Wednesday, 28 December 2011

28 December 2011

How was your Christmas? Mine was amazing as you have read in my previous e-mail. I am again using the sticking keyboard sorry for that.

First off today I have a new district I am in the same zone but I am the only one left in my district so I went with a new one. I am sad that The Elders have gone they have become some of my closest friends. It is strange how being with someone everyday all day for 9 weeks does to you.

Okay so my new mailbox number is 213... Send any more mail that way. If you have already sent it don't worry I will still get it!

So the New sisters in the district are sweethearts. Hermana Buchanan is funny and loves to joke around and do 'impressions' she is allot of laughs. Hermana Eyestone is an absolute sweety. Shorter than me but full of spunk. Hermana Petersen is amazing and is just all around sweet.

I know I am not talking about much. But the days here seem to bleed into the next. A strange sensation but true none the less.

So what does Thomas look like I am yet to receive a picture. I got your card the yesterday Mum and Daddy. I loved it! And Nichole thank you again for the package.

How is work going for you Mamma? And How is Ziggie's?

Nauvoo seems like a distant memories now. I know that I am not the same person I was when I left. I am not shy anymore. and love teaching others about the gospel. there are few times that I am not wanting to talk. Surprisingly I have actually lost weight while here. I love the exerciser program they have here. I plan on continuing it through my mission and life. I feel so much healthier now.

I have gained so many friendships here, some are harder to see leave than others but it is so much fun.

Okay I am not talking about much. Oh by the way my hiccups are still an issue big surprise there. But I am going to make notice of when I have issues because of my medication and do as much as I can on my own. I HATE MEDICATION!!! Okay hate is a strong word but I greatly dislike it.

Well I am going to go love you much and wish you well!
Hna. Ziegler

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