Tuesday, 9 April 2013

8 April 2013

Hey Family! This week has been great! So first off this last week we were with out our phone for a few days. We had accidentially left it at a part member families home. and they left for the weekend and so we were without it for a few days! I did not realize just how much I relied on the phone until we did not have it. we were out of the loop of what was going on with the zone. we could barely call people to come out with us or to find rides for people. it was crazy! You need a phone to do all of these things. luckily we now have it back! Yeah! so much easier to do all of thosee things with a phone. we have been contacting people like crazy. and now we have a few really good investiagators. and we are hoping that we will have more by the end of this week. We also went on exchanges this week. It was crazy! Because we now have what we call cordinating sisters instead of a traveling sister. so there are cordinating sisters in every zone in the mission and they do exchanges with each of the sister companionships in their zone. any way so we had exchanges this last fri and sat. well we share the car and we share it with the other sisters. so I got to be on a bike for the majority of this last week. man It was great! We got to see so many people and teach people that we would not have otherwise. It was amazing! Hence the pictures of me on a bike and with the baby chick. (the other picture is of me and one of my former companions. we happened to had been serving in the same district;and after the last disctrict meeting last transfer she had wanted to take a picture with me.) So the area up here is beautifull! I am amazed every day! I look out at the mountains every time I am driving and I feel like I am looking at a painting. Wow!!!! and There isa still snow most days on the mountain tops. It is kind of weird, but I love it! So my Companion Sister Worlton is amazing! I love her. she is so great with teaching the people and she is not afraid to ask them those questions that help them open up and let us know more about them. She is also very good about letting me know about her goals that she hopes for as a companionship and how I can help her. I love it! It is helping me out so much being with her. I am learnign so much every day! General confrence was amazing!!!! I loved all of the talks I learned so much. It was amazing just how inspired they truly are. I learned so much about questions I had been struggling with for a while and some self doubts were taken away as well. I know that those men are truly called of God. I felt it when each of them were speaking. and I learned something for the better with each of them. I am so excited for when the ensign comes out! I am going to be studying those words as President Monson invited and seeking how I may better do what God asks of me. Well I have to go Love you all and hope you are all doing well! Con amor, Hermana Ziegler

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