Tuesday, 28 February 2012

27 February 2012

So this week has been interesting. We have one on date (baptism date) and are hoping that she will stay on date.

So we taught a lesson yesterday at the Palmer's house. That was so .... Just Wow! It was what we would term as a home court. And The Young man is amazing. Very spiritual, and has the desire to have his heart opened to know what God desires for him. He was our only investigator at church yesterday.

We are also teaching a man with a lot of potential. He is reading in the Book of Mormon and believes that it is true and thinks that baptism is beautifull. He has two kids and one of them was sick so he is not on date at the moment. Which is very sad!

Oh we were doing service for a woman in the ward. and she has a daughter who is not a member. We helped out and taught the Daughter and she desires for a change in her life and sees that this can bring the change that she desires. When we told her about the book of mormon she asked us where she could buy it. she asked three times about it. We then told her that we were giving her one and she looked like she was about to cry.

There are several people we are teaching who are desiring for the change, to know, and to become closer to God. We are also finding those who the Lord has prepared. Example: Last night we stopped over at one of our investigators house and one of his house mates said he wasn't there. but we invited him on a church tour and then he kept making sure before we left the we would call to set that up with him during the week. Asked us if we were calling 3 or 5 times. So the Lord is preparing them. we just need to ask and find them.

Oh, oh, oh,...... Guess what??? I went on my first exchange this week! It was so much fun yet a little weird. It felt weird being with out my companions. But it was fun I went with one of the Liberty Lake sisters. And helped teach their on-date. That was fun. Helped tape a wall for painting and teach a some-what progressing investigator. It was interesting to see how other companionships go about teaching the word.

Oh one thing before I go My spanish is coming along.

I love you all and pray that all is well. Off to write Pres. Palmer

te quiero, y te extrano

Con Amor,

Hna. Ziegler

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