Tuesday, 5 June 2012

4 June 2012

So much has happened this week. It has been great! The work is slowly moving forward here in warden. So last Tuesday we taught our first English class. Only one person showed up. Only to find out later that there were two more in the parking lot but they didn't know which door to come in. And we have had people asking us about it all week. So we are hoping for a bigger class tomorrow. It has been the perfect way for the locals to meet/talk with us (the missionaries) because they can see we are normal people who just happen to have name tags and walk door to door sharing a message of Christ. I love being able to do that!

Oh before I forget about it we had a very funny moment earlier this week. So we were talking to a part member family and their dog doesn't like the sound of my hiccups. Usually he is fine because they are pretty quite. Well I had just had a really loud one and then for some reason I had started laughing. Well that just makes my hiccups worse! Well all of a sudden a feel a pull on my shirt. The Dog had tried to bite me! And then every one was laughing. I got bit by a dog because of my hiccups, it was hilarious!

Now on to the serious stuff of the week! So we have been teaching a young mother. maybe a few years older than me. But she is amazing. She wants to have her family together forever. and she wants to know the truth of the gospel of Christ. and she is so smart she gets it! She is reading the book of Mormon because she knows she needed to read in order to know if it is true. I love her! But we have also come across some great potentials.We are working with some that know they need to read and want to learn more just either, they can't read or their living situation is not the best. So we work with them as we can and strive to bring them closer every time to Christ and help them when we can.

We are also working with a lees active family that is so cute. well at least mom and the kids. we haven't met dad yet. work schedule has not made it so we can meet. but they are great. wanting to come back to church when work allows and truly desiring to know and understand the gospel.

Okay so I was bad in writing in my journal so I can't remember much more to write. (Sorry!) But Know I love you all and hope all is well.

I love seeing the pictures the kids are growing so much! not fair you know! Well also good to hear how everybody is doing even if your name is only mentioned in passing but good to hear from the family. Love you!

Hermana Ziegler

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