pick out some of it? I loved the Princess nails. and Cranky is hilarious!!! If Mum and Daddy sent me a package I have not received it yet. And Mariah sent me an early one! I also got a package from Alyssa I loved it!

I needed another Journal mine is about half way full and I am not yet out of the MTC! Wow allot is happening in my life. I have changed so much. I am much more open now! As a Solo sister in the MTC it is interesting! We got new sisters in the Zone on wed. Their names are Hna. Eyestone, Hna. Peterson, Hna. Buchanan. They are absolute sweet hearts! I love them! So I am sad. Elders Sanchez, Pimentel, and Miller leave on Tuesday but I plan on writing them during their missions. I now have three adopted brothers! So when they leave I am going into the next oldest district. It will be interesting to get used to at first but all will be well!

I have received many Christmas cards this last week. I thank all who have sent them and apologize for not sending anything back I have not had the time these last few weeks with Doctor appointments. I don't have one till the 4th then i hopefully hear for sure that i am leaving for the field the next week.
Con Amor,
Hna. Ziegler

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

21 December, 2011

Merry Christmas my family!

So I had quite the adventure this morning. I had clicked on the new look for my e-mail and then i kept getting a popup that said unauthorized page. Then I could not get into my e-mails. It was not fun. Then I went to the help desk live chat on the computer told them what happened and they fixed it but they needed me to go up to their office to restart my e-mail. Pero (but) I was in the middle of drying my slips and most of my skirts so i waited till that was done got everything to my room and changed then went and restarted my e-mail so I can do this! Oh what an adventure on P-day morning at the MTC!

So My week has been interesting. So I start taking my meds. twice a day today. I also go to the neurologist for a check-up. I have an appointment tomorrow with the MTC doctor.It is going to be interesting. My Meds have been making me very sleepy. I fell asleep in the middle of sacrament meeting on Sunday,The branch presidencies wives are worried about me and hope that it is just my body needing to get used to the medication. I sincerely hope so. I was falling asleep in class the other day. The Elders thought it was funny because they know that it is the medication and not me!

Oh I think I forgot to tell you Elder Pimentel can imitate my Hiccups. In his own words I haves sporadic Hiccups and he has Sporadic mocking! Very funny!!! Funny thing is that they sound almost perfect that I get blamed for them once in awhile unless I hiccup right before.

So I am looking forward to today, The zone gets more Hermanas today!!!! So I get to sleep in my room again! Since I am now a "Solo" sister I have to be escorted everywhere by either the Elders or sister depending on what the activity is! So I am excited!

Oh so Hermana Probst and Collins left Monday morning I was sad but I still don't cry easily. But if I could I would have!

So I want to say that I love you all and I need Nichole's e-mail and pictures of the new little one! I will be sending Christmas letters to everyone! Eric's may be late I want to make sure my Spanish is correct! ;) So I am going way over my time today because of this mornings adventure! But I hope that all is well with you.
So if you could send me address of family members to write this next year during my mission! I would love to write but I don't have very many people to write! So this is all that I can say for today I will write more later and let you know how everything is going and maybe some stories that you can put in the blog.

Love you- Tu Amo
Hermana Ziegler
p.s. Have a very blessed and joyful Christmas!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

15 Dec. 2011

A note to everyone!!!!!

Due to some medical testing Diana will be remaining in the MTC until January 9th.

Any Christmas packages you wish to send her must be received at the MTC by Dec. 23rd.

She is very down about having to stay longer so it would be nice if everyone would send her cards and gifts to lift her spirits.

Thank you.
Jo Ellen

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

14 Dec. 2011

So Today I will hopefully hear either way if I am staying or going! Praying for the going!

So Daddy I have no Idea where my order confirmation number is. I looked last night and did not find it. I will look again but am not sure. I will pray about it. I know that it was a target within Spokane. Mariah may be able to help with that!

So Have you written your conversion story yet? I would really like to read it. Same with Mom's!

I was so Happy to hear about the baby! Thomas Micheal is such a cute name! Nichole thank you for writing. It is so good to hear from you! I am hoping to send Miriam a birthday card soon. So what day specifically was it that he was born? how are there little ones? They excited for Christmas?

Hey Mariah, How is life? Would you be able to help Daddy with the issues with my bike? They need the store info. And I don't remember what I did with the confirmation number. It seems months ago.

I am excited yet extremely nervous to be leaving the MTC. And Thank you bunches for the package. You get a great huge hug from me!

Mama I am so happy to hear that you are half way done with school, so exciting!

So the MTC is quite the place you more about yourself and the gospel hear then I could of imagined. I feel that I am getting so much closer to the person I want to be at this time in my life. I also feel so much closer to the Lord. Even though I have been in this spirit filled place, Satan still tries his hardest to tempt and sway me. So I do my best to stay close to Heavenly Father and pray what seems some days constantly but I now have a closer relationship with my heavenly Father.

