Sunday, 25 December 2011

25 December 2011

So today has been amazing. We have had an amazing morning. We got to watch the Mormon tabernacle choir on their Christmas morning music and the spoken word. It was so pretty. Then we had an MTC wide sacrament meeting. Wow! I will just say Wow! The spirit was so strong during that meeting. I am sorry to admit but due to my medication I slept through the first talk. What I did hear of it It sounded amazing. Guess who the main speaker was? David A. Bednar came and spoke to us. What an amazing talk. He talked to us of being converted to God and Jesus Christ ans the importance of doing so; not just having a testimony of it. He expounded on that by telling us we needed to strive to have the character of Christ. Of putting off the natural man and looking outward always and not inward as the cookie monster and Say constantly I want cookie and I want cookie now! THAT IS NOT THE POINT! We are to strive to serve our fellow man and by doing so we find ourselves quite by accident.
It was an amazing talk I don't have my 'small plates' with me otherwise I would share more.

I loved last night,the Christmas eve program went like this-
We had a nativity play with the scriptures in Luke being read by elders and it being acted out. Was funny to see how some of the Elders were dressed up for it!

After we got to watch a Christmas Carol. Okay so My hiccups were perfectly timed during that. Right before Jacob Marley shows up in Ebenezer bed-room it was very intense feeling right. Well I hiccuped very loudly and several of the people sitting next to me including Elder Pimentel! He jumped so high it was funny! Told not to do that I scared him. Then it happened a few more times in the intense parts of the movie. And No I can not do these on purpose! But it was funny.

After wards in the residence hall. I went around and gave almost all of the sisters a hug ! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Nichole I loved receiving your package! did the girls pick out some of it? I loved the Princess nails. and Cranky is hilarious!!! If Mum and Daddy sent me a package I have not received it yet. And Mariah sent me an early one! I also got a package from Alyssa I loved it!

I needed another Journal mine is about half way full and I am not yet out of the MTC! Wow allot is happening in my life. I have changed so much. I am much more open now! As a Solo sister in the MTC it is interesting! We got new sisters in the Zone on wed. Their names are Hna. Eyestone, Hna. Peterson, Hna. Buchanan. They are absolute sweet hearts! I love them! So I am sad. Elders Sanchez, Pimentel, and Miller leave on Tuesday but I plan on writing them during their missions. I now have three adopted brothers! So when they leave I am going into the next oldest district. It will be interesting to get used to at first but all will be well!

I have received many Christmas cards this last week. I thank all who have sent them and apologize for not sending anything back I have not had the time these last few weeks with Doctor appointments. I don't have one till the 4th then i hopefully hear for sure that i am leaving for the field the next week.
Con Amor,
Hna. Ziegler

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