Monday, 6 August 2012

6 August 2012

So this week has been great! We are getting it together of how to work with both areas. We are teaching alot of people and finding out with some if we need to drop them or finding out their true concerns. Some of it was a bit sad but we are doing great! We are getting more and more experiences every day. Sadly there is no time to be writing in my Journal I hope to catch up a bit today. I have really found that writing in your journal not only lets others know what has happened but your memory is better and your mind is so much calmer when you are getting ready for bed. your not having to do so much shuffling things around in your mind. I'll work on at least getting a little snippet in every night this week. But It is amazing the experiences we are having. We just had an exchange and I went up to the other sisters area and that was a great experience. I truly learned that you follow the spirit during the lesson not just teach what you have planned but teach to their needs. It is so important to do that you may never know what may impact them or why you are doing it until later. but it helps them grow so much faster in the gospel. sadly the next day was not as great for their area appointments kept canceling. but we were able to contact some referrals and talk with people as we went. and learned from each other. Then we had an interesting day yesterday. one of the people we are teaching said that they weren't going to church. we were in the other area and church was about to start so we were unable to go over and ask why. but come to find out later that they were really sick. we still stressed the importance of going to church. Hope it will help! But english classes are going well. we are getting the word out and having more and more people asking about them. it is so exciting. we have great hopes for the Classes. We have a baptism this Saturday. a sweet young woman she is 17. so ready for the gospel in her life. it is going to be an exciting day for her!
Oh guess what!!!!! We have Zone conference on my Birthday! It is going to be a great day! Thank you for all the Birthday wishes I appreciate them. It is so weird this is going to be my first Birthday without family. Weird! But It is going to be an amazing day!!!! That is my prediction!
I am learning so much though. Lately I have been thinking what it means to be outward. to be turned outwards. what does that mean? Well do you put others before yourself? Do you serve with out thinking of the blessings you will receive for doing it? Do you do what the Lord asks with out question. Are you Christ like alsways? What does it mean? I still don't have a firm answer yet but these question have given me a starting point and maybe one day I will be outward with out thinking about it!
Well I love you all hope that all goes well.
Hermana Ziegler

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