Monday, 29 April 2013

29 April 2013

Hello all of you!!!! This last week has been great! I have been able to learn so much! My Companion and I have seen so much together we feel. But it has been amazing to be here in the area at this time. I feel that I have learned more this last transfer than I have in my whole mission combined. I know I just can't explain all of them in an e-mail but I will at least tell you a bit about our week! We have been teaching so many people this last week! It has been great! I believe that this week was one of my highest for having member help! It was amazing and I felt so blessed. We are also teaching mostly couples. so they are working together to come unto Christ and to learn about what we have to share with them. I sang a special musical number in the Spanish branch yesterday! That was fun! I will have to tell you what I did later! But the sister who played the piano is also a missionary and between her and I we came up with an arrangement of an hymn and played that. It was fun! I was really nervous but I did not feel so bad as I used to in the past. I was really excited for that! Oh funny moment! We were eating dinner at a part member families house and the Dad when we were leaving (because of my hiccups) he called me flipper. He said see you later flipper. His wife at first was confused because she had not heard my hiccups and then afterwards thought her husband was rude. But she told me that he must like me because otherwise he would not have given me a name. Sister Worlton still cracks up about it! She says that she will remember that forever! I feel so blessed to be teaching some of the people we are. One of the couples we are teaching have gone thru a lot in their lives, and are searching to have peace from their pasts. They did not have the best upbringing, but despite that they are amazing people. they have such a strong love for Christ, and faith that he will heal them from what has happened to them. They love The Book of Mormon. one time they said how one of the reading assignments we had given them made them cry. I love this couple and I truly hope that they will continue on this journey to baptism that they are on. I know that It will not only help them but it will also give them a brighter hope for their future. I love being able to be out here and doing God's work! I love that I will be able to do this for the rest of my life. What a great gift has God given us in this restored Gospel. I plan on using it for the rest of my life! I am also looking forward to seeing the miracles that this week will bring with going about this great work! Con mucho amor, nos vemos en una semana! Love, Hermana Zielger

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