Wednesday, 4 January 2012

4 January , 2012

So I find out later today if it is going to be stay or go! Keeping hopes and prayers going!

This last week has been interesting for me! The other day I had an extreme reaction to my medication. Not fun!!! I am now back down to one a day. Wish it was none a day:(- !

All is well here! I am starting to feel healthy which a little new to me but I love it!

So I got Mum's letter about the people in your company for Christmas. Emma has boyfriend that is so exciting for her! Would you please tell her I would love to have a letter!

So anyway, I have grown so much here. as I wrote in one of my many letters to others. Now that I am done with my turtle impression! Life can go on!

We as missionaries are so blessed here. To hear from either a member of the seventy or an Apostle twice a week! To hear the messages the Lord has for us! I feel so blessed here! I am sad and happy to leave here! But I am so excited to go out into the field and find those searching for the love of Christ in their lives and help bring them to a knowledge of him and his love for them.

So I hear that at the house that their will be an extra in the house! I say enjoy it and take the opportunity for what it is and teach!

Even though I felt I have already grown so much here in the Mtc I can't wait to see what my full potential is for when I am in the field. Wouldn't it be amazing to take what you learn here in the mission and through out the rest of your life you continually become closer and more like Christ! I think that would be amazing!

Sometimes I feel that there is so much to write and yet so little time, but it is amazing to see what is going on in my life at this moment on a page of written words. What an amazing thing to see. I do realize that there are some things I do not write but who truly writes everything that has happened in a week. I am now keeping a journal faithfully. not everyday is written but I am close. I have found that writing in my journal every night has helped me so much. I sleep better and I am more able to organize the jumbled mess that at times is my mind. I am about half-way through the journal I brought with me! wow! considering that before I had had the same journal for 18 years of my life what a change.

With this I say goodbye and I will let you know how today turns out.
With much Love,
Hna. Ziegler

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