Wednesday, 16 November 2011

16 Nov. 2011

So how is everyone doing?

I got Mum's letter yesterday! Thanks for the ten bucks! It is being added to my emergency fund for right now!

The Sisters and I get new roommates today! They are sending in a double amount of Missionaries in this week. they did not want to send any the day before thanksgiving! So hence the double this week.

Last night we had Tad R. Callister speak to us on the reasons of the atonement and the ten things that lost or corrupted after the apostasy. Very interesting! My only problem was that my hiccups are getting worse and according to Elder Pimentel I hiccuped 55 times during the devotional and it would not stop!!!! I was hurting like nothing after that. I had to get a blessing from the Elders because I hurt so bad. It was quite the experience and I feel so much love from our Heavenly Father, and the Elders in my District.

This last week we as a companionship have taught several more lessons in Spanish each more spiritually felt than the last. I have felt that I am being blessed tenfolds while I am struggling to learn this language. While I may not fully understand what is being said I am getting the gist of it and I can ask basic questions and teach them how to pray. How we open and what we thank God for questions and blessing and how we close. I have also taught about how baptism (bautismo) needs to be performed by proper authority.

Last Wednesday after dinner i had a pain in my upper abdomen. It got so bad that I was crying because of the pain. I have no idea what it was but it scared me. It was my first TRC that night. I was given a blessing then as well. It is quite powerful to be surrounded by the priesthood holders of the Lord and feel their faith and humility in offering those simple blessings on anopthers behalf.

I loved to hear from you guys more this week. I still have not received anything from Nichole! Has she gotten my letter yet? I keep the picture she gave me of the little ones on me at all times. They are my inspiration to keep going for they are part of the future generation and I am part of making the way for them easier. Or at least that is how I feel.

Now there are times that I do feel overwhelmed but my Companions have told me that there are counselors here to help with that and to help with any other feelings of putting myself down or being hard on myself etc... they are there to help with that. So i am going to be doing that tomorrow. I hope that it helps.

But life here is good. I am eating less, exercising more and have lost a little weight. I am happy for that fact. I am trying so hard to lose some so that i can be healthy. My not being able to eat much sugar does help that process along though. I was given a bag of skittles the other day. those tiny ones you use for Halloween. After about ten fifteen minutes I felt a little nauseous and loopy. From sugar!!! I got this feeling. I have been asked If I am Diabetic. But I just don't know. I just know sugar and I do not get along.

So how is the family? I want to know what is going on out there! Any one put there mission papers in lately? I need to write Eric so Love you all,
Hermana Ziegler

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