Wednesday, 2 November 2011

2 November, 2011

Alright So everything is going well.

I wish that instead of righting me so many e-mails that while I am in the MTC if you would use I don't have much time on the computer and it is timed. I have already used half my time just reading everything and I feel that it is inadequate to write all I would wish.

I loved the pictures, but they were Huge!!!!!!

My companions are great, Both are coming with me on Dec.19th to Spokane. Hermana Collins knows Spanish pretty well so Hermana Probst and I practicing our Spanish with her through out the day.

The food is great. I am loving the salad bar. Exercising everyday is amazing. The Elders are like having 6 younger Brothers. They are funny!!!!

Hermana Probst is from here in Utah is 6'2" and is the oldest of five, Hermana Collins is 23 and the middle child of I can't remember how many! Hermana Collins is two inches shorter than I so we feel very short compared to Hermana Probst.

My Spanish Is growing everyday. The teachers will only speak Spanish! My Companeras and I have taught 3 lessons to an Investigator we don't know if she is for real or not but the experiences are amazing.

I will be leaving on the 19th a week before Christmas. Wah! I get to Call home!!

yesterday was the Tuesday devotional we had W.Craig Zwick of the Seventy speak to us on the power of prayer. For Relief Society on Sunday we had Elaine S. Dalton Speak to us it was amazing.

Of course Nichole did well On the Pumpkin walk She always does.

Alright I only Have 4 minutes left. It is good to here about how well Ziggie's did.

Of course the weather is changing it has Snowed here a couple of times but it has only stayed on the mountain tops.

I feel myself growing closer to the Lord (Dios-God) here. It is amazing.

I hope Peter does well On his Tryout.

By the way I would love to have A Package during my stay here if at all possible!

I almost have the missionary Purpose memorized in Spanish!

But Please do write during the week via dear elder so I can think on what to write and so I can write you more.

With Love, Hermana Ziegler

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