Monday, 12 March 2012

12 March 2012

So next week is transfers. We will find out Sunday night who is getting transferred and who stays. So we are on kind of tender hooks because we have found allot of people these last few weeks and they are a amazing. We had 5 investigators at church. That is amazing for us because that has been hard for us to get them to come to church. Especially the Spanish people. Whose idea was it to have church at 9 in the morning for the Hispanics? Any way... But I am growing and learning so much. I keep being told by my companions that they admire my not complaining about things. I know that I did when I first came out but I found that I did not like the person I was when I was complaining so I quit. But they are such sweet sisters that if one of us are transferred I will be sad but know that all is in the Lord's hands. So Brother Church is now the stake president. He will do a great job. And Momma just do what you can and I am extremely grateful for it! Really I am. Just your support is great. Right now e-mails from you and Daddy are all that I am getting so it is great to hear from you. I bet Mariah is anxious about the Baby, I would be in her place! But she will be a great Mother. Nichole sounds like she is doing well. and the kids. How is life in Carthage treating you? Next time you see Joel tell I said Hello and wish him well. Same to his father-in-law. Okay So this week has been great and crazy. So I have received my second mission proposal. It was weird and kind of funny. It was a Russian man that was a potential. He lives in the same apartment complex as one of our current investigators so when he is not there we try him. Any way.... Well I had done my make-up a little different that day. He kept going on and on how beautiful my eyes were and actually asked me to take my glasses off. Then asked if I would marry him. Hhmmmm.... Yeah no!!!!! Not ever!!! But I don't get why I keep getting those. It is just awkward! But I would say the Highlight of the week is SISTERS TRAINING!!!! It was so much fun. we had an activity in the beginning to introduce each other and get to know the other sisters it was similar to speed dating and the Palmers participated. That was fun and noisy. Then we had a work shop on how to find, teach, keep, and work with investigators and Less-actives. We also did a group discussion on how to work with the ward and church tours and on how such an important tool they are to the mission. There was also a Brother from family services who came and taught us about stress how to recognize and relax from it. He also talked on communication. Then we had an open question session with the Palmers. It was so much fun and I learned allot about how I could work and teach more effectively as a Sister missionary. I will have to start sending some pictures but I am not sure when or how yet! Because I have no Idea how many pic's my memory card will hold! But I would love to send some your way. I don't have my cord with me today so..... Any way. I am learning so much. The challenge that we are doing as a mission is so amazing. I am learning so much and realizing just exactly how important Christ is. So far he is mentioned on every single page of the Book of Mormon and I am in Enos. And I am reading slower to make sure that I catch everything. It is simply amazing. I love you all so much but I do need to write Pres.Palmer So, Con amor Hermana Ziegler

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