Tuesday, 7 February 2012

6 February 2012

So my dear family so much has happened this past week. Things funny, weird, and spiritual. but first I will comment on your e-mails to me.

Okay so the week-


Hermana Christoffersen and I went frisbee golfing. It was so much fun. And I have so fun pictures. I will have to send you a cd soon. We threw snow balls at eachother and I caught one and threw it back at the Elder who threw it. Not much else happened besides P-day happenings!


Okay this day was intersting. While we were teaching one of our recent converts his roomate kept going on in spanish so I did not understand any of it. But he kept saying how cute I was, How beautifull I was. And how he wanted to marry me and take me to live with him in mexico. It was interesting. The convert keeps teasing me now.


So we went tracting for most of this day. in the evening we came across an older gentleman named Paul. He told us that we were decieved and that we were doing Satan's work. He told us we were a cult, and would be held accountable for all the souls that we have decieved. I felt like crying for him. He went on in this vain for several minutes. I did not feel the spirit while we were talking to this man. I felt prompted to share my Testimony of Christ and I did so. He changed towards us a little and told us that we the members of the Church may not be a cult. we may even believe in Christ but our Church was still a cult. I felt like crying for this man. There is so much he is missing but is not willing to hear. But my first "Bible Bash" went peaceful.

We also helped a hispanic couple find work that was a long two hours!


Okay this day was long. Daily Planning. and daily dose. it was interesting.


Had an investigator promise to a baptismal date! She is so sweet! I am so excited for her.


This day was full of weird happenings. We went tracting in an apartment complex. met a russian man who kept trying to tell us that we could talk to us in his apartment, but we can't with only two sisters. Then he told us a thign that was so funny. I have my fish, I don't know if it is boy or gilr. but is that okay you can come and teach in my apartment now no! So funny.


President Palmer was in my sacrament meeting in my english ward. it was weird. But it was a pretty good day.

So another funny quote of the week was- I am legally obligated not to tell you waht her car looks like.

So I also got sick this week. Don;t worry I am fine. Just now more sugar at all. The only time I eat it now is dinner appiontments I feel to bad to tell them I can't have it! It was me seriously sick when I eat to much.

Well Gotta go love you lots bye!


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