Monday, 9 January 2012

9 January, 2012

So these last few days have been interesting and exciting all at once! I don't know quite how to describe it. So I will tell all that has happened.

I had to wake up at four in the morning to catch my flight. Not fun! really not! anyway, Hermanas Petersen, Eyestone, and Buchanan. Helped me take my luggage to the travel office. It finally snowed that morning I left I loved it. But they said their good byes they are very sweet sisters. I Got to the airport everything a-okay.My flight left at 8:45 but the plane had to be De-iced. we were one the run-way for about an hour for that. I got to Spokane, I met my Mission President and his Wife. Very sweet people. They took me to a baptism they had previously said they would be there. Guess who I saw there! One Elder Jason Petersen. Weird huh! He is English speaking! He did not recognize me! So he doesn't know that I am here! I laugh at that! But the baptism itself was a beautiful event and very spiritual. I could see the testimony that the person had! Amazing!

We later went to their home were I met my companion/trainer. She is Hermana Christofferson. Very sweet, and laughs a lot and thinks my hiccups are cute! We ate lunch with them it was very good! I then had an interview with President Palmer. A nice man. I love his accent! He is from New Zealand.

So after we went back to our area which happens to be.......Spokane Valley. We also have Spanish sisters go out to Moses lake! We are in an English ward and a Spanish branch. It is amazing! I have met some of the branch members very sweet people. I have only met a few of the English because they had stake conference during the time that the branch met and we had investigators there! I have already taught a few lessons. My part has been small because I can only keep up with what their saying if they talk slow they don't! So Spanish will come I just need to be confident in myself!

I have taught an in-active and his sister who is an investigator and helped his understand of why we have the book of Mormon it was amazing to just see the light of understanding come into his eyes! Oh I loved it!!! We have gone tracting a bit! Very fun!

Oh okay so they have this new program that I am supposed to do. It is for twelve weeks an very intense in that because of language study we will not be leaving the house till lunch! I am sad but look forward to the new program and it will happen again if I train someone! Weird huh!

So How is everything? I still would la picture of Thomas

For now I love you and thank you for everything!
Hermana Ziegler

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