Monday, 22 April 2013

22 April 2013

So this week has been great! We had a slower week but we learned a lot together this week. We had a few of our investigators drop us via text this past week. That was a little hard but, they do have their agency too. So we are giving them a little break but not giving up on them quite yet! We also now finally have some Spanish investigators! So excited for that! We are working to find in both. Because both the ward and the branch need the growth. They had recently change the boundaries on the ward because its numbers were getting to be so small. Everyone kept moving away and no one was moving in. Oh I gave a talk on Sunday in the ward. Several people have told me that they liked it. Yeah!!! and I had prayed before hand because I was nervous and during the whole talk I did not mumble I was not shaking out of nerves it was a blessing! God was helping me with that Talk. My Companion and I then later co-taught the Spanish relief society. It was great. And I truly saw the blessing of planning together and sharing together the vision of where we see the lesson going. it was amazing! Okay so some experiences this last week. We had an old guy tell us that he was 'the David' the David from the bible. and then he did some weird hand thing to my companion. It was weird. We had 3 Mexicans hitting one us while we were tracting. that was really weird and uncomfortable. we had also had one of no former potentials invite us over to a fiesta with his family. yeah!!!! just weird. But something really cool. we were visiting with one of our members last week. she has been coming back into activity and she told me that she admired me. She said she admired my conviction for serving God, because she said that if she had my hiccup she would be hiding under a rock not out serving a mission. It was really cool and very sweet of her! because she has an amazing story herself. Well I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! I am looking forward to seeing the miracles this week will bring in doing God's work. Con Amor, Hermana Ziegler

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