Wednesday, 9 November 2011

9 November 2011

Life is very busy here! The Spanish is feeling slow in coming but I am told that I am doing well! They changed the language program here in august and every foreign language is mostly taught in that language. in two weeks they will only speak in Spanish.We are now teaching two investigators twice a week and tonight we start TRC. It is busy!

The food is getting very tiring! I can only handle the same basic stuff only so much! That and my sugar problem has gotten worse no more dessert, ice cream and even yogurt and some juices for me! I don't want to get an upset stomach.

The two elders who are going to Peru have their travel plans and their visas. So they will be leaving us next week. I wish them luck. The rest of us in my district are going state side. My teachers are Hermana Forsyth, Hermano Cameron, and Hermano Peñalillo. They are very different but very good teachers.

Last night for the devotional we listened to a talk about the call and purpose of missionary work. On Sunday we had a fireside from one of the Church's lawyers who is in charge of the visa department and he explained the whole process the Church goes through to get the missionaries in the field and the Gospel across the world.

I miss the girls and Beck big time!!!

So Both of my companions are great and very sweet people. Hermana Probst had a physical therapy appointment and we got to go outside the MTC it was weird.

So Nichole is the only one I have not heard from. I will be writing her a letter today. I really liked getting the letters this week. Though more than three would have been nice. All the elders get a letter a day. Maybe you can get some of my friends to actually write me! It would be very much appreciated.

So typing on these keyboards is very difficult and weird. I am so used to my laptops that the raised keys are giving me problems.

I am working with one of the traveling Teachers Hermano Reichart who is helping me with my conjugations of my verbs and vocab.
One of the Elders said the other day in Spanish that "I have to live in the bathroom" and the same elder last night was singing about being a wet noodle. He gives us laughs.

Well time is about up thanks and love you all,
Hermana Ziegler

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