Tuesday, 19 June 2012

19 June 2012

How are things back in the home front? The week has been good. We have found taught and learned so much more.
First daily dose. So we now have 12 students. All varying from complete beginner to just need help with pronunciation and sentence structure. It was crazy. We now meet twice a week and teach them English. We as the teachers are not supposed to speak in Spanish and that is very hard when you have come to enjoy the language and want to learn and show that yes you do understand what they say! ah... but it is going great we have been told that they enjoy our classes and like us as their teachers. I just hope they enjoy the other teachers for when we pass them on. Because we only teach the first twelve lessons and then they get passed on to the daily dose couple. Hoping and praying!
So we now are teaching several people...... great news on one of them...... She came to Church!!!! With her 7-month old boy too! We had one of the women we teach come to church. She sadly had to leave right after sacrament meeting. But before she left one of the members had asked her if she enjoyed it. She said yes. They then asked if she was coming next week. She said yes!!!!! It was so exciting. We are hoping to have her on-date soon. Praying that all that we teach will come to know for themselves and desire baptism. Because we are not here to learn more about ourselves. We are here to help others come unto Christ and it is while doing so that we come to realize that we have changed we are no longer the people that we were when we came into the field. That we have made lifelong friends along the way. And we not give up the experiences that we have here for nothing. The people we taught, members we came to love, those that we helped bring to baptism. We would not change a thing. It may be hard at times, there may be times where you think Why am I here and then you come from a lesson and you say "They are why I am here" It is for their benefit that you are here not yours. And it is when we are truly in the service of our God helping our brothers and sisters that you find yourself. The hard part along the way is to remember it is not what can I get out of the day, it is who can I help get through this day.
Thinking of that has helped me not be so selfish. Still have a ways to go but when you think of who you can help that day instead of just getting through the day. You are so much happier and truly are able to find those ready. Ready to hear and listen.
So we have two families that we are now teaching. One is a family that we had taught the wife before and she had expressed interest in learning more. So we came by to invite her to church and we got in to teach another lesson and her husband was there. And he told us he wants to learn more and wants to come to church but it is a commitment. And right now he has to work on Sundays so he feels that he cannot make that commitment to go because he has to work. But he said that if he was ever able that he would which would be great because I don't think she would go without him. But with what he was saying that going to church may be the only thing holding him back from being baptized. We will have to teach more and find out for sure but we are excited for this family. The other family we we're walking by saw them outside their home and stopped to talk with them and they invited us in to "Share a Message". They weren't sure what church we were from but we shared a bit with them and we are excited to be going back. I think they may also be the only 'Black' family here. Most of them are Hispanic. But the work is going strong here. We are able to find new people every day. And to teach those who want to learn more, and to understand. We have truly come to love the people here and hope and pray that we can find those that the Lord has prepared and help along the way to come unto Christ and follow the example that he has set.

I hope that you all are doing well.

Con amor,
Hermana Ziegler

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