The language is becoming more understandable. My goal this last week was to hold a 10 minute conversation in Spanish only. And I did it with barely any help. (The help was in conjugating the words right). But I feel that I have grown so much in my Spanish because of it! My writing needs work but I have found some people to write plus Eric while on my mission to get better with that.

So my time is about up. But I will write what I find out in a letter later today! pray for me will you!

I have plenty of letters to write and I wish you my family love and luck through out your week.
Hermana Ziegler

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

So Mariah-
Thank you so much for the package. It brightened my day! I love everything! How did you know what to send.
Anyway to the family! I am feeling down this week. It seems that all my appointments are annoying my companions and get irradiated with me. I am trying to figure out what is going on but it does hurt a little to be treated like that.

So this is how I have been feeling this week. Like I am the invisible person in the trio. But all will be well. Going to the temple as soon as I am done here. So I am hoping that I will feel better after.

So I had an MRI the other day. Normal brain. Talked to a psychologist yesterday. I had an EMG today felt really weird. I have an EEG tomorrow. So I will write and keep you updated. By the way Daddy they have eliminated stress as the problem. I have been doing this since I was sixteen. And when I am nervous I play with my fingers. Same with stress. So I am hoping to be done with this soon.

So I really would like the address's I asked for on the letter. I want and feel like I should write them during this time in my life.

Daddy I really want to have a written copy of your conversion story. It is important to me!

I am being hurried.

I had an appointment this morning.

Oh you will get a kick out of this. One of our investigators told us that she believed the Catholic church, and our church was true. We had to explain the apostasy all over again and the proper authority and how it works. Kind of overwhelming.

I have to go now!

I LOVE YOU ALL! Please write a little more often this week, I need the comfort!

I will write a letter later,
Hermana Ziegler

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

30 November, 2011

So how is life? I have a cold right now AND my hiccups. quite and interesting combo! needless to say.

So I went to the neurologist on Monday and he said that wanted to do all these test but when I told him where I am going he said that if Doctor Sampson (MTC Doctor) says so that I could probably do them in the mission. Otherwise he was going to ask the MTC to keep me for three months. You can probably tell which one I would prefer but if the Lord says so I will stay here.

So Daddy my district loved your letter.... Hiccup~....... My teachers thought it funny too! I will keep it on me for the rest of my mission as when I need a good laugh letter.

Thanksgiving here was amazing, different and funny... In the morning Russel M. Nelson was here and gave a great Devotional. I don't have my notes on me otherwise I would tell you what was said. Then we did a humanitarian project and as a whole the MTC put together over 8,000 emergency physicians kits. They are headed for the Sudan. It was so much fun. We had a thanksgiving Lunch it was Okay! Not up to Mom's standards.

I have found that if I even eat more than a certain amount of fruit in the day that i am nauseous. So I am now four days now sugar and I only eat fruit once a day!!! So I am proud of my self.

Things are really starting to come together with my Spanish! thankfully! I pray about it, it seems constantly.

Life before now seems like a far off dream. As I look at myself and realize I am not that person anymore! Wow just within a few short weeks I am closer to my goal of act like the daughter of God that I am. I am extremely happy for that.

My companions are great. They and my district joke about my hiccups quite often. It is actually quite funny. Oh one of the Elders in my District can imitate it and loves trying to get people to look at me for the cause. There have been a few times where we are in sync and it is a laugh.

My time is up so I say goodbye for the week, though I will say I would love to have more Dear Elder letters through out the Week, And I would Love to Have one from Nichole and her Family though since she is due soon I will wait till after the baby if need be!!!

Love and prayers be with you,
Hermana Ziegler
~Dios nos ama~

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

23 November 2011

So this week much has happened. Last Wed. was my teachers Hermano Peñalillo birthday. We as a district each got him a snickers bar. he loves them. When we said Happy Birthday Hermano P we threw the snickers at him. Quite the laugh. He loved it! He told us that he was touched.

That night we taught in the TRc and one of the people that we taught Santiago gave me a copy of the el Libro de Mormon with his testimony written inside. he bore his testimony of the importance and power of the book of Mormon. It was a touching experience.

During the fireside on Sunday according to the Elders in my district I hiccuped 85 times. that is 85 times in an hour. It was not fun. not fun at all!!! After the fireside I was approached by one of the men in charge of ´´knowing what goes on´´ and he wanted to make sure that it was not an elder goofing off. because you can hear them through the whole building. it sucks!

