Tuesday, 28 February 2012

27 February 2012

So this week has been interesting. We have one on date (baptism date) and are hoping that she will stay on date.

So we taught a lesson yesterday at the Palmer's house. That was so .... Just Wow! It was what we would term as a home court. And The Young man is amazing. Very spiritual, and has the desire to have his heart opened to know what God desires for him. He was our only investigator at church yesterday.

We are also teaching a man with a lot of potential. He is reading in the Book of Mormon and believes that it is true and thinks that baptism is beautifull. He has two kids and one of them was sick so he is not on date at the moment. Which is very sad!

Oh we were doing service for a woman in the ward. and she has a daughter who is not a member. We helped out and taught the Daughter and she desires for a change in her life and sees that this can bring the change that she desires. When we told her about the book of mormon she asked us where she could buy it. she asked three times about it. We then told her that we were giving her one and she looked like she was about to cry.

There are several people we are teaching who are desiring for the change, to know, and to become closer to God. We are also finding those who the Lord has prepared. Example: Last night we stopped over at one of our investigators house and one of his house mates said he wasn't there. but we invited him on a church tour and then he kept making sure before we left the we would call to set that up with him during the week. Asked us if we were calling 3 or 5 times. So the Lord is preparing them. we just need to ask and find them.

Oh, oh, oh,...... Guess what??? I went on my first exchange this week! It was so much fun yet a little weird. It felt weird being with out my companions. But it was fun I went with one of the Liberty Lake sisters. And helped teach their on-date. That was fun. Helped tape a wall for painting and teach a some-what progressing investigator. It was interesting to see how other companionships go about teaching the word.

Oh one thing before I go My spanish is coming along.

I love you all and pray that all is well. Off to write Pres. Palmer

te quiero, y te extrano

Con Amor,

Hna. Ziegler

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

21 February, 2012

So This week has been amazing.

We have been praying to find and teach those ready and waiting to hear the words of God. We are teaching two men right now that are simply ready. One of them (English) has a son who was baptized when he was eighteen and is now on a mission in Chile,Santiago. So he gave his Father 3 Nephi 11 to read. When we had been swept in we had been given his name by the elders telling us that he wanted a Bible. So when we came over he told us that He could not find 3 nephi in the bible. So we gave him a book of mormon and marked the chapter his son had given him to read. We took him on a church tour two days later and after wards he told us that he had re-read 11-23(ish) over five times which is not like him. And that he had stayed up till one in the morning reading he could not put it down. He has since continued reading. and we are teaching him on thur.

One of our Spanish investigators told us that he could not see how their was only the Bible. How can God have so many people. So many who want to follow Christ yet have no book. There must be another book! So we Joyously told him about the Book of Mormon. And are teaching him tonight. We are having so many miracles daily that make it so we are finding those ready to hear the word.

We also have a SPANISH investigator that actually understands apostasy! Trust me that is a big thing!

And We are teaching a Young man that we may have to give over to the Assistants. Because he is a young adult but, he is a 7 month recovering achololic and drug addict. He was athiest but during his recovery he said he discovered God and the Love that he has for him and he wants to learn how to become closer to God. Oh and another we taught just last night. He is searching for ways to have his "Seed of faith grow" his own words.

Oh I know have a food story for you. So we were invited over to eat at one of our Investigators homes for lunch. We said yes of course. They are from Guatamala. But anyway. She made us a soup that had potatoes, corned beef, and green plantains. it made all of us sick. And Then we went over to a Members home and she made us Korean food which was good but we were already queasy and almost full. But she left us for 30 minutes alone in her apartment to give some of the Food to the Palmers. it was weird!

But this week has been busy and full of the Works of God.

Oh on fri. we had zone confrence and learned about the book of mormon and how we can use it better to teach the investigator and help them understand the gospel and make sure that they are reading it every day even if it is one verse. They need to read it every day. but we were issued a challenge by Pres. palmer. He said to take a clean paperback book of mormon and mark all the names of Christ (or when they are reffering to him), Mark his words (when He is speaking), And his attributes. We are to do this in 85 days or by mothers day. I have been doing this for the last few days and have learned so much more when reading the book of mormon. It is amazing to me. I think that this would be great for you to do. You learn so much!

Also it is great to hear about home and how you are doing. How the missionaries are doing. And with the Young Man maybe get the singles involved. They might be able to help or help find him somewhere to live and someone to give him a ride every week. If he loves it so much that he is willing to walk there he needs to get there!

Love you all, con carino


Monday, 13 February 2012

13 February 2012

I have been in the feild for a month!!!!

So this week has been great. On tuesday it was transfers. We gained a
companion. Hermana Ruiz. She is very sweet and very spunky. And like
my hiccup she has a sneeze. We are a very noisy companionship except
Hna. Christoffersen who just stands there and shakes her head.

So this week we had a goal as a companionship to have 20 lessons we
exceeded that goal!!! And we have two new investigators that we can
teach as we are a threesome. So many doors are open to us now!!!!!

Okay so I have been feeling under the weather this week. Fever and
phelgm! Bleh!!!! (Okay the funny faces thing went away!!! Not
fair!!!!) Any way I actually had to stay in our apartment because of
how bad I felt yesterday afternoon. I wanted to continue on and do the
work. I felt that even if I was dying I would be out here helping
others to come unto Christ. But my companions love me too much and
insisted that I get some rest. I then made some chicken soup and feel
much better today. Since we live with a member my companions were able
to continue with the work. It felt so weird with out them though!
So we did have one on date but they did not come to church on sinday
so we will have to postpone the baptism. so frustrating though.
because they are so ready!!!

So story for the week-
We were trying to contact a spanish refferal that we had recieved
knocked on the door a few times the only answer was a dogs barking.
Hna. Christoffersen thought it was a big dog, I thought it had
throught problems, Hna. Ruiz Said it was a chiuaua (how do you spell
that?) Anyway. we were walking away when the neighbor opened his door
talked to us in spanish and invited us in. We then talked to him and
taught a little of the restoration, and why we pray. We did not get
much more than that in because he like most of the hispanics we teach
love to talk!!! Boy do the love to talk!! (I think Aunt Lee would have
some comeptition)

Anyway our week has been great. I am feeling better not quite over it
yet but better!

It is wonderfull to hear how everyone is doing! I am planning on sending Jessica a b-day card today I have to go get some stamps though! I write quite a bit of letters! send me a letter I will write back! the following p-day.

Anyway I hope all is well with all of you!
Hna. Ziegler

My companions and I for President Palmers birthday on sat made hime
enchiladas and I gave him a picture that I drew. It was fun. We are
the closest missionaries to where they live. So we thought we would do
something sweet! I love the Palmers they so cute, and sweet. Anyway
have to write my letter to the president.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

6 February 2012

So my dear family so much has happened this past week. Things funny, weird, and spiritual. but first I will comment on your e-mails to me.

Okay so the week-


Hermana Christoffersen and I went frisbee golfing. It was so much fun. And I have so fun pictures. I will have to send you a cd soon. We threw snow balls at eachother and I caught one and threw it back at the Elder who threw it. Not much else happened besides P-day happenings!


Okay this day was intersting. While we were teaching one of our recent converts his roomate kept going on in spanish so I did not understand any of it. But he kept saying how cute I was, How beautifull I was. And how he wanted to marry me and take me to live with him in mexico. It was interesting. The convert keeps teasing me now.


So we went tracting for most of this day. in the evening we came across an older gentleman named Paul. He told us that we were decieved and that we were doing Satan's work. He told us we were a cult, and would be held accountable for all the souls that we have decieved. I felt like crying for him. He went on in this vain for several minutes. I did not feel the spirit while we were talking to this man. I felt prompted to share my Testimony of Christ and I did so. He changed towards us a little and told us that we the members of the Church may not be a cult. we may even believe in Christ but our Church was still a cult. I felt like crying for this man. There is so much he is missing but is not willing to hear. But my first "Bible Bash" went peaceful.

We also helped a hispanic couple find work that was a long two hours!


Okay this day was long. Daily Planning. and daily dose. it was interesting.


Had an investigator promise to a baptismal date! She is so sweet! I am so excited for her.


This day was full of weird happenings. We went tracting in an apartment complex. met a russian man who kept trying to tell us that we could talk to us in his apartment, but we can't with only two sisters. Then he told us a thign that was so funny. I have my fish, I don't know if it is boy or gilr. but is that okay you can come and teach in my apartment now no! So funny.


President Palmer was in my sacrament meeting in my english ward. it was weird. But it was a pretty good day.

So another funny quote of the week was- I am legally obligated not to tell you waht her car looks like.

So I also got sick this week. Don;t worry I am fine. Just now more sugar at all. The only time I eat it now is dinner appiontments I feel to bad to tell them I can't have it! It was me seriously sick when I eat to much.

Well Gotta go love you lots bye!