Wednesday, 7 December 2011

So Mariah-
Thank you so much for the package. It brightened my day! I love everything! How did you know what to send.
Anyway to the family! I am feeling down this week. It seems that all my appointments are annoying my companions and get irradiated with me. I am trying to figure out what is going on but it does hurt a little to be treated like that.

So this is how I have been feeling this week. Like I am the invisible person in the trio. But all will be well. Going to the temple as soon as I am done here. So I am hoping that I will feel better after.

So I had an MRI the other day. Normal brain. Talked to a psychologist yesterday. I had an EMG today felt really weird. I have an EEG tomorrow. So I will write and keep you updated. By the way Daddy they have eliminated stress as the problem. I have been doing this since I was sixteen. And when I am nervous I play with my fingers. Same with stress. So I am hoping to be done with this soon.

So I really would like the address's I asked for on the letter. I want and feel like I should write them during this time in my life.

Daddy I really want to have a written copy of your conversion story. It is important to me!

I am being hurried.

I had an appointment this morning.

Oh you will get a kick out of this. One of our investigators told us that she believed the Catholic church, and our church was true. We had to explain the apostasy all over again and the proper authority and how it works. Kind of overwhelming.

I have to go now!

I LOVE YOU ALL! Please write a little more often this week, I need the comfort!

I will write a letter later,
Hermana Ziegler

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