But during class the next day right before my compañeras and I were to teach our investigator Juan jose over the intercom comes this voice. ´´Is Sister Ziegler there?" Yes... "Do you still have the hiccups" Yes they are chronic "oh so they don't go away" no they don't they are constant "well we have a doctors appointment for you tomorrow morning at eight. But it sounds as if you know what is going so unless I tell you otherwise you don't have to go." Then it went quite and all of us that were in the class room just busted up laughing. So funny. And then later just 30 minutes before class ends the intercom goes of again. 'is Sister Ziegler there?' Yes!!! "You do need to go the appointment in the morning. Is eight alright for you?" Yes! See you in the morning then" We all laughed again it was just so funny!

So I go to the appointment and the Doctor asks me questions about my hiccups and when they started etc.... he then says he wants a specialist to look and see if they can figure out what is going on. So on Monday I am to see a neurologist. Not sure why but okay!!! Then he tells me that I have an appointment with President Brown in 30 minutes who set the appointments. turns out he is a doctor and is curious as to why I do it as well. I go to the Appointment with President Brown who is the MTC President and he asks some of the same questions, and if it is stress how things are going at home if I am a life long member or convert. He was very nice and loving. He told me that he in no way wants to take me away from my mission he just wants to help me figure out what is exactly going on. Then he takes me to the executive secretary because I had voiced a concern about distracting from the spirit in the devotional that night. So during the devotional I got to sit up in the media translator booth. It was fun I got to watch the devotional either from the window or a small TV on the desk in front of me and my seat was comfy, and it was warm in the room. I still had troubles with my hiccups of course but I felt that I was able to not disturb others while i did so.

The devotional was amazing. D.Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the twelve spoke. What an amazing devotional. I could go into grater detail of all that he said but it would take more time than I have so I will only mention a point that he made that was profound to me.

He said "Your service to the Lord does not end after your mission. You are not entitled to laze off after your mission. the lord will still have need of you. Act and serve so that you are worthy of all that he asks of you to do" It is so true is it not. We are missionaries through out our lives it does not matter where it might brings us but we will continue to serve the lord.
Now after hearing his devotional and the comments of his wife on the Holy Ghost and the work it takes to know the voice of the Lord, I feel like I am to strive to be a better missionary.

So the week has been eventful but my Spanish is growing and my understanding of Gospel principles is stronger. I love and thank you all.
Hermana Ziegler

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

16 Nov. 2011

So how is everyone doing?

I got Mum's letter yesterday! Thanks for the ten bucks! It is being added to my emergency fund for right now!

The Sisters and I get new roommates today! They are sending in a double amount of Missionaries in this week. they did not want to send any the day before thanksgiving! So hence the double this week.

Last night we had Tad R. Callister speak to us on the reasons of the atonement and the ten things that lost or corrupted after the apostasy. Very interesting! My only problem was that my hiccups are getting worse and according to Elder Pimentel I hiccuped 55 times during the devotional and it would not stop!!!! I was hurting like nothing after that. I had to get a blessing from the Elders because I hurt so bad. It was quite the experience and I feel so much love from our Heavenly Father, and the Elders in my District.

This last week we as a companionship have taught several more lessons in Spanish each more spiritually felt than the last. I have felt that I am being blessed tenfolds while I am struggling to learn this language. While I may not fully understand what is being said I am getting the gist of it and I can ask basic questions and teach them how to pray. How we open and what we thank God for questions and blessing and how we close. I have also taught about how baptism (bautismo) needs to be performed by proper authority.

Last Wednesday after dinner i had a pain in my upper abdomen. It got so bad that I was crying because of the pain. I have no idea what it was but it scared me. It was my first TRC that night. I was given a blessing then as well. It is quite powerful to be surrounded by the priesthood holders of the Lord and feel their faith and humility in offering those simple blessings on anopthers behalf.

I loved to hear from you guys more this week. I still have not received anything from Nichole! Has she gotten my letter yet? I keep the picture she gave me of the little ones on me at all times. They are my inspiration to keep going for they are part of the future generation and I am part of making the way for them easier. Or at least that is how I feel.

Now there are times that I do feel overwhelmed but my Companions have told me that there are counselors here to help with that and to help with any other feelings of putting myself down or being hard on myself etc... they are there to help with that. So i am going to be doing that tomorrow. I hope that it helps.

But life here is good. I am eating less, exercising more and have lost a little weight. I am happy for that fact. I am trying so hard to lose some so that i can be healthy. My not being able to eat much sugar does help that process along though. I was given a bag of skittles the other day. those tiny ones you use for Halloween. After about ten fifteen minutes I felt a little nauseous and loopy. From sugar!!! I got this feeling. I have been asked If I am Diabetic. But I just don't know. I just know sugar and I do not get along.

So how is the family? I want to know what is going on out there! Any one put there mission papers in lately? I need to write Eric so Love you all,
Hermana Ziegler

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

9 November 2011

Life is very busy here! The Spanish is feeling slow in coming but I am told that I am doing well! They changed the language program here in august and every foreign language is mostly taught in that language. in two weeks they will only speak in Spanish.We are now teaching two investigators twice a week and tonight we start TRC. It is busy!

The food is getting very tiring! I can only handle the same basic stuff only so much! That and my sugar problem has gotten worse no more dessert, ice cream and even yogurt and some juices for me! I don't want to get an upset stomach.

The two elders who are going to Peru have their travel plans and their visas. So they will be leaving us next week. I wish them luck. The rest of us in my district are going state side. My teachers are Hermana Forsyth, Hermano Cameron, and Hermano Peñalillo. They are very different but very good teachers.

Last night for the devotional we listened to a talk about the call and purpose of missionary work. On Sunday we had a fireside from one of the Church's lawyers who is in charge of the visa department and he explained the whole process the Church goes through to get the missionaries in the field and the Gospel across the world.

I miss the girls and Beck big time!!!

So Both of my companions are great and very sweet people. Hermana Probst had a physical therapy appointment and we got to go outside the MTC it was weird.

So Nichole is the only one I have not heard from. I will be writing her a letter today. I really liked getting the letters this week. Though more than three would have been nice. All the elders get a letter a day. Maybe you can get some of my friends to actually write me! It would be very much appreciated.

So typing on these keyboards is very difficult and weird. I am so used to my laptops that the raised keys are giving me problems.

I am working with one of the traveling Teachers Hermano Reichart who is helping me with my conjugations of my verbs and vocab.
One of the Elders said the other day in Spanish that "I have to live in the bathroom" and the same elder last night was singing about being a wet noodle. He gives us laughs.

Well time is about up thanks and love you all,
Hermana Ziegler

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

2 November, 2011

Alright So everything is going well.

I wish that instead of righting me so many e-mails that while I am in the MTC if you would use I don't have much time on the computer and it is timed. I have already used half my time just reading everything and I feel that it is inadequate to write all I would wish.

I loved the pictures, but they were Huge!!!!!!

My companions are great, Both are coming with me on Dec.19th to Spokane. Hermana Collins knows Spanish pretty well so Hermana Probst and I practicing our Spanish with her through out the day.

The food is great. I am loving the salad bar. Exercising everyday is amazing. The Elders are like having 6 younger Brothers. They are funny!!!!

Hermana Probst is from here in Utah is 6'2" and is the oldest of five, Hermana Collins is 23 and the middle child of I can't remember how many! Hermana Collins is two inches shorter than I so we feel very short compared to Hermana Probst.

My Spanish Is growing everyday. The teachers will only speak Spanish! My Companeras and I have taught 3 lessons to an Investigator we don't know if she is for real or not but the experiences are amazing.

I will be leaving on the 19th a week before Christmas. Wah! I get to Call home!!

yesterday was the Tuesday devotional we had W.Craig Zwick of the Seventy speak to us on the power of prayer. For Relief Society on Sunday we had Elaine S. Dalton Speak to us it was amazing.

Of course Nichole did well On the Pumpkin walk She always does.

Alright I only Have 4 minutes left. It is good to here about how well Ziggie's did.

Of course the weather is changing it has Snowed here a couple of times but it has only stayed on the mountain tops.

I feel myself growing closer to the Lord (Dios-God) here. It is amazing.

I hope Peter does well On his Tryout.

By the way I would love to have A Package during my stay here if at all possible!

I almost have the missionary Purpose memorized in Spanish!

But Please do write during the week via dear elder so I can think on what to write and so I can write you more.

With Love, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 24 October 2011

24 October 2011

Well Diana is off. Thursday the 20th of October 2011 at about 9:30 pm Central time zone Diana Was set apart as a full time Missionary For the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. It was a beautiful blessing and wonderful council that was given to her. Stake President Gilchrist Set her apart.

Friday Diana Spent the day with us at Ziggie's due to the fact that she had to have a companion with her she could not stay home alone. We worked on preparations for her farewell party that we held on Saturday.

Saturday was her Farewell party at Ziggie's it was great to see all who came. and Diana was grateful for all who donated to her for her mission.

Sunday Morning she spoke in Church and then off we went to Saint Louis Missouri. We spent the late afternoon at the Art museum and the park surrounding it. the grounds are beautiful and it was sunny and warm. We had dinner and returned to the Hotel to settle in for the night.

Monday morning 5:00 came to early. But in order for her to have breakfast before her flight check in it was the time to get up. after breakfast it was off to the airport. all went well and her Sister Mariah picked her up upon her arrival in Salt lake. She will spend tomorrow with her finishing up last minut shopping and going to the Temple. Then Wednesday Mariah will take her to the MTC ( Missionary Training Center). She will do fantastic.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Diana receives her mission call

And Diana will be serving in ..........
Washington Spokane mission teaching in the Spanish language.

Reporting to the Provo Utah Missionary training center October 26, 2011

Serving for 18 months.