Monday, 25 March 2013

25 March 2013

Hey how are you all doing? This week was pretty interesting. First Hermana Earl had a cold that is liking to hang on so we weren't able to go out and work as much as we would have liked. She wasn't very happy about that. Also we had our on date go off date. He had asked for more time to feel ready, and to understand better what we are teaching. Sweet man loves coming to church and reading the book of Mormon. It was just so sad to hear that he did not feel ready. but it may be for the best for him. Also last night one of the part member families that we have been working with texted us at about 10:20 last night asking for help. They had just had some people leave there house who had tried to convince them that their souls needed to be saved and they tried to have them pray in "tongues" and they left a "blessing" on them. and the whole time they just felt sick to their stomachs. and after wards the husband felt physically sick and their baby would not go near him with out screaming. So we called some of the brethren in the ward to give them blessings. we heard this morning that all is well now. the sisters will be going over later this week with some of the members to bless the home as well. It was crazy and a little frightening for them as well. But I am so glad that everything is alright now! So big news! We got our transfer calls last night And I will be going to East Wenatchee and sweeping! My New companions name is Hermana Worlton. and she is a great Missionary I am excited to work with her. SO I just got all the info about the area. we will be sweeping into an English ward and then covering the Spanish that is in that ward and the Spanish in another ward. so we have a lot of work ahead of us. So excited! Well I got to go love you all! I will write more next week Promise! Love Hermana Ziegler

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