Wednesday, 21 December 2011

21 December, 2011

Merry Christmas my family!

So I had quite the adventure this morning. I had clicked on the new look for my e-mail and then i kept getting a popup that said unauthorized page. Then I could not get into my e-mails. It was not fun. Then I went to the help desk live chat on the computer told them what happened and they fixed it but they needed me to go up to their office to restart my e-mail. Pero (but) I was in the middle of drying my slips and most of my skirts so i waited till that was done got everything to my room and changed then went and restarted my e-mail so I can do this! Oh what an adventure on P-day morning at the MTC!

So My week has been interesting. So I start taking my meds. twice a day today. I also go to the neurologist for a check-up. I have an appointment tomorrow with the MTC doctor.It is going to be interesting. My Meds have been making me very sleepy. I fell asleep in the middle of sacrament meeting on Sunday,The branch presidencies wives are worried about me and hope that it is just my body needing to get used to the medication. I sincerely hope so. I was falling asleep in class the other day. The Elders thought it was funny because they know that it is the medication and not me!

Oh I think I forgot to tell you Elder Pimentel can imitate my Hiccups. In his own words I haves sporadic Hiccups and he has Sporadic mocking! Very funny!!! Funny thing is that they sound almost perfect that I get blamed for them once in awhile unless I hiccup right before.

So I am looking forward to today, The zone gets more Hermanas today!!!! So I get to sleep in my room again! Since I am now a "Solo" sister I have to be escorted everywhere by either the Elders or sister depending on what the activity is! So I am excited!

Oh so Hermana Probst and Collins left Monday morning I was sad but I still don't cry easily. But if I could I would have!

So I want to say that I love you all and I need Nichole's e-mail and pictures of the new little one! I will be sending Christmas letters to everyone! Eric's may be late I want to make sure my Spanish is correct! ;) So I am going way over my time today because of this mornings adventure! But I hope that all is well with you.
So if you could send me address of family members to write this next year during my mission! I would love to write but I don't have very many people to write! So this is all that I can say for today I will write more later and let you know how everything is going and maybe some stories that you can put in the blog.

Love you- Tu Amo
Hermana Ziegler
p.s. Have a very blessed and joyful Christmas!

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