Monday, 30 January 2012

30 January, 2012

Okay So this week has been interesting....
as we were sweeping our new area! We felt like we didn't get much done but we met all but two members of the ward council. and quite a few of the part member families, and some of the inactive's. We also taught two lessons to this investigator and her family. A very sweet woman. Her kids are ready but she is not. Has a few things to overcome but she is working for it! With faith she will be able to do it. We teach her and her family again today!

So I am amazed that I am only working on my fourth week her in the field how strange is that! I feel that I have been out here longer than that!

So about being family history consultants that is so cool. Do you realize how much a missionary tool that is? Many people get there non-member spouse to investigate the church that way.

Oh and we met a member who is from Germany and she recognized our name as being German. She asked where are family is from. I said Austria she then asked what part. I told her we couldn't find the information. She then told me that we should go online to Europe Austria and they would have the information there. Or we could go to the Austrian embassy and ask them. If that didn't work she said try the German one. They would know! They would be able to find out for you! She then told that was how a friend of hers and found his ancestors. A very sweet woman, thought I would pass the information along.

So why did we move to Nauvoo? I am curious about what you would say! I am grateful that we did but still am curious! I can not believe how much time has flown by. It feels like yesterday that Mariah was dropping me off at the MTC and said goodby have fun! and then just left I was like hey, what, where. what is going on here? ..... But I have gained many friendships and experiences that I would not trade for the world they have helped me become stronger in the gospel and become who I am today! And I am writing many of these friends!

So to answer these questions of yours,

How is the work going?
The work is progressing. Just last night we knocked on a door and it turns out to be less-actives who just prayed the night before looking for Christ's guidance in their life. They want to meet with us latter on this week and want to come back to church!

We are planning on tracting for both Spanish and English so we will see how that goes!

How is the weather?
Cold, but getting warmer, last night we had a rain storm a few of the pamphlets in my back pack got wet, nothing else just pamphlets. it was kinda weird but I am very thankful for that. I do not know what I would have done if my scriptures got wet! I would have cried!!!

Diana where is your companion from?
Her family moved from one part of Virginia to the other while she has been out here so she is not exactly sure. But they are close to D.C.

How is the Spanish going?
The Spanish is coming. Slowly but surely! I am starting, just starting mind you. to understand the native speakers when they speak. My confidence in my speaking is growing and I am starting to use it more! I just need to remember to do so! And Eric I loved hearing how yours is!!!

is there anything you need?
Umm yes, Could I have your recipe for Russian tea? And some pictures of the family sent via snail mail? if at all possible! Thank you so much!

How is the life of a missionary ?
It is interesting, exciting and tiring! I have no desire to exercise in the mornings but I know I need to!

Oh you should ask the new sister how the blue book is coming? It is fun and very educational!!!!

I am also sorry about meep meep she will be fixed though right?
Life here is growing and I hope all is well with all of you!

Love you all,
Hna. Ziegler

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