Wednesday, 30 November 2011

30 November, 2011

So how is life? I have a cold right now AND my hiccups. quite and interesting combo! needless to say.

So I went to the neurologist on Monday and he said that wanted to do all these test but when I told him where I am going he said that if Doctor Sampson (MTC Doctor) says so that I could probably do them in the mission. Otherwise he was going to ask the MTC to keep me for three months. You can probably tell which one I would prefer but if the Lord says so I will stay here.

So Daddy my district loved your letter.... Hiccup~....... My teachers thought it funny too! I will keep it on me for the rest of my mission as when I need a good laugh letter.

Thanksgiving here was amazing, different and funny... In the morning Russel M. Nelson was here and gave a great Devotional. I don't have my notes on me otherwise I would tell you what was said. Then we did a humanitarian project and as a whole the MTC put together over 8,000 emergency physicians kits. They are headed for the Sudan. It was so much fun. We had a thanksgiving Lunch it was Okay! Not up to Mom's standards.

I have found that if I even eat more than a certain amount of fruit in the day that i am nauseous. So I am now four days now sugar and I only eat fruit once a day!!! So I am proud of my self.

Things are really starting to come together with my Spanish! thankfully! I pray about it, it seems constantly.

Life before now seems like a far off dream. As I look at myself and realize I am not that person anymore! Wow just within a few short weeks I am closer to my goal of act like the daughter of God that I am. I am extremely happy for that.

My companions are great. They and my district joke about my hiccups quite often. It is actually quite funny. Oh one of the Elders in my District can imitate it and loves trying to get people to look at me for the cause. There have been a few times where we are in sync and it is a laugh.

My time is up so I say goodbye for the week, though I will say I would love to have more Dear Elder letters through out the Week, And I would Love to Have one from Nichole and her Family though since she is due soon I will wait till after the baby if need be!!!

Love and prayers be with you,
Hermana Ziegler
~Dios nos ama~

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