Monday, 30 January 2012

30 January, 2012

Okay So this week has been interesting....
as we were sweeping our new area! We felt like we didn't get much done but we met all but two members of the ward council. and quite a few of the part member families, and some of the inactive's. We also taught two lessons to this investigator and her family. A very sweet woman. Her kids are ready but she is not. Has a few things to overcome but she is working for it! With faith she will be able to do it. We teach her and her family again today!

So I am amazed that I am only working on my fourth week her in the field how strange is that! I feel that I have been out here longer than that!

So about being family history consultants that is so cool. Do you realize how much a missionary tool that is? Many people get there non-member spouse to investigate the church that way.

Oh and we met a member who is from Germany and she recognized our name as being German. She asked where are family is from. I said Austria she then asked what part. I told her we couldn't find the information. She then told me that we should go online to Europe Austria and they would have the information there. Or we could go to the Austrian embassy and ask them. If that didn't work she said try the German one. They would know! They would be able to find out for you! She then told that was how a friend of hers and found his ancestors. A very sweet woman, thought I would pass the information along.

So why did we move to Nauvoo? I am curious about what you would say! I am grateful that we did but still am curious! I can not believe how much time has flown by. It feels like yesterday that Mariah was dropping me off at the MTC and said goodby have fun! and then just left I was like hey, what, where. what is going on here? ..... But I have gained many friendships and experiences that I would not trade for the world they have helped me become stronger in the gospel and become who I am today! And I am writing many of these friends!

So to answer these questions of yours,

How is the work going?
The work is progressing. Just last night we knocked on a door and it turns out to be less-actives who just prayed the night before looking for Christ's guidance in their life. They want to meet with us latter on this week and want to come back to church!

We are planning on tracting for both Spanish and English so we will see how that goes!

How is the weather?
Cold, but getting warmer, last night we had a rain storm a few of the pamphlets in my back pack got wet, nothing else just pamphlets. it was kinda weird but I am very thankful for that. I do not know what I would have done if my scriptures got wet! I would have cried!!!

Diana where is your companion from?
Her family moved from one part of Virginia to the other while she has been out here so she is not exactly sure. But they are close to D.C.

How is the Spanish going?
The Spanish is coming. Slowly but surely! I am starting, just starting mind you. to understand the native speakers when they speak. My confidence in my speaking is growing and I am starting to use it more! I just need to remember to do so! And Eric I loved hearing how yours is!!!

is there anything you need?
Umm yes, Could I have your recipe for Russian tea? And some pictures of the family sent via snail mail? if at all possible! Thank you so much!

How is the life of a missionary ?
It is interesting, exciting and tiring! I have no desire to exercise in the mornings but I know I need to!

Oh you should ask the new sister how the blue book is coming? It is fun and very educational!!!!

I am also sorry about meep meep she will be fixed though right?
Life here is growing and I hope all is well with all of you!

Love you all,
Hna. Ziegler

Monday, 23 January 2012

23 January , 2012

So I just got the package this morning. I have not had the chance to open it yet! So thank you so much for it and whatever maybe inside! Though from Momma's e-mail I have a good guess.

So this week has been great. We got two new investigators, both woman. One has downs syndrome so we are not sure what her understanding will be but she wants to learn and President said that if it will benefit her and her family to go on ahead and teach her. Then we found on Saturday a very sweet woman and as my companion would say Legit!!!!! I really don't get why they use the word but whatever!

So we had a huge snow storm through here Wednesday through Friday it was crazy. Because not only did we get a lot of snow but they did not plow the roads till Friday morning! so we had to deal with all the ruts and ice on the roads. I actually slipped on the way to get the mail it was funny. I was running because it was cold, and all of a sudden I am down sliding halfway across the road. I felt like doing it again it was fun. I only got some bruises so don't worry! Any way.

Oh funny stories so we have two wards and some how we got scheduled to have two dinners! One Spanish one English. My stomach was hurting from how much I had to eat! Not fun but I am learning the art of eating slow and less and making it look like more. I am going to need it if this continues! That is a very scary thought!

Okay I do feel as if I patter on but at times I am not sure what to talk about! I need questions to answer! And Eric please, be a good boy!!! (If you saw the Bednar's talk at the MTC) if not let me know!

Which reminds me-
We had a baptism on Saturday and 11 yr-old his Dad does not speak any English. His Dad was baptized last month, and ordained two weeks ago so he got to baptize his son. We are now working with his 9 yr-old son. He is shy and a sweet kid. So I gave a talk yesterday in ......."Spanish" I felt so nervous. But I had written it all on my own in Spanish so I just read from my notes. I felt bad for doing that but I wasn't sure how I would do otherwise! I was told I did a good job and several of the branch members told me that they like my talk. It was on the atonement!

Oh so my companion keeps telling members that you own a restaurant in Nauvoo. and maybe if you say Hey I fed your daughter!!! Well she likes to joke about it! So March should pick up a bit in the business. usually does! Well that is when Nauvoo family inn and suites starts hiring for the restaurant! If I am remembering correctly!

I feel that i am all over the place today so much to talk about and so much done! I am starting to truly appreciate my time in the MTC. They do prepare you for the field but there is so much out here that you in the MTC just don't comprehend! Like yesterday we were given the news that we are switching areas with one of the Elder companionship. So this morning we went over the area book and who we visit, why, the people to call for what, and what has been taught. we also exchanged phone numbers it was very interesting! So we are excited to what is called 'sweeping an area" where we come barly knowing anything about the area and go contacting teaching and just wow! So My companion is excited to "Sweep,Train"!

But there is so much so this week I will work on writing a highlights list to write home about!

Okay lastly for this week.... One of the Elders in my district had asked for a drawing. So I did it but now He wants it colored. Oh elder Cumacho. He is from Peru! Funny though. He and Elder Ortiz (his companion, our district leader) like to say things like great answer, wow that was profound...ect... They do this after I hiccup in meetings so they think it funny and at times it is! but I will leave you with a high note...

In the book of Mormon personal study I have been reading in Alma. What an amazing book! There is so much in there. I was reading about when Alma taught the Zoramites and I loved how he related the word of God and faith to a seed. That if it is a good seed it will grow, if it is bad nothing will come from it. But our goal is for the seed to bear fruit for it to do so we must have faith and study upon the word so that the seed has nourishment so that it may grow. I also liked when Korihor went about teaching falsehoods that when he came to the people of Ammon the they were wise and bound him and took him to their high priest who questioned him and seeing that his heart was hard cast him from the land. The peopled in the next land did the same and their high priest seeing the same thing had him sent to the chief judge of the land and Alma who was the high priest over the whole land and church. They questioned him and taught him much about the gospel but he would not hear till a sign was made unto him. which sign would later partly cause his death.

It is just amazing to me how some people have closed of their hearts from the word God and refuse to hear it. I am sad for these people. For we desire so much to share with them what we have, a precious gift from God. and they refuse to listen!

Well I love you all, have an amazing week and know that our Heavenly Father is always there,
Con amor,
Hna. Ziegler

Monday, 16 January 2012

16 January, 2012

Wow what a week!!!!

So I will start off from the beginning. And answer a few questions along the way!

So there is a new study program for the new missionaries that we need to do for the first twelve weeks. We have been playing catch up. and since I missed the missionaries first 'day'. I had to watch the car safety videos. a few were funny but very serious in their content matter. So we have been doing that.

So we have had some success this week. We have a baptism this Saturday looking forward to that. We got in some new doors, but they were inactive's which is great but we are also wanting to find those searching for the gospel. Maybe we're not searching hard enough? We will find them!

Oh so I got a surprise this Sunday. I walk into the church building where our Spanish branch meets and there is Holly Forsyth my MTC teacher. I was like no way! It was fun to see her! We exchanged greetings and hugs oh what fun!

Okay so hear is BIG news........ready for it...... Elder Jeffery R. Holland spoke to the whole mission on Saturday!!!!!
Excited yet!!! Well here is some of what he said to us!
Okay first off I have to tell you that he shook each of our hands. It was so cool.
Now onto what he said.......
He said that every beautiful thing that has happened in his life since his mission is because of his mission. That when he tells us that his mission means everything to him he is not just saying words but it is an expression of his soul. He then also told us at we are expected to act and behave as missionaries at all times. We are not to go home and tell the young deacons all about the pranks you played or to make the mission less than it is and not taint what a mission is. Don't you dare do that! Is what he told us. He went on to say that we are part of the miracle of the restoration. That we as missionaries are the example to the members and to our investigators. So as he said very passionately "Don't you dare go home and go inactive, Don't you dare walk away from this church, Don't you dare go home and turn your back on the gospel. You are here teaching people how to live by these principles, So don't you dare and not live them yourselves!" We are in this forever! And it starts with us being the example, having the faith, the testimony, it starts with us! He then told us that when we shook hands with him that was our interview. almost all of you passed he said, there only a few, a few that need to do better and they know who they are!
He also told us that Preach my Gospel is to convert the missionaries, and the missionaries are trusted to well.... teach! He wants us to come home and be like unto Capetian Moroni. Be stalwart in our faith. The as thing he told us was about the book of Mormon. That it is a book of revelation, and that it is the most powerful testament of Christ to ever be written. Without it our religion would be nothing. One last note on his talk he asked us to pray for him. He is being interviewed by a notoriously (or so he has heard) against religion, reporter for the BBC. You will have to watch that and let me know how it goes! And Pray for him!

So I must go! I love you all and Nichole thank you for the picture he is adorable!

Con amor (With love),
Hna. Ziegler(hugs too)

Monday, 9 January 2012

9 January, 2012

So these last few days have been interesting and exciting all at once! I don't know quite how to describe it. So I will tell all that has happened.

I had to wake up at four in the morning to catch my flight. Not fun! really not! anyway, Hermanas Petersen, Eyestone, and Buchanan. Helped me take my luggage to the travel office. It finally snowed that morning I left I loved it. But they said their good byes they are very sweet sisters. I Got to the airport everything a-okay.My flight left at 8:45 but the plane had to be De-iced. we were one the run-way for about an hour for that. I got to Spokane, I met my Mission President and his Wife. Very sweet people. They took me to a baptism they had previously said they would be there. Guess who I saw there! One Elder Jason Petersen. Weird huh! He is English speaking! He did not recognize me! So he doesn't know that I am here! I laugh at that! But the baptism itself was a beautiful event and very spiritual. I could see the testimony that the person had! Amazing!

We later went to their home were I met my companion/trainer. She is Hermana Christofferson. Very sweet, and laughs a lot and thinks my hiccups are cute! We ate lunch with them it was very good! I then had an interview with President Palmer. A nice man. I love his accent! He is from New Zealand.

So after we went back to our area which happens to be.......Spokane Valley. We also have Spanish sisters go out to Moses lake! We are in an English ward and a Spanish branch. It is amazing! I have met some of the branch members very sweet people. I have only met a few of the English because they had stake conference during the time that the branch met and we had investigators there! I have already taught a few lessons. My part has been small because I can only keep up with what their saying if they talk slow they don't! So Spanish will come I just need to be confident in myself!

I have taught an in-active and his sister who is an investigator and helped his understand of why we have the book of Mormon it was amazing to just see the light of understanding come into his eyes! Oh I loved it!!! We have gone tracting a bit! Very fun!

Oh okay so they have this new program that I am supposed to do. It is for twelve weeks an very intense in that because of language study we will not be leaving the house till lunch! I am sad but look forward to the new program and it will happen again if I train someone! Weird huh!

So How is everything? I still would la picture of Thomas

For now I love you and thank you for everything!
Hermana Ziegler

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

4 January , 2012

I received a phone call from Diana around 6:00PM She will be going into the mission field on Saturday. She is so exited.

4 January , 2012

So I find out later today if it is going to be stay or go! Keeping hopes and prayers going!

This last week has been interesting for me! The other day I had an extreme reaction to my medication. Not fun!!! I am now back down to one a day. Wish it was none a day:(- !

All is well here! I am starting to feel healthy which a little new to me but I love it!

So I got Mum's letter about the people in your company for Christmas. Emma has boyfriend that is so exciting for her! Would you please tell her I would love to have a letter!

So anyway, I have grown so much here. as I wrote in one of my many letters to others. Now that I am done with my turtle impression! Life can go on!

We as missionaries are so blessed here. To hear from either a member of the seventy or an Apostle twice a week! To hear the messages the Lord has for us! I feel so blessed here! I am sad and happy to leave here! But I am so excited to go out into the field and find those searching for the love of Christ in their lives and help bring them to a knowledge of him and his love for them.

So I hear that at the house that their will be an extra in the house! I say enjoy it and take the opportunity for what it is and teach!

Even though I felt I have already grown so much here in the Mtc I can't wait to see what my full potential is for when I am in the field. Wouldn't it be amazing to take what you learn here in the mission and through out the rest of your life you continually become closer and more like Christ! I think that would be amazing!

Sometimes I feel that there is so much to write and yet so little time, but it is amazing to see what is going on in my life at this moment on a page of written words. What an amazing thing to see. I do realize that there are some things I do not write but who truly writes everything that has happened in a week. I am now keeping a journal faithfully. not everyday is written but I am close. I have found that writing in my journal every night has helped me so much. I sleep better and I am more able to organize the jumbled mess that at times is my mind. I am about half-way through the journal I brought with me! wow! considering that before I had had the same journal for 18 years of my life what a change.

With this I say goodbye and I will let you know how today turns out.
With much Love,
Hna. Ziegler