Wednesday, 23 November 2011

23 November 2011

So this week much has happened. Last Wed. was my teachers Hermano Peñalillo birthday. We as a district each got him a snickers bar. he loves them. When we said Happy Birthday Hermano P we threw the snickers at him. Quite the laugh. He loved it! He told us that he was touched.

That night we taught in the TRc and one of the people that we taught Santiago gave me a copy of the el Libro de Mormon with his testimony written inside. he bore his testimony of the importance and power of the book of Mormon. It was a touching experience.

During the fireside on Sunday according to the Elders in my district I hiccuped 85 times. that is 85 times in an hour. It was not fun. not fun at all!!! After the fireside I was approached by one of the men in charge of ´´knowing what goes on´´ and he wanted to make sure that it was not an elder goofing off. because you can hear them through the whole building. it sucks!

But during class the next day right before my compañeras and I were to teach our investigator Juan jose over the intercom comes this voice. ´´Is Sister Ziegler there?" Yes... "Do you still have the hiccups" Yes they are chronic "oh so they don't go away" no they don't they are constant "well we have a doctors appointment for you tomorrow morning at eight. But it sounds as if you know what is going so unless I tell you otherwise you don't have to go." Then it went quite and all of us that were in the class room just busted up laughing. So funny. And then later just 30 minutes before class ends the intercom goes of again. 'is Sister Ziegler there?' Yes!!! "You do need to go the appointment in the morning. Is eight alright for you?" Yes! See you in the morning then" We all laughed again it was just so funny!

So I go to the appointment and the Doctor asks me questions about my hiccups and when they started etc.... he then says he wants a specialist to look and see if they can figure out what is going on. So on Monday I am to see a neurologist. Not sure why but okay!!! Then he tells me that I have an appointment with President Brown in 30 minutes who set the appointments. turns out he is a doctor and is curious as to why I do it as well. I go to the Appointment with President Brown who is the MTC President and he asks some of the same questions, and if it is stress how things are going at home if I am a life long member or convert. He was very nice and loving. He told me that he in no way wants to take me away from my mission he just wants to help me figure out what is exactly going on. Then he takes me to the executive secretary because I had voiced a concern about distracting from the spirit in the devotional that night. So during the devotional I got to sit up in the media translator booth. It was fun I got to watch the devotional either from the window or a small TV on the desk in front of me and my seat was comfy, and it was warm in the room. I still had troubles with my hiccups of course but I felt that I was able to not disturb others while i did so.

The devotional was amazing. D.Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the twelve spoke. What an amazing devotional. I could go into grater detail of all that he said but it would take more time than I have so I will only mention a point that he made that was profound to me.

He said "Your service to the Lord does not end after your mission. You are not entitled to laze off after your mission. the lord will still have need of you. Act and serve so that you are worthy of all that he asks of you to do" It is so true is it not. We are missionaries through out our lives it does not matter where it might brings us but we will continue to serve the lord.
Now after hearing his devotional and the comments of his wife on the Holy Ghost and the work it takes to know the voice of the Lord, I feel like I am to strive to be a better missionary.

So the week has been eventful but my Spanish is growing and my understanding of Gospel principles is stronger. I love and thank you all.
Hermana Ziegler

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