Monday, 29 October 2012

29 October 2012

So this week has been full of tracting and walking and rain! We have been finding potentials all week and it has been great! IT has been very wet and cold at times. but it has been raining a lot. And the shoes can only take so much before they get wet. and then go your feet. It is not all that much fun but we are finding so many more people that are inviting us back. It is Great! I feel that I am doing so much better. I am more confident in my talking. Not quite to where I would like to be yet but I am getting there so much faster now! It is great! I am learning so much about prayer. And just how joyful a thing it is. I can not imagine going a day now without saying a prayer multiple times. It is simply amazing the feelings of love and peace you feel. And when you have a question don't be afraid to study it out, think about what you have learned and then ask God in sincere prayer truly desiring to know. And he has promised that he will answer you! It is awe inspiring at times the feeling of love you feel after saying a prayer. I love it!!!! It is great to hear about all the missionaries from the ward, 15 that is great!!! I was actually wondering if I could get Nora's address so I could write her. Alyssa's would be great too! I love to write letters and just ...... I really just have fun writing people! Well I love you all and pray that all is well! Con Mucho Amor, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 22 October 2012

22 October 2012

This week has been a learning week. Seem to have those quite often. I learned that when cutting your own hair it is important to not only use another mirror so you can see the back, but when trimming slowly go up and not the chopping it all off at once. Luckily with that it turned out great and even. I have never gotten so many compliments about my hair. Sister Probst thinks it is funny. Because she remembers my reaction in the bathroom. Because i did mean to only trim my hair. She comes into the bathroom shocked at what I am doing and asks what Happened. I had a sad face on and said "It wasn't even!" So she laughs about it. But we have learned some much this week how to work together in unity and teach in unity. I am speaking more! Yeah, I am starting to get over this speaking thing. And I thank my heavenly Father for this help that he has given me in the form of a loving companion. I did get the package. Thank you so much! I love all the warm clothing, and it is just all so cute. The weather up here is changing so quickly. There is snow on the mountain tops. It is crazy. Just a matter of time for us to get it in the valley. Winter here we come! Brrr..... It is going to make tracting interesting. But hey, It is also going to be great. Okay so I did want to send more than the one photo but... the computer was not being very nice. So here you go. And it also has my hair cut in it too. How lucky you are huh! photo- Me and and the pretty leaves. Notice anything different with my hair? Love you much, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 15 October 2012

15 Oct. 2015

This week is the beginning of another transfer. Sister Probst and I are together again. We are so excited for the work here. We have a woman that we are teaching that is just thirsting for the gospel. She said that she feels that some thing is missing in her heart and asked if we felt the same. We said 'No, we feel that we are over brimming and it keeps growing!" She is so excited and is reading the book of Mormon and loving it, also a member that is her neighbor told us how she had told her that she had quit drinking wine. we have not taught the word of wisdom yet! She is so prepared! We are also finding people that feel lost or are searching for meaning in their lives. I feel so blessed to be in this area and to see all the growth that is happening. Especially with our investigators and the less-actives we are working with. It is simply amazing! Also to see the growth that I have gone through is amazing! I feel more confident every week. And so much closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. It is Powerful to know that God loves me so much that, He gave his only begotten Son to die for me so that I could one day return and Live with him. What love, I can not just express all my feelings. We went up to plain yesterday. It is so gorgeous! The leaves are changing and wow! And then in the mornings we have low lying clouds that cover the tops of the mountains and half-way down. again..... WOW!!! I love you all and Know that You are all amazing! Con Mucho amor, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 8 October 2012

8 October 2012

So first off Eric I forgot to send your package last week and because of colombus day the post office is closed this week. Sorry but it is going to be a week late! So this week has been a learning experience. Had interviews and zone training this week and both were great. I am under orders from President mullen to give myself a break! And to recognise that God only asks what he knows I can give. So I need to trust that what I do with faith and all my might will be sufficient. For the Lord will help me be more than I think is possible. So the area is growing! We have a new investigator who accepted a baptism date. We are so excited for her, she is so prepared, and wanting to know the truth! It is great. I feel that I have grown so much these past few weeks. I am not the same sister missionary who came to leavenworth those few weeks ago. I am greatfull for that and am excited to help the work move even further along here in this area. So how is the family? Any updates? I love you all, HAve a great week I gotta go! Love, Hermana Ziegler

Monday, 1 October 2012

1 October 2012

This week has been one of learning! I'll put that first. We have we learned that when we have a better focus in the work the Lord blesses you. and he will put the prepared in your path. I have also learned that these past few weeks with out really noticing it I have been selfish. I forgot what I had learned about being like Christ with the outward turn. I had stopped worrying about if I was thinking of others before myself. It is going to stop now! I am here to serve the people in this area that I have been called to serve. not for them to serve me! I should always be asking myself how can I help them, what do they need, what does God want me to do for them? Questions like that should always be going through my mind. I know how to communicate so why am I not asking people questions? Questions that will help them learn the importance of our message. Okay I may be being a little hard on my self but I feel that I could be doing so much more that I am not. I am here to serve God! So this week has been great! We were able to find not only new potentials but also new investigators. Tracted into a German Couple, very cute. they mentioned how our last name is very German. We are excited for them. Also we were very sad to see and recent convert family move. The Dad could not find work here so was in another state working and it was just to hard and the family being separated. So they moved. Also taught a referral with the member the referred her. It was basically a question answer period but it was great. so excited to go back! Taught another recent convert who is Spanish the signs for the ten commandments and a game that can be played with the signs. He is excited to teach his brother who is not a member. He considers himself Nephi and his brother and cousin are Laman and Lemuel. He is so cute. Our on-date dropped us! He was so prepared and excited for his baptism. we had talked to him earlier in the day about going to go see a baptism that night. he was unsure if he could go. so we asked him to call us and let us know. because we had a ride that we may or may not need to cancel. Well we called later that night because he hadn't called and he told us that he didn't want to meet with us anymore and he would just go to the local church a block away from him. We think some one got to him. Because he was so excited about....even that morning. it is really saddening! The relief society broadcast was amazing! I have already decided that I will have to get a conference issue ensign so I can mark it up! I am so excited for conference coming up and hope that I will Learn all the God desires of me to learn. Well out of time hope all is well with you all, Con mucho amor, te quiero, Hermana Ziegler