Monday, 19 March 2012

19 March, 2012

Hey Family, So this past week has been amazing. We are teaching alot of people right now. Most of them new to the lessons. We have been finding and recieving refferals like nothing. We are also finding while tracting. And following the spirit as we do so. But First I want to ask.... Is anybody doing the Book of Mormon challenge? It is reading the Book of Mormon in 85 days, while marking everytime Christ's name is mentioned (All of his names), his attributes,his words and his doctrine. A different color for each.We are doing this as a whole mission. And our last day mark is mothers day! So just doing it in 85 days and then writing about the experience and keeping it witht that Book of Mormon. I really reccomend doing the challenge. I have felt so much more understanding of the Book since I have been doing this and it is so much easier to read now that I am looking for specific things but you have to make sure you are actualy reading it and not just skimming for the things that need to be marked because there are a few times where you know that it is christ speaking only by context. Anyway on to the week. Well we found an Indian women one night by tracting let me tell you what happened. We were tracting in an apartment complex looking for a former, but we did not have the apartment number. So we were tracting when I felt that we should go across to the other side of the apartment complex. Across the parking area. So we did and we knocked a few doors till we came to a door that a women started yelling at us. Asking us what are we doing, who were we, and if we were nice. We convinced her that yes we are goosd people out doing the Work of the Lord and teaching others about Christ. She opened the Door and we talked for a bit and asked her some questions. She then let us in and she started crying and saying that she wanted help and she wanted to feel closer to God. We are going back and teaching her tonight I really hope that she finds tha peace and joy she desires. And then Last night we were teaching a hispanic man about the plan of salvation and he asked a question about acohol. We told him that we have a prophet today that has told us that it is not good for us. And he said that it made sence. Really..... I was amazed. Oh and I have been told that my spanish has improved so much since I came out. It is really amazing to me we have so much going on here we do not know what is going on in the world are sense of time is different then the rest of the Lord's and we love to go out and share what we love and know about Christ and his plan and Gospel. We even have funny moments like being cat called by 10-yr-olds or being told the oddest things by people. We do have some strange ones. But I have to go and write my Letter to Pres. Palmer. I wish all joy and hugs. Con amor, Hermana Zielger

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