Monday, 4 February 2013

21 january 2013

Hey how are you all doing! I haven't really heard from anyone this week! What is up? Well this past week was pretty good. Well except I am still having problems with my health but besides that everything is great! Went to a leadership training this last week and learned so much! Wow it was amazing! We learned how to teach more simply how to use our area books effectively and how to plan more effective and work together as companionship. it was amazing. poor sister earl thought and to stay in Moses with two other new sisters and work in that area for the day. she was a trooper though and said that it was mostly her speaking through out the day. her Spanish was the best out of all three of them. It has been interesting being a trainer there is so much that you take for granted being a missionary that you forget what it was like being new to the field and just how new everything was. So I have been learning about patience this last week! and realizing just how much Spanish I know! Wow! it is quite different taking the lead in a lesson in your second language and being confident in what you are saying and completely understanding what they are saying. (If they don't use any weird words!) But it has been a great learning experience. and she has been so sweet and wanting to help me with my health. I will be have an ultra sound of my gall bladder sometime soon to hopefully get an answer. Yeah!!!! Not really! But it has been amazing to see all the miracles that have been happening here. we are teaching more and more families and they are wanting to learn more about Christ and God and also they are wanting to understand and accept that they will be baptized once they know that what we are sharing is true! It is so exciting. Well I love you all and hope that Everything is going well for all of you! les quiero, Hermana Zielger

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