Monday, 5 March 2012

5 March 2012

Alright this week has been amazing.

We taught 23 lessons and found 4 new investigators. We had a busy week. We taught alot and are so ready to go out and find more.

First off I will talk about a young man that we are teaching.

A. is very smart and is studying in college. We read with him 2 nephi 31: and he kept going on he wasn't ready for baptism because he was not doing as the scriptures said and repent. He said that the little things that we do through out our day are also included in the that. How can we be like Christ if we don't even do the little things in life. Like doing something just for doing something right not for regocnition or to be seen to be doing something. Just because we want to be doing it. And He knows that this church is true and that he has doubts that are being answered as we teach him but he knows what his answer will be when he is ready to be baptized.

We also taught a few less-actives and we found one who had also been going through some hard times and we told him the blessings that he would recieve if he came to church every sunday. and he argeed and bore his testimony of missionary work and told us that he would be there but might need a call to wake up in the morning because he worked till 5 in the morning. So we did and he told us how greatful he was that we did.

We had two investigators in Church yesterday! For the whole thing! And one of them brought his whole family with him who we have been trying to get involved with the lesson for awhile. yes!!!!

There is just so much going on here and I feel myself growing so much out here. I am talking so much more not just standing/sitting there silently. My spanish is growing thought sadly right now my writing is better than my speaking but it is getting there. For example I was writing in my journal earleir in the week and I looked back on what I was writing and the asked myself, "When did I start writing in spanish?" It is strange how that happens but I have been told that is one of the signs that you are starting to get the language. I am also wanting to talk more in spanish than english. I also did an entire phone contact on my own entirely in spanish. We have an appiontment with the gentlemen later on this week. Though I have not dreamed in the langauge yet. (my Journal is almost full, I only have twenty pages left in it)

But I am loving the growth that I am feeling out here. I may have gotten out of the shell while in the MTC but I now need to get used to actually talking and teaching lessons is helping so much. And I am amazed by how easily I handle the phone now.

But I truly wish to hear how everything is going on out there with the family. I haven't heard from Eric in awhile. What do you think you are doing buster not including me in the family e-mails. hmmm...... te queiro y te extrano.......

Mariah I got a shock the other day about how close you are to your due date. It's only two months away..... Wow how exciting... Are you having a baby shower anytime soon. If so send some pic's my way. And of course when the little one is born want a picture of that cute face.

Nichole it is so exciting to hear that Thomas got blessed. That must have been wonderful. Yesterday we had a baby blessing not only in our English ward but Spanish as well. It was very special. Your kids must be shooting up like weeds right now. Oh before I forget. I got Jessica's b-day card back so I am going to send it back via Mum and Dad. I hope that Works sorry it will be very late.

Mum I love hearing everything from you. It is great that you are feeling better. and able to get back to work.

So spring time is coming here. The robins are about and it smells like spring.

Oh so you are aware I am not eating anything but natural sugars anymore. The other stuff just makes me sick, and that means now more cake, cookies, ice cream, candy, some juices, anything with fructose really. So I don't eat desserts any more. But I am feeling so much better now. I am eating more fresh fruits and veggies.So don't send me any sweets it will just go to my companions or the Elders in my district.

Oh I have a favor to ask. I want to make Irish Soda bread for St. Patricks day But I need the recipe. Would you be willing to send that my way. It will not go to anyone else but I really want some. And Making it myself is easier and cheaper than buying it or having you send me some so please will you send the Irish Soda bread recipe to me?

Welll I need to write my Mission President now,

With much love and affection,

Hermana Ziegler

P.S. Are you taking the Book of Mormon Challenge. It is just doing wonders for me!

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