Tuesday, 3 April 2012

2 April 2012

So this week has been great. General Confrence was just amazing! I loved it! and learned so much. I took alot of notes. I was barely looking at the screen because I was taking so many notes. Well for most of the sessions my companions and I were at the stake center. But before the last session on sunday we went over to the mission home to wish Sister Palmer a happy birthday. She was so cute. We were then invited to watch the last session with her and President Palmer. They are so sweet. So we stayed and ended up watching it with them and the Assistants and an Investigator that they are teaching. It truly was amazing. Sister Palmer has told us that we Sisters are the only missionaries to have seen the mission home so often.

Any way the rest of the week has gone by great. Despite the many cancelations, and people not answering their doors. We have been able to teach many people about Christ and how by following his example theirs lives can be so much more fulfilling. and the blessings that come from reading the Book of mormon. I have been doing the challenge given us by President Palmer to read the book of Mormon in 85 days. I am only in Alma 24: but It has been amazing. I don't want to put it down when personal study is over. I want to read it always. eating and sleeping just get in the way. But at the same time I want to treasure every moment I have while reading it.

So one of our on dates is so excited for her Baptism. She is 9 and very sharp. She understands what it means to be a mamber and really wants to be. We have planned her baptism so that her father can go. and her mother (who does not live with them) is planning on coming. She is amazing. she shows me the example of what Christ meant when he said "Be as a little child". They are so humble and so accepting, they also just know how they are to act and be that examaple of Christ to the rest of the World. How do we forget that as we grow up? Is it that we start caring more what the world thinks of us? or is it that we start drawing ourselves away, through distractions of music, clothing, friends, movies, etc...? Do we allow ourselves to be distracted from following the example of Christ.

We also have a man that we are teaching who is so humble that it amazes me. He knows that he is ready for Basptism, that it is the thing he needs to do to follow God. But he wants to wait. Not only to be sure that he will know that after the High of Going to General Confrence but so that all those who he wants to be there, can be there. He wants all of us to be there. and the Sister Missionary who began teaching him a year ago and helped through so much. I really want him to know that he can be baptized so much sooner than he thinks but he is praying for a specific date that we gave him and he will let us know how he feels about it. I truly hope and pray that it is soon because this man is amazing. His faith and knowledge of what he needs to do is simply astounding to me.

We got a shock the other night. One of the people that we are teaching told us that he has read the whole book of Mormon. and He has! He has questions written on the top of almost every page. We try to answer them but it is not always easy. Now try to answer his questions and also keep trying to get him to come to church. It has been hard but we are praying and hoping that he will come. He has been prepared and knows that he need to follow Christ. but he needs to come to Church!

Again it just has been amazing to be out here to learn so much about the gospel and spanish. Speaking of which I can now understand 75% of the time. So happy now if only I could remember how to respond to what their saying most of the time! grrr... It is coming though working hard and praying for the gift of tongues many times.

And it is so exciting to hear from Daddy his find! That is so exciting! The whole family is getting involved in missionary work! I love it! I pray that his search keeps on giving fruit and that he will find those ready to be found! I love you all so much and hope all is well. mariah I hope the Baby comes healthy and just plain cute! Nichole again thank you, and I love your family, the cute little ones and all those little quirky things they do. I thank you and Peter so much for the support. Kyle you'll be a great Dad!

Moma do You read the Book of Mormon everyday? There is a woman in the english ward that is teaching me so much by her example. She is taking the book of mormon verse by verse and not applying it to herself but trying to understand how each verse is important and what it means. Wow! She is now in Alma and preparing herself to go to the temple. She is amazing.

Well I love you all so much but I need to write President Palmer.

Con amor y te carino

Hermana Ziegler

Ps. I got to eat safiche con cameron. it was different!

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