Monday, 14 May 2012

14 May 2012

So I know I talked to Mum and Dad yesterday! Loved that by the way! But I would like to talk about some of the things that Happened during the week.

So the week was great. We did a lot of tracting. and following up on potentials and formers. Seeing how they are doing and if they want to talk to missionaries again or begin talking to us! It is great we have found some amazing people here.

There was one man that we just invited him to church and he didn't show but he called us apologizing for not coming. we are going to try and meet with him. but he sounds amazing. but a spanish family that we are teaching right now came to church. they have been a few times before but something is holding them back from baptism. it might be marriage and it might be something totally different. not quite sure yet. but their kids are cute and have a lot of energy so it is hard to get much of a lesson in. we do try though.

We are also teaching a family that is amazing. they felt pushed before so we are taking things slow but they want so much to learn and follow Christ. But we have had some interesting experiences while tracting. some people are just how long do I have to talk to you before you will leave. others I am completely happy where I am, some I admire what you do but I have no desire to change. some see you on their porch and slam the door in your face (this one is rare) and then there are the few that are completely convinced they know what we believe and will try telling us that we worship Joseph Smith and that we Don't follow Christ. Had a man do this to us the other day. He said I am a deacon in my church and so I know what you believe, don't go around telling me you believe in God when you worship a man. Joseph Smith is a man so you worship man not God. My companion wasn't very happy with him but was being very civil and trying to explain that yes we do believe in God and we do believe Christ is our Saviour. He wouldn't listen. So I asked how his faith has helped him and his family. He loved talking about that. And then we offered our service for when ever he needs any help he is welcome to call us. He softened a little after that and we left on friendly terms as I would put it. I just felt so sad that someone is not willing to even to listen to those called to preach the word and actually know what we do believe. Nope he would rather do an ostrich.

We are starting to get to know the Members and the area really well. (I am drawing a smaller version of our map to take around with us) but it is coming. the people are seeing us out and about and rather friendly to us. they like to wave! I love waving!!!

So I went on an exchange to Quincy. That was fun! One of the sisters there is training a visa waiter. who is eventually going to argentina. But the visa waiter had the same MTC teachers that I did. How crazy is that? she had mentioned that one of them had said to look for me. And we swapped some stories about our teachers. But the whole exchange was fun and I learned just how much my spanish has grown. I helped translate back and forth for a lesson there. and Did some more tracting and getting to know people there. It was Great! Also recieved training on a pilot program that the mission president is doing. that was fun! I really hope that it works out great! And then I got to talk to Mum and Daddy. And about five minutes of Uncle Griff. But it was great, I am doing Great, and LOVING IT!

well Love you much,
Hermana Ziegler

P.s. some granola or nuts would not be remiss! yummy! (this one is just fun!)

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