Monday, 26 March 2012

26 March 2012

It is great to hear how life is back home. And Momma thanks for the snail mail. though the pic of Miriam got a little rubbed so it looks very pink! But I love having pictures of the little ones. Thank you and I will be sending off a thank you for the other item you sent. So this week has been pretty good. I was told by one of the members in our Spanish branch that my Spanish is getting better. And I had only said a prayer! It was great to hear that I am improving in my Spanish. I know I am understanding more and my confidence is growing daily so I am speaking all that much more. So I am excited to hear how everyone’s life is going because I want to be able to know what has happened in my families lives while I am out here. I love being here, but I do like to hear about my family. And so... Well this week has been busy. We are teaching and finding more and more people. Some have never heard of the church before others are in relationships with less-active members. But each are searching for the truth in their own way and we are striving to teach and help them along that path of finding. It is truly amazing to see the growth that happens in their lives as they begin to live the gospel. And you feel it within yourself as well. That change has you study the scriptures not only for your own benefit but to help others have a better understanding of the gospel. It truly amazes me! I am now such a different person that I truly don't know how I got to be this way but know it has to do with the Lord and his hand in helping so that I can teach those searching and ready to hear the message we share of Christ. Right now we are teaching a 9-yr-old that is so excited to be baptized that she told her whole primary class that she was going to be baptized. Now we just have to make sure that we have Dad's permission. Because she truly desires this and it will help I believe bring her father back to his faith in the Gospel. There are many who we are teaching that are preparing for baptism and we pray for them nightly so that they receive that answer they are looking for and so that they can truly be prepared for baptism in every whit. They are wonderful people and are just yearning to know how they can become closer to Christ. There are many times I look back and think if I had half the desire these people have in coming unto Christ how much different would my life have been? It is an interesting question and I am learning now to have such a desire and push forward with knowing that all that has promised will be mine if I keep the commandments and covenants I have made with God. On Saturday we watched the young woman’s broadcast. I loved every single one of those talks. I don't have my notes on me otherwise I would write a little about each that I loved but they were amazing and answered some doubts that I have had lately so I am very thankful for the chance to go. Well I need to write President Palmer but before I go...... I need rain stuff! It is getting very rainy out here. Not that I mind but don't exactly want to get sick from getting to wet. I am going to look for a hat today. Also my journal is about done I have ten pages left. And that will probably only last the week so if possible that would be great if you could send me one if not that's okay! I will write very tiny! With lots of love, te quiero, Hermana Ziegler

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