Tuesday, 26 June 2012

26 June 2012

So this week has been interesting! Great at the same time. We are expecting some changes next week with our new mission President coming in on Friday. We get to meet him on Tuesday. We will miss the Palmers they have done such great things. Also look forward to meeting the new Mission Pres. and getting to know him.

Eric I do know how hard it can be. sometimes when that happens you learn such amazing things and you find the most amazing people. The Lord has prepared them. Let us go find.

Anyway the week went pretty good. We had to move our p-day to today, because we went to the TEMPLE!!!!! It was great. My companion and I went up with the Othello sisters. It was a great session. the temple is a little small but it is so beautiful and just to have a temple in our mission I feel so blessed to be able to go.

But the week was interesting. We had 17 set appointments only two came through. some were rescheduled appointments but still. It was very much a finding week. And just about every time we had a lesson fall through we found a great potential. They all seem to want to learn more about Christ, create that relationship with him and just be able to have that peace in their lives and homes. We hope that we will be able to help them in that way. We have a few we are working with that we hope to have a baptismal date soon, but we shall see. And I think we found one of the only if not the only, Black family in warden. They are so sweet. have great potential just hard to get them to set a time and then keep it. They are gone a lot and if their friends invite them to something off they go. So we shall see.

I have also determined that my talking has gotten better, but I could be a lot better than I am in lessons. just about every other time I am great. but during I seem to have the hardest time with that. even in Spanish when I know I can understand just about everything they say if not the gist. But I just can't seem to get what I want to say out of my mouth. So I am working on that. My Spanish has grown a lot since I have been.

Okay so we had an interesting 30 minute storm here the other day. we had just finished tracting the area we had wanted to. Saw some dark clouds coming in so we walked back to the church. get our coats from the car. we decide to go in for some water and use the restrooms. well we get done and it is pouring. So we race to the car. and then it starts hailing! (Marble size hail too!) We then get a call from our district leader to warn us about the storm because it had just passed over them on its way towards us. well It was very hard to hear them for all the hail pounding on the car. He said it shouldn't last very long after the hail was gone. So we still weren't sure how long it would last so we went to go try a potential. Well.... we counted to 3 ran to the door and under their awning. She wasn't there. So we ran back to the car and we were soaked! I have pictures! But it was just flooding the streets how much rain we had. well we decided to go try another potential. by the time that we got there the storm was over. and there was steam coming off the road. from how hot they were before the storm came. It was Crazy!!!!!

Okay so my companion is finishing her mission in a few weeks and before she goes I want to make her the ooey gooey bars/cookies You know the ones that I was making every week last summer. well I need the recipe though. I remember everything that goes in it but not in what order or the amounts. Some help would be great thanks!

But I love from hearing from all of you. I will see what I can do about the fast. And If I don't get a letter out this week I will next. And Mum and Daddy thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I love you both!
And I love my Siblings too.... and their little families! They are so adorable! By the way would it be possible to send the pictures smaller so I can print a few of them?
Hope all is well with you,
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ziegler

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