Monday, 16 January 2012

16 January, 2012

Wow what a week!!!!

So I will start off from the beginning. And answer a few questions along the way!

So there is a new study program for the new missionaries that we need to do for the first twelve weeks. We have been playing catch up. and since I missed the missionaries first 'day'. I had to watch the car safety videos. a few were funny but very serious in their content matter. So we have been doing that.

So we have had some success this week. We have a baptism this Saturday looking forward to that. We got in some new doors, but they were inactive's which is great but we are also wanting to find those searching for the gospel. Maybe we're not searching hard enough? We will find them!

Oh so I got a surprise this Sunday. I walk into the church building where our Spanish branch meets and there is Holly Forsyth my MTC teacher. I was like no way! It was fun to see her! We exchanged greetings and hugs oh what fun!

Okay so hear is BIG news........ready for it...... Elder Jeffery R. Holland spoke to the whole mission on Saturday!!!!!
Excited yet!!! Well here is some of what he said to us!
Okay first off I have to tell you that he shook each of our hands. It was so cool.
Now onto what he said.......
He said that every beautiful thing that has happened in his life since his mission is because of his mission. That when he tells us that his mission means everything to him he is not just saying words but it is an expression of his soul. He then also told us at we are expected to act and behave as missionaries at all times. We are not to go home and tell the young deacons all about the pranks you played or to make the mission less than it is and not taint what a mission is. Don't you dare do that! Is what he told us. He went on to say that we are part of the miracle of the restoration. That we as missionaries are the example to the members and to our investigators. So as he said very passionately "Don't you dare go home and go inactive, Don't you dare walk away from this church, Don't you dare go home and turn your back on the gospel. You are here teaching people how to live by these principles, So don't you dare and not live them yourselves!" We are in this forever! And it starts with us being the example, having the faith, the testimony, it starts with us! He then told us that when we shook hands with him that was our interview. almost all of you passed he said, there only a few, a few that need to do better and they know who they are!
He also told us that Preach my Gospel is to convert the missionaries, and the missionaries are trusted to well.... teach! He wants us to come home and be like unto Capetian Moroni. Be stalwart in our faith. The as thing he told us was about the book of Mormon. That it is a book of revelation, and that it is the most powerful testament of Christ to ever be written. Without it our religion would be nothing. One last note on his talk he asked us to pray for him. He is being interviewed by a notoriously (or so he has heard) against religion, reporter for the BBC. You will have to watch that and let me know how it goes! And Pray for him!

So I must go! I love you all and Nichole thank you for the picture he is adorable!

Con amor (With love),
Hna. Ziegler(hugs too)